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- Friday, March 17, 2017
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12-6 P.M. $7.50
Private Parties
3-6:30 P.M. $5.00
Private Parties
3-11 P.M. $7.50
Admission after 6 p.m. $8.50
12-11 P.M. $7.50
Admission after 6 p.m. $8.50
Inline Skate Rentals $3 - additional Roller skate rentals included in all prices.
Group rates for summer camps - Call Ahead: 781-233-9507
Birthday & Private Parties Available
Located Adjacent to Rite Aid Pharmacy
in Saugus Plaza, South Bound Route 1
MBTA Bus Route 429
min. of 10 kids.
Price includes Adm. +
Roller Skates. Cake, soda,
paper goods, 20 tokens for
birthday person plus 100
Redemption Party
held Tickets
gift from Roller
World. in one of
our private BP
Rooms for 1/2hour.
and a
8 Norwood St.
(617) 387-9810
Kitchen Hours:
Mon-Thurs: 12-10pm
Fri-Sat: 12-11pm
Sunday: 1pm-10pm
The same great food -
smaller portions at a
Our OVERSIZED portions
remain the same for
Every Saturday
Noon - 4:00 PM
* Try our New Pizzas!
* Saturdays & Sundays
Omelettes and
Breakfast Pizzas
until 3:00 pm including
our full menu!
Wednesday, March 1
Joseph M. Dellorfano
20, of 233 Cooledge St., Re-
vere, was charged with
possession of a firearm
without an FID card, with
possession to distribute a
Class D drug, with receiv-
ing a firearm with defaced
numbers and with unlaw-
ful possession of ammuni-
Ahkeem A. Tucker
, 21, of
305 Cooledge St., Revere,
was charged with pos-
session of 10 counterfeit
Tara Leah Stanley
, 35, of
418 Revere Beach Pkwy.,
Revere, was charged with
shoplifting by concealing
Sabrina Violet Stanley
, 28, of 418 Revere
Beach Pkwy., Revere, was
charged with shoplifting
by concealing merchan-
dise and with possession of
a Class E drug.
Paula Wehbe
, 28, of 10
Milano Dr., Revere, was
charged with shoplifting by
concealing merchandise.
Alexis Sophia Vargas
, 18,
of California, was charged
with unarmed robbery,
with sexual conduct for a
fee and with defrauding an
innkeeper (over $100).
Tiffany Sok-Wah Chan
28, of Florida, was charged
with unarmed robbery,
with sexual conduct for a
fee and with defrauding an
innkeeper (over $100).
Thursday, March 2
Nora C. Gonzales
, 46, of
28 Shawmut St., Revere,
was charged with violation
of a Harassment Protection
Thomas J. Constant
, 56,
of 400 Revere Beach Blvd.,
Revere, was charged with
with malicious destruction
of property under $250,
with intimidation of a wit-
ness, with possession of a
Class B drug and with pos-
session of a Class E drug.
Friday, March 3
Nelson J. Aguilar
, 22, of
120 Marshall St., Revere,
was charged with unlawful
possession of ammunition
and with an arrest warrant.
Saturday, March 4
Joseph P. Nazarian
, 62, of
39 Boylston St., East Bos-
ton, was charged with
shoplifting $100+ by as-
portation and with larceny
(over $250).
Miguel Raymundo
, 31, of
Dorchester, was charged
with unlicensed operation
of a motor vehicle.
Sunday, March 5
Asmahan M. Sheikou
, 42,
of 18 Emanuel St., Revere,
was charged with a re-
ly includes actual receipts in
excess of revenue estimates
and unspent amounts in de-
partmental budget line items
for the year just ended, plus
unexpended free cash from
the previous year. Free cash
is offset by property tax re-
ceivables and certaindeficits,
and as a result, can be a neg-
ative number.
Cities and towns generally
use free cash to support cur-
rent-yearoperationsor topro-
vide a revenue source for the
ensuing year’s budget. How-
ever, free cash is not available
for use until after the accoun-
tant, auditor, or comptroller
submits a prior-year balance
sheet to the Division of Local
Services (DLS) and the Direc-
tor of Accounts certifies the
protectscommunities fromre-
lying on free cash that might
notmaterializedue to inaccu-
rate local estimates.
Any free cash use requires
an appropriation approved
by the city council on the
mayor ’s recommendation
but only after DLS has certi-
fied the free cash total.
~ Letter-to-the-Editor ~
Thankful for event’s success
Dear Editor,
I’d like to thank everyone
that helped make our 18th
Annual St. Patrick’s Day event
another great success last
Wednesday night! It was so
good to see so many old
friends, along with many new
ones. As I announced my can-
didacy for Councilor-at-Large,
I couldn’t help but reflect
back over themany years that
I’ve been privileged to serve
our city, and how I’ve been
blessed to have the support
of so many of our residents
and members of our business
community. From my days in
the Revere Rotary Club and
Chamber of Commerce, to
my years on the City Coun-
cil and then on as Mayor, we
have done some great things
together. And there is much
more to do.
Thank you for your ongoing
support. Have a happy and
healthy St. Patrick’s Day.
Dan Rizzo
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