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Revere Police Dept.
Community Room to be
named after fallen officer
By Sara Brown
he City Council voted in fa-
vor of renaming the Revere
Police Community Room in
honor of Officer Daniel Talbot
on the 10th Anniversary of his
passing. Revere Police Detec-
tive David Caramanica wrote
a letter to the council request-
ing the change. Caramanica
attended the police academy
with Talbot and was his part-
ner for five years before he
Talbot lost his life in a 2007
shooting while off duty with
his fiancé and fellow off duty
officers behind Revere High
School. In 2010, a Revere man
withgang ties, Robert Iacoviel-
lo, Jr., was convicted of second
degree murder for shooting
Talbot and is serving amanda-
tory life in prison termwith the
possibility of parole in 15 years.
Talbot was a lifelong Revere
resident who played hockey
for Revere High School. Before
joining the police force, he en-
tered the military and served
his country.
“Anytime someone uses the
room they will be reminded of
the ultimate sacrifice he made
to the city,”Caramanica said to
the council Monday night.
“This is well overdue,”Ward 6
Councillor Charlie Patch, a re-
tired Revere police sergeant,
said. “He was a great police of-
ficer. A day doesn’t go by that
I don’t think of him.”
Zambuto agreed with Patch.
Zambuto said he still carries
Talbot’s police badgewith him
in his car every day. “I think of
him every day,” he said. “The
community room is the per-
fect way to honor him.”
Ward 2 Councillor Ira No-
voselsky said he watched Tal-
bot growup in Revere since he
lived around the corner from
him. When he first heard that
the Police Department want-
ed to honor Talbot in this way,
he admitted, he got emotion-
al. “I think this is the greatest
thing I have seen in the city in
a while,”he said. “I amproud to
say topeople, ‘You are going to
have a meeting in the Talbot
Community Room.’ That is go-
ing to be the best thing I can
say to people.”
Caramanica said the Police
Department is currently work-
ingon anofficial plaque for the
room. Therewill be a ceremony
at the police stationon June 23
for the newly named commu-
nity room. The Police Depart-
ment is also planning a com-
munity-wide charity event in
Talbot’s honor on Sept. 29.
The council unanimous-
ly voted in favor of the name
change. Council President Bob
Haas and Councillor-at-Large
George Rotondo were absent.
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Council passes
marijuana ordinance
Restricts sale to Technology Enterprise District
By Sara Brown
he Revere City Counci l
passed a citywide ordi-
nance that would only allow
businesses to sell recreation-
al marijuana in the Technol-
ogy Enterprise District (TED)
by way of special permit. The
revised ordinance defines the
type of retail business which
would sell the marijuana, the
products to be sold and the
location where it can be sold.
The city can opt-out of the
law, which allows the city to
approve two marijuana retail
shops with a majority vote by
April 1, 2018.
Many c i t ies and towns
throughout the state – espe-
cially in the North Shore, such
as Peabody and Lynnfield –
are looking to opt-out or cre-
ate an ordinance banning the
retail sale of marijuana. The
councillors agreed in their op-
position to recreational mari-
juana use, but considered the
ordinance as a way to protect
themselves legally.
Ward 3 Councillor Arthur
Guinasso reminded his fel-
low councillors of the Moon-
light Video lawsuit decades
ago – brought against the
city for denying a license to
an adult video store – which
cost the city millions. “You will
hear people say, ‘I don’t care,
I’ll go to court’,” said Guinas-
so. “But I care. I don’t want to
go to court and spend mil-
lions of dollars that could go
He also said the fact that it
has to be obtained by a spe-
cial permit also protects the
city. “You need to get eight
votes for that,” he said.
Ward 4 Counc i l lor and
Council Vice President Pat-
rick Keefe said he was against
recreational marijuana be-
cause of the message it sends
to children. “The more ‘okay’
we make it for everyone, the
more ‘okay’ it is for the chil-
dren of our city,” he said.
However, he was in favor of
the ordinance. “I was reading
news stories about how liquor
stores might also want to
start selling [marijuana] – so
this would protect us against
that,” he said.
Councillor-at-Large Steve
Morabito wanted to make
sure Revere residents know
where the council stands on
recreational marijuana. “It
would be easy tomisconstrue
this vote and say that we are
in favor of marijuana,”he said.
“That is not the case. This is a
way to protect our city.”
Ward 2 Councillor Ira No-
voselsky agreed. “The voters
already made up their minds
on this issue in the state [elec-
tion],”he said. “We are just set-
ting up rules on location.”
The council unanimous-
ly voted in favor of the ordi-
nance. Council President Bob
Haas and Councillor-at-Large
George Rotondowere absent.
Councillor hosts Ward 4
Community Meeting
On Saturday, March 4, Ward 4 Councillor Patrick Keefe continued his quarterly community
meetings.“Keeping the neighborhoods well-informed has been a focus of mine, and I want
to keep reaching out to the many residents to discuss upcoming events,” said Keefe. “We
had a full house at Luberto’s on Saturday; it was great to see so many Ward 4 residents in
attendance.” Pictured at the event, were, from left to right: Revere Police Capt. Jim Guido,
Patrolman Jerry Salvati, Revere Veterans Office Director Mark Silvestri, Councillor Keefe,
Councillor-at-Large Steve Morabito and State Senator Joe Boncore.
(Courtesy photo)
Ptl. Daniel Talbot
Have a Happy & Safe St. Patrick’s Day