Monday, December 18, 2017
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  • Malden High graduates 446 at Macdonald Stadium

    Friday, June 09, 2017 00:00
  • Residents in favor of RCN coming to city

    Friday, August 25, 2017 08:53
  • Sergio Cornelio unanimously appointed City Clerk

    Saturday, August 05, 2017 09:22
  • DeRuosi’s Report Card

    Friday, August 04, 2017 10:24
  • Help choose the next Malden Reads 2018 book selection!

    Friday, June 09, 2017 00:00

Malden Neighborhood Basketball League this week

Saturday, March 11 at Ferryway

Game 1 – Bullets 66, Celtics 59

A 19-12 early lead in the 1st quarter helped the Bullets capture the 2nd spot this year on their way back to the madness. “League MVP candidate” C. Bastien had 25 in this one as A. Sequar, also a “League MVP candidate,” had 15 for the Green. It was “Rookie of the Year Candidate” N. Daniel leading the way with 26 and “League MVP candidate” M. Alexis adding 12 as they got the 3rd slot in the playoffs and will play the Bullets again this Saturday in Round 1 at 2:30 p.m.

Game 2 – Sonics 58, Kings 27

It was a face off of the cousins as Gary bested Chris once again this season and the Sonics took the top spot in the 2017 MNBL Season. “League MVP candidate” & “Rookie Candidate” J. Monteiro had 16; M. Silva, 12; & C. Belfleur chipped in with 10; 2 points in the 1st and 6 in the 4th is a recipe for a long day and a loss, as only H. Mohammed was able to break double digits in this game for the Kings, with 17 on the day.

Sunday, March 12 at Ferryway

Game 1 – Sixers 85, Hawks 56

The Sixers lit it up on their way back to the playoffs by having four get into double-digit scoring on a depleted Hawks squad, who played with four again. N. Turner (29), B. Delphonse (26), M. Callinan (14) and A. Ulysses (10) fueled the boys in Red. “League MVP candidate” X. Sorrano had a weekend-high 33 as A. Alterio had a nice game as well with 15.

Game 2 – Bullets 62, Kings 54

The Bullets sealed their season with a win over the team that beat them in last year’s Finals, as your defending champions had a season they hope to forget immediately – no Kings team has ever lost 12 straight before 2017. The Bullets, who are returning to the madness, were led by “League MVP candidate” A. Sequar (13), also “League MVP candidate” C. Bastien (12); “Buckets” Bouley added 10 for the Blue. The Kings, who played a decent game to end their season, were led by Senior M. Cherif, who showed up and dropped a game-high 20 in his final game of the season. The Kings will have the 2nd pick next season in hopes of rebuilding the almighty.

Game 3 – Celtics 61, Pistons 44

The Emerald Green cruised into the madness on a strong note with “League MVP candidate” M. Alexis scoring a game-high 30; he got some help from K. Kelly with 10. The Pistons, who were an up-and-down team this year, were also up and down during the game – had just 8 points in the 1st & 3rd quarters, which didn’t help their chances. But they were led by A. Elbahlawan with 19 and M. Niboh with 14 – the same two players who got better every week.

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