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- Friday, March 17, 2017
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Declutter for Good
Health Seminar
heSouthBranch ispleasedto
cy Patsios to share tips on de-
cluttering your home or office
and how these simple chang-
es can enhance and encour-
age good health. If you’re curi-
ous about effective techniques
to beat the clutter in your per-
sonal or professional space, or
if you’re unsure where to start
the decluttering process, this is
amust-attend program.
everyday ORGANiZiNG is a
professional organizer service
specializing in residential or-
ganizing . Nancy Patsios is the
owner of everyday ORGANiZ-
iNG. She is a member of the
National Association of Profes-
sional Organizers (NAPO) and
the local NAPO New England
Chapter and strives to assist
people to make positive tran-
sitions in their lives. Nancy is
the incoming Director of Pro-
fessional Development for NA-
PO-NE and currently serves as
the Chairperson for the Chap-
ter’s NAPO CARES Quantum
Leap program, a community
service effort offering organiz-
ing classes to disadvantaged
women striving tomake a pos-
itive transition in their lives.
Theprogramis freeandopen
to thepublic, but space is limit-
ed and registration is required.
This programwill take place at
the South Branch of the Pea-
body Institute Library, which
is located at 78 Lynn St., on
Thursday, April 6 at 7 p.m. For
more information and to regis-
ter for this program, please go
, call
978-531-3380or stopby inper-
son. This program is generous-
ly sponsored by the Friends of
thePeabody Institute Libraries.
• Recipe
Hummus bars and pinwheel roll ups
ake a sandwich and cut
into 4 - 1-inch wide bars
or slice a piece of bread into
2 thin slices. Spread hummus
on each half and roll each
half and cut each into pin-
wheels like shape. Store cov-
ered in refrigerator.
• Hummus
Makes 2 cups
• 2 cups chickpeas or 19 oz.
can rinse and drain
• 3 tablespoons tahini or
peanut butter
• 1tablespoon sesame oil
• 1/3-cup water
• 1 gar l ic clove, coarsely
• 3 tablespoons lemon juice
• 1/2-teaspoon cumin
• 1/2-teaspoon coriander
• 1/4-cup extra virgin ol-
ive oil
• 1/2-teaspoon salt and 1/4
teaspoon freshly ground
• 2 tablespoons fresh pars-
ley, chopped for garnish
Mix al l ingredients in a
food processor or blend-
thin with a little more oil
or water if necessary
. Make
about 1 hour ahead to let
flavors meld. Garnish with
parsley. Serve at room tem-
perature with veggies and
pita chips.
TUBES - $3.00
8am - 5pm
Tues. & Sat.
8am - 2pm
* Full
* Cigar
* Pipes
Out of this world selections, down to earth prices
- Family owned and operated since 1980 -
428 Main St., Malden
(781) 321-3593
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Largest Selection of the Finest Brands of Cigars &
Tobacco Products!
ombat wounded Veterans hoping to start a family but
have struggled with infertility now have relief with VA
funded fertility services.Because of the nature of combat,
particularly due to improvised explosive devices, Veterans
have suffered greater rates of spinal cord and genital inju-
ries than in past conflicts.As a result Veterans have been un-
able to conceive naturally.Fertility treatments and adoption
costs are not only costly but in many instances prohibitive.
As a result of recent legislation the VA is required to pay for
assisted reproductive technology such as in vitro fertiliza-
tion and provide compensation for adoption expenses.It is
up to the VA now to quickly put into effect rules and pol-
icies to ensure that this benefit is available to all Veterans
that qualify.While this benefit is new to Veterans it is avail-
able to active-duty service members through the Depart-
ment of Defense.For qualifying combat wounded Veter-
ans this could be a dream come true with the now ability
to start a family.
Thank you for your service.
The Nutritionist Corner
Snacking done right!
By Anna
Snackor snack-
ing by defini-
tion is a small meal often eaten
between regular meals. As we
go about our daily charged up
schedules, regular meals take a
back seat and we replace them
with mindless noshing through
out the day or snacking done
wrong. This can pose a dietary
disaster and dire consequenc-
es of unhealthy food choices.
Done right, snacking can be a
beneficial asset to a healthy eat-
ing pattern.
Eating regularly scheduled
meals is fundamental tohealthy
eating. This helps with keeping
your body running on an even
keel and avoids, energy slumps
and foodcravings for empty cal-
ories. Snacking can be a satis-
fying way to maintain a steady
flowof energy and boost essen-
tial nutrients we need to be our
best at work or play.
The human body is designed
to eat every four to six hours. In
today’s lifestyle when meals are
harried, snacks can fill the gap
missing at meals. Here are a few
pointers indoing snacking right.
First, prevent getting toohun-
gry which can promote over-
eating. Ensuring that not more
than four to six hours elapse be-
tweenmeals helps keephunger
in check.
Second, choose nutritious
healthy foods – yes they can be
Similar to a meal – snack food
choices based on lean protein,
whole grain, fruits and vegeta-
bles and low fat dairy offer vi-
tal nutrients and staying power.
Build a healthy snack by start-
ingwithaproteinchoice includ-
ing lowfat dairy; adda fruit and/
or a whole grain. Here are some
• Cereal with fruit and low-
fat milk
• Non-fat yogurt and fruit
• Vegetables and peanut but-
• Toast with egg and fruit
• Whole wheat crackers with
string cheese & fruit
• Hummus roll ups (my recipe)
Third, make the timing and
portion sizes fit your needs. For
example, a midmorning snack
may be perfect to complete
breakfast. An afternoon snack
at 4-5 pm is a great way to com-
plete the midday meal and tide
you over to dinner, or perfect
for when dinner is late. A bed-
time snack is ideal, as being too
hungry just asbeingtoofullmay
interfere with a proper night’s
sleep. Keep portion sizes small,
read the nutrition facts label for
servingsizeinformation. Also,no
time - what is left on your plate
may just make a great snack.
Purposeful and timely nu-
trient rich snacks can be vi-
tal to a healthy eating pattern.
Do snacks right to help fuel a
healthy and energetic lifestyle.
AnnaTourkakis is anutritionist and founder of Eating From
WithinNutrition, offeringnutritionandhealthy eating lifestyle
programs. Anna canbe reached at anna@eatingfromwithin.
com T. 781 334-8752;
Snack Idea: For any time of the day!
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