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- Friday, March 17, 2017
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Tuesday, February 28
How smart a thief?
A RainbowCircle resident called
police to report that someone
had broken into her vehicle the
night before and took a Coach
purse and some algebra books.
According to the report, the
items were takenwhen the ve-
hiclewas left unlocked. An an-
tique buck knifewas also report-
ed stolen from the vehicle.
Wednesday, March 1
A couple of kooky canines
A resident on Tumelty Road
called to report that two aggres-
sive dogs have been roaming
the street at night and causing
concern. An officer called the res-
ident back; she toldhimthat she
hadn’t seen the dogs recently
and didn’t knowwhere they re-
side. She stated that shewanted
the Animal Control officer to be
informed in case her dogwas at-
tacked. The officer advisedher to
contact police if the dogsmade
reappearance onher property.
Tuesday, March 7
Did he offer you a ride?
A caller from the Plaza Motel
on Newbury Street reported
witnessing an unknown man
breaking into his vehicle, and
he was still sitting inside it. Dis-
patched officers arrived on the
scene and found the vehicle
locked up and the man gone
from the scene. Nothing was
taken from the vehicle.
That sounds fair
A dispatched officer was sent
to Batchelder Avenue about a
neighborhood dispute over re-
moval of a “private property”
sign. According to the report,
their issue was settled when
one neighbor promised to re-
turn the sign and the other
promised not to drain his pool
on the neighbor’s property.
Wednesday, March 1
Kevin T. McCarthy
, 45, of
71 Lovett St., Peabody, was
charged with operating under
the influence of liquor and with
negligent operation of a mo-
tor vehicle.
Jill M. Anderson
, 46, of 116
Foster St., Peabody, was charged
with two arrest warrants.
Friday, March 3
Pokhui Place
, 52, of 7 Apple-
ton St., Danvers, was charged
with trespassing.
Eric M. Bassi
, 44, of 19 Upham
St., Peabody, was charged with
an arrest warrant.
Sunday, March 5
JohnW. Duff, Jr.
, 24, of
111 Foster St., Peabody, was
charged with operating un-
der the influence of liquor, with
two counts of assault & bat-
tery on a police officer, with re-
sisting arrest, with two counts
of breaking & entering into a
building in the nighttime to
commit a felony, and with two
counts of malicious destruc-
tion of property (over $250).
Monday, March 6
Donald P. Bovio
, 37, of 7 Ber-
ry St., Danvers, was charged
with an arrest warrant.
Tuesday, March 7
Jarrod DiGiovanni
, 38, of
Malden, was charged with a
Peabody PD arrest warrant.
Answers on page 15
The game Pac-Man originated in
what country?
What is a spring onion also
What is the navel or belly-button
also called?
What Concord, Mass., author
wrote, “The dice of God are
always loaded”?
Is Race Walking an Olympic
What city’s Charitable Irish
Society sponsored the
country’s first St. Patrick’s Day
The Sunshine Cab Company in
New York was the setting for
what TV sitcom?
In 1962, what author published
“Silent Spring”?
On March 22, 1621, the
Plymouth Colony’s Governor
John Carver signed a treaty with
what Indian?
10. Serbia, Slovakia, Hungary and
Austria all have capitals on what
11. How many years are four score
and seven?
12. What animal is thought to have
the largest brain?
13. What female culinary expert was
born on March 23, 1857?
14. What team has had 17 NBA
15. Hibernia is more commonly
known as what?
16. St. Patrick lived in what century:
5th, 10th or 13th?
17. Who recorded “Welcome Back,”
the theme song of “Welcome
Back, Kotter”?
18. Where was the country’s first
thoroughbred racing?
19. What castle contains the Blarney
Stone, which is thought to
promote eloquence?
20. India’s spring festival of Holi is
also known as what?
The Advocate HOROSCOPE
(March 21st-April 20th): From now until the 31st Mercury,
the planet of intelligence and communication, will be in your sign-
encouraging genius ideas! Your mind is going to be alert and
bubbling with solutions to every problem. Those around you will be less
fortunate however, and may be very caught up in their own lives.
(April 21st-May 20th): This weeks planetary energy will
have you feeling sexy and sassy! Enjoy the confidence and show
off your wardrobe. Be easy though with your words and attitude
towards friends- sensitivity is high and you don’t need any guilt to ruin
this pleasant energy!
(May 21st-June20th): Your phone should be blowing
up with invites left and right, and now is a great time to start to
mix your friend groups. If there is anybody you have been meaning
to introduce and connect make those plans now! Your old friends and
new friends will lead to new adventures- and more diversity (will help
prevent boredom this spring!)
(June 21st-July 22nd): Any opportunities to make
connections in your field of work- events, social invites and
workshops should be jumped on! You magnetism and ability to
attract powerful people is strong. Pushing for this growth now will lead to
more money in the spring!
(July 23rd-August 22nd): This weeks weather may have
really gotten to you, and your likely to be curled up this weekend
flipping through travel magazines/Pinterest. Fear not, spring is
right around the corner and a busy social life next week will keep you
distracted from the frost.
(August 23rd-September 22rd): If you find yourself feeling
quite defeated right now step back and look at the big picture.
Who is it that you are trying to please? There is a good chance
you’ve accidentally gotten caught up in trying to make a miserable (by
choice) person happy. It’s not you, it’s them…Let it go!
(September 23th- October 22rd): Libras are infamous for
struggling with making decisions. Big and small- they all tend to
really stump you. This upcoming week (and even maybe this
weekend) try to just listen to your heart instead of getting really caught
up in your head. You’ll waste a lot less time, and you won’t regret choices
based on feelings.
(October 23rd-November 22nd): Pay attention to
helping hands at work- the planets are encouraging you to
recognize the person assisting you most, or at least the person
who could. Whether it is a possible business partner or an assistant this
person can be of benefit in the long term and has a genuine connection
to you.
(November 23rd-December 21st): Your
enthusiasm, humor and positivity will be at an all time high next
week- and people will flock to you like a moth to a flame! Enjoy
this attention and happiness- the winter blues got the best of you over
the past couple weeks! Start this fun period of time off this weekend by
going out with old friends.
(December22nd- January 19th): Make those in your
inner most circle a priority this upcoming week. With Mercury
buzzing in your domestic sector, now is the time to connect deeply
with your loved ones and work around the home. Any changes you make
to your home will be successful too!
(January 20th- February 19th): With high activity in
your technology and connections area astrologically, next week
is the best time to buy and upgrade your gadgets. Changing over
to the new will go smoothly, and you want to get it done before Mercury
goes retrograde at the beginning of April! April will not be your month for
(February 20th- March 20th): Money will be on your
mind right now, specifically how you should be saving and
spending. Curiosity about how others handle their finances may
strike you- if so, ask questions politely to those you admire. Process
everything you learn from research, and plan the changes you want to
make! Energies are on your side for success.
Francesca Piazza is a Lynnfield native available for astrology
consultations, tarot readings/parties, crystal healing, custom
jewelry, and reiki. Please like Sister Fran Designs and Readings
on Facebook for more info, or contact her at
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Ease and Reduce your Stress:
Exploring Mindfulness Seminar
he South Branch is pleased
to welcome Sally Palmer as
she teaches attendees about
mindfulness and stress reduc-
tion in an informative semi-
nar. On Thursday, March 23 at
7 p.m., Palmer will talk about
the principles of mindfulness
practices, how to become
more aware of stress levels in
the body, the consequences
of stress and howmindfulness
can help anyone achieve calm,
concentration, focus andmore
happiness in life. The program
will also teachparticipantshow
to chart their own stress levels
inorder tohave abetter under-
standing of stressors and how
they affect an individual.
Palmer holds a B.A. from the
University of Massachusetts
and has completed mind-
fulness and stress reduction
training at a clinical practicum
at the University of Massachu-
setts Center for Mindfulness
in Health Care and retreats at
the Insight Meditation Center,
and she holds certifications
fromMindful Schools to teach
mindfulness and the Omega
Institute in Mindful Self Com-
passion and Compassion. She
is the owner of Revive Mind-
fulness, LLC. To learn more
about her visit
The program is free and open
tothepublic, but space is limited
and registration is required. This
program will take place at the
SouthBranchof thePeabody In-
stituteLibrary,whichis locatedat
78LynnSt. Formore information
and to register for this program,
, call 978-531-3380or stopby
ously sponsored by the Friends