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- Friday, March 17, 2017
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Savvy Senior
How To Stop Snoring
Dear Savvy Senior,
Over the past few years my 57-year-old husband’s snoring
has gotten much worse. It’s to the point that I have to either
wear earplugs or move to a different room. Any suggestions?
Sleep Deprived Susan
Dear Susan,
Snoring is a very common problem that often gets worse
with age. Around 37 million Americans snore on a regular
basis according to the National Sleep Center.
Snoring occurs when the airway narrows or is partly
blocked during sleep usually due to nasal congestion, flop-
py tissue, alcohol, or enlarged tonsils. But you and your hus-
bandalsoneed toknowthat snoring canbemuchmore than
just an annoyance. It can also be a red flag for obstructive
sleep apnea, a serious condition in which the snorer stops
and starts breathing during sleep, increasing the risks of car-
diovascular disease, stroke, cardiac arrhythmia and hyper-
tension. According to theAmericanAcademy of SleepMedi-
cine, 34percent ofmen and 19percent of womenwho snore
routinely have sleep apnea or are at risk for it.
Self-Help Remedies
Even if you are unsurewhether your husband has a prima-
ry snoring problem or sleep apnea, sleep experts suggest
you start with these steps.
Open a stuffy nose:
If nasal congestion is causing your
husband to snore, over-the-counter nasal strips such as
Breathe Right may help. Or, if allergies are the cause, try sa-
line nasal sprays.
Elevate his head:
Buying a foam wedge to elevate his
head a few inches can help reduce snoring, or buy him a
contoured pillow to lift his chin and keep the tongue from
blocking the back of his throat as he sleeps. Also check out
Nora (
), a wireless snoring device that slides
under the pillow and gently moves the head to a different
positionwhen snoring is detected. This, they say, stimulates
the relaxed throat muscles and opens the airway.
Sleep on side:
To prevent back sleeping, which triggers
snoring, place a pillow against your husbands back to keep
him from rolling over or sew a tennis ball in the back of his
pajama shirt. Or check out the Night Shift Sleep Positioner
), a device that’sworn around theneck
that vibrates when you roll on your back.
Avoidalcohol beforebed:
Alcoholic beverages can relax
the muscles in the throat, and constrict airflow. He should
not consume alcohol three to four hours before bedtime.
Lose excess weight:
Fat around the neck can compress
the upper airway and impede airflow and is often associat-
ed with sleep apnea.
Quit smoking:
Smoking causes inflammation in the up-
per airways that can make snoring worse.
Need More Help
If these lifestyle strategies don’tmake abigdifference, your
husband should see his doctor, a sleep specialist, or an oto-
laryngologist who may recommend an overnight study to
test him for apnea.
For primary snoring or mild to moderate sleep apnea, an
oral appliance that fits into the mouth like a retainer may
be prescribed. This shifts the lower jawand tongue forward,
keeping the airway open.
Some other options are Theravent snore therapy (
) and Provent sleep apnea therapy
), which are small nasal devices that at-
tach over the nostrils to improve airflow.
But the gold standard for moderate to severe sleep ap-
nea is a continuous positive airway pressure, or CPAP, de-
vice. This involves sleeping with a mask and is hooked up
to a machine that gently blows air up your nose to keep the
passages open.
If these don’t work or are intolerable, surgery is an option
too. There areprocedures available today that remove excess
tissue in the nose, mouth, or throat. And a newer procedure
called hypoglossal nerve stimulation that uses a small de-
vice implanted in the chest to help control the movement
of the tongue when it blocks the airway.
Send your senior questions to: Savvy Senior, P.O. Box 5443, Norman,
OK 73070, or visit JimMiller is a contributor to
the NBC Today show and author of “The Savvy Senior”book.
by Jim Miller
Notice is hereby given that the
City Council of the City of
will conduct a public hearing on
EVENING, APRIL 6, 2017, at 7:30 P.M.,
in the Frank L.
Wiggin Auditorium, City Hall, 24 Lowell Street, Peabody, MA
on the application from
31 Lynn eld Street, Peabody,
MA requesting to amend their current
at said
, Peabody, MA.
Timothy E. Spanos
City Clerk
March 17, 2017
Margaret (Gilgun)
f Peabody and Woburn,
Wednesday, March 8th. Be-
loved wife of the late Gilbert
Collamore. Devoted mother of
Brian Collamore and his wife
Chris of Rutland, Vermont, Bar-
ry Collamore and Susan Kirk-
man of Concord, MA and Bruce
Collamore and Debbie Camp-
bell of Newbury, NH; beloved
grandmother of Stephany Col-
lamore, Ian Collamore and his
wife Maryellen, David Colla-
more and his wife Betsy and
Brian J. Collamore, andbeloved
great-grandmother of Joseph
Gilbert Collamore. Dear sister
of Hon. Frederick V. Gilgun and
his wife Dorothy, and David I.
Gilgun, all of Woburn, and the
late Mary Cullinane, Rose Gil-
gun, Fr. Bernard E. Gilgun, Rich-
ardE. Gilgun, LaurenceP. Gilgun
and Hon. John F. Gilgun. Also
survived by many nieces and
nephews. A Funeral was held
al Home, Woburn on Monday,
March13, followedbyaFuneral
Mass in St. Charles Church,Wo-
burn. Interment inWoodbrook
Cemetery, Woburn. Remem-
brances may be made in Mar-
garet’s memory to St. Charles
Church, 280 Main Street, Wo-
burn, MA 01801. Lynch-Cantil-
lon Funeral Home www.lynch- 781-933-0400
Josephine S. (Azar)
f Peabody, died in Chelsea,
MATuesday, March 7, 2017
following a period of declin-
ing health. Shewas 87 and the
wife of the late Edwin G. Mort-
lockwhodied in 1955. Shewas
themother of StevenMortlock
of Quincy, Raymond and Cyn-
thia Mortlock of Peabody and
the late Ronald Mortlock. She
also leaves 3 grandchildren,
4 great grandchildren and 4
great great grandchildren.
Private family services were
held Friday, March 10. Rather
than flowers, memorial dona-
tions shouldbe directed to the
charity of one’s choice. For ad-
ditional information, tributes
and guest book please visit
Anthony F. “Tony”
ormer Proprietor - Frank’s
Market of East Boston For-
merly of Revere, East Boston
& Peabody, in Salem, March
3, after a lengthy illness at 78
years. Beloved husband of
the late Joan F. (Dantona) Vis-
cione. Devoted father of An-
drea Zecha, Rosemarie Villani
& her husband Michael & Ja-
net O’Connor & her husband
Thomas, all of West Peabody.
Cherished grandfather of
Alysse Zecha & her fiance, Kyle
Schneider of Weehawken, NJ,
Joanna F. Zecha of Somerville,
StevenA. Villani, JohnR. Villani,
Olivia J. O’Connor &MatthewS.
O’Connor, all ofWest Peabody.
Dear brother of Rosalie T. Gillis
of Winthrop. Also lovingly sur-
vived by his faithful longtime
companion, Susan M. Huus-
konen & her family of Salem,
MA, his former son in law, for-
mer ChelseaAlderman, Frank J.
Zecha, his twonephews, James
Gillis&hiswifeChristine& John
Gillis & his wife Julie, all ofWin-
throp. Funeral was held from
the Vertuccio & Smith Home
for Funerals, Revere on Friday,
March 10, followed by a Funer-
alMass in the ImmaculateCon-
ception Church, Revere. Inter-
ment in Woodlawn Cemetery,
Everett. Former Proprietor &
Operator of Frank’s Market of
East Boston for over 40 years.
In lieuof flowers, remembranc-
es may be made to the Kaplan
Family Hospice House, 75 Syl-
van St., Danvers, MA 01923.