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- Friday, March 17, 2017
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~ Political Announcement ~
Steve Winslow announces candidacy for Councillor-at-Large
Bike to the Sea Co-Founder, former School Committee Member, and community
development expert pledges to work with residents to move Malden forward
oday I announcemy candida-
cy forMaldenCity Councillor-
at-Large. I want to be a progres-
sive, community‐focused voice
on the Council and hope to earn
your vote in November.
Maldonians probably know
me best as co-founder of Bike
to the Sea, theMalden nonprof-
it that has worked since 1993
to make the Northern Strand
Community Trail and Bikeway
Community Garden a reality.
In my professional capacity as
a manager of community de-
velopment projects for more
than 20 years, I have run large
and small projects from start
to finish. From articulating a vi-
sion to planning, gathering fi-
nancial and material resourc-
es, navigating legal require-
ments, budgeting, and execut-
ingon the ground, I knowexact-
ly what it takes to make things
happen. And as someone who
cares deeply about the city that
has been my home for 28 years,
I want to usemy experience and
skills to move Malden forward.
Smart development will be one
key focus of my work – includ-
ing affordable housing, effec-
tive public transportation, and
a safe environment for people
who drive, bike, or walk.
As a product of public schools,
as well as a parent and grand-
parent, I know that public ed-
ucation is a critically important
part of our City and our democ-
racy. Having served on the Mal-
den School Committee from
2007 to 2013, I am fully aware
of the practical challenges our
schools face. I will continue to
work hard for equitable funding,
smaller class sizes, strong lead-
ership, and the best education
we can provide for every one of
our children.
Over the past several years, I
have been proud to work with
Preserve Malden to ensure that
Malden has funds to protect
its historic treasures, improve
parks, and provide affordable
housing. As Councillor‐at‐Large,
I will seek to engage the entire
community in making sure we
spend these funds on projects
ofmaximumbenefit to residents
today and tomorrow.
My experience – as an attor-
ney, community development
project manager, and School
Committee member – has giv-
en me a profound appreciation
for what we can accomplish
when we work together. Mal-
den’s diverse mix of residents
enriches our City, generating
enormous potential for creative
ideas and innovative solutions. I
plan to tap this potential inways
that benefit everyone. I will be
a champion for every Malden
resident and neighborhood,
and will ensure that residents
have a strong voice in key deci-
sion‐makingprocesses. Govern-
ment at every level has an im-
portant role to play in enriching
our lives. At a timewhendivisive
politics andpolicies are generat-
ing fear and worry, I pledge to
be a progressive Councillor‐at‐
Large who partners effective-
ly with colleagues, communi-
ty groups, and residents to ad-
dress concerns and set Malden
on the right path.
I hope I canearn your vote and
become your voice on the City
Council. I look forward to meet-
ing you in the coming months,
hearing your thoughts, and
sharing my ideas for how we
can keep Malden moving for-
ward together. To learn more
about my candidacy, please vis-
it my Facebook page, Winslow
for Malden.
About Steve
Steve and his wife Helen have
lived in Malden for 28 years
– most of that time in Maple-
wood – and have helped raise
their three granddaughters
here by regularly taking themto
school, dance andKungFu class-
es in the City. Steve co‐founded
Bike to the Sea and has served
on its board since 1993. He also
served on the Malden School
Committee from 2007 to 2013
and on the Malden Democratic
City Committee. Steve attend-
ed public schools in San Jose,
California and has degrees in
Chemical Engineering and Law
from the University of Califor-
nia. He currently works as a Se-
nior Project Manager, planning,
funding, andbuildingcommuni-
ty development projects for the
City of Gloucester. In his spare
time Steve enjoys hiking, bicy-
cling, and mentoring people of
all ages in bicycle safety.
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Checks Payable: The Malden Senior
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Deadline: April 15, 2017
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Steve Winslow