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- Friday, March 17, 2017
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Lawrence A. Simeone Jr.
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* Zoning/Land Court
* Wetlands Litigation
Workmen’s Compensation
~ Since 1989 ~
* Real Estate Law
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Top o’ the morning, everyone, and welcome to the
St. Patrick’s Day
edition of the
Beach City
… If you’re a member in good standing, or not-so-good standing (we’ll forgive you), of the
Beach City BUZZ Frequent Readers Club
, you probably already know that there’s a big, green
spot in my heart for
and all things
I have no idea why. Maybe in a past life I was a
leprechaun. Or an
step dancer. Maybe it’s because green is my favorite color. Of course, it
might just be the
, my all-time favorite beer of choice. I’ve been to the
Emerald Isle
several times, and I’m always ready for a return visit. If you’ve never been there, please add it to
the tippy top of your bucket list. With that inmind, we’ve got some great things for which we can
thank the Irish: Want a little soda water for your evening cocktail?
Robert Percival
discovered the bubbly beverage in 1900. In 1894,
John Joly
County Offaly
invented color
photography and changed the way we see the world. He also discovered the use of radiation to
treat cancer. An
man named
Vincent Barry
invented a compound which would eventual-
ly cure more than 15 million people of leprosy. Submarines, tanks, tractors and guided missiles –
all invented in
White House
was designed by
Irishman James Hoban,
who won a
competition in 1792, which lead him to creating the building. In the late 1700’s and early 1800’s,
along came the first whiskey distillery, and, of course, my beloved
In 1891,
invented the tattoo machine. Stethoscopes, hypodermic syringes, and the portable de-
fibrillator are all products of brilliant
Irishmen. JohnO’Sullivan,
another genius of
inventedWiFi. On the food front, chocolate milk was created in
in 1680 by
Hans Sloane
The father of
James McDonald
McDonald’s Hamburgers)
Patrick J. Mc-
was from
Love your sour cream and onion flavored potato chips? The flavored
variety of everyone’s favorite potato snack was invented by
Joseph “Spud” Murphy
in 1954.
And one invention I am personally grateful for – drum roll, please – the modern day version of
the rasher of bacon, invented in 1820 by butcher
Henry Denny
Waterford, Ireland
. (And you
thought grandma’s lovely old crystal vasewas the best thing to ever come out of
? Nay,
nay!) So, whether you’re of
descent or
at heart, go have a
and do your part.
Search for your pot of gold, dance a jig or a reel, wear a little green, eat a corned beef and cab-
bage meal. Celebrate old
St. Paddy
, and as we end this little ditty, sure ’n begorrah, here’s your
from around the
Beach City
Marc Silvestri
, the new
Director of Veterans Services
, is thanking
Dough Boy Police Supply
for relocating the retired
flag box to
their new location on
Squire Road
. If you have a flag that needs to be retired, please drop it off
there, or at boxes throughout the city. Recent visits were made to two locations, and 250+ flags
were collected. Please continue to respect our flag and retire themwith honor. Special thanks to
Joe Ravesi
for going out in the frigid cold to help get it done. The
office is also trying
to identify
. If you are a
Revere VietnamVeteran,
or have a family
member or friend that served during that time, please call the
Veterans Service Office
at 781-
286-8119. Many thanks to
and the volunteers for their service and all of their work … Ran-
dumb thoughts: This one frommy hilariously funny and beautiful eight-year-old granddaughter,
: What’s the difference between a piano and a fish? Answer: You can’t tuna fish; There’s only
one time whenit’s really ok to yell, “I have diarrhea!”and that’s when you’re playing Scrabble; I just
heard on the news that a red ship and a blue ship have collided. All the sailors were marooned;
Just wondering – who is the genius that thought it would be wise to put the back-pain meds on
the bottom shelf atWalmart?…
Julie Lynch
has announced that
is starting
their BIG clothes/housewares drive, collecting donations for men’s, women’s and children’s cloth-
ing as well as toys and housewares.
has received quite a few calls from people reaching out
who are just getting their own apartments from sober homes. Donations will go to recovery pro-
grams and sober homes, and also to the houses that are family-orientedwith babies and children.
Help them help people in need. Drop sites are
Marty Pino Center, 86 Boardman St., East Bos-
(any day) and
Sammy’s Patio, 63 Revere Beach Blvd
. (Please see the one and only
on Tuesdays and Thursdays.) If anyone cannot make it to a drop site,
NickMoulaison Sr
Julie Lynch
will come pick it up. Thank you in advance. This drive will be going on until March
28…Pancakes! Head over to
Cub Scout Pack 15’s
Pancake Breakfast
on Sunday, March
19 at the
American Legion Building on Broadway
from 9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. Kids are $4, adults
$6. Everyone who brings a donation of a toiletry item for our military troops gets an extra pan-
cake, free of charge …That’s it for the
. Do whatever makes your heart sing, and
remember: Most of us can keep a secret. It’s the people we tell it to, who can’t … Slainte! (That’s
for cheers!) This week’s SMILEMAKERS: RachidMoukhabir, Emily Alcantar, Lisa Devine, Ricar-
do Toranzo, Natalie Petit, Cassandra Conners, Angela Santilli, Steve Bruce, Kim Donahue, Claudia
Bernal, Nicholas Manfra, Paul Campbell, Maria Alimonte, Jennifer Duggan, Kelly Svendsen, Sele-
na Rodriguez, Craig White and Linda Bradley … Here’s the
A recent study has found
over 200 dead crows in one city, and there was concern that they might have died from the Avi-
an flu virus. A bird pathologist examined the remains of all the crows, and he confirmed the prob-
lem was definitely NOT Avian flu, much to everyone’s relief. However, he was also able to deter-
mine that 98% of the crows had been killed by impact with large trucks, and only 2%were killed
by car impact. The state hired an ornithological behaviorist to determine the disproportionate
percentages for the large truck versus car kills. The bird expert determined the cause in short or-
der: When crows eat road kill, they always set-up a lookout crow in a nearby tree to warn of im-
pending danger. His very profound scientific conclusion was that the lookout crow could yell
“Cah!”but could not yell “Truck!”
…Got comments? Jokes? News? Suggestions?Want to con-
gratulate someone on their anniversary, birthday, baby or divorce? Is your group running
a fundraiser, meeting or event? March 17 is Worldwide Quilting Day! Sew, if it seams that
you’ve got a joke that will keep us in stitches, please don’t hemand haw, or keep us on nee-
dles and pins. Email your material and BUZZbits to
and read it in
The Revere Advocate
- Friday, January 3, 2014
Page 10
Greetings, neighbors, and welcome to the
Beach City BUZZ
…We’ve got some
resolutions - in verse, of course: My life is so disorganized, but I’ve got a great
solution - total self improvement is my
New Year’s
resolution. I’ve taken a hard look at
myself, and don’t like what I see. So in the coming year, I’ll become a better me. I’ll do
some crafts, and learn to cook, my soufflés will be divine. And when I’m in a restaurant,
I’ll be a snob ‘bout wine. I’ll go to bed early, with a cup of warm milk, I’ll become an early
riser. I’ll learn to balance my checkbook too, and become an organizer. I’ll study a foreign
language, maybe
or maybe
. I’ll pay off all my bills on time, and all my
debts will vanish. I’ll quit my smoking, drinking too, and then I’ll feel quite healthy. I’ll
save some money every week, and that will make me wealthy. And when I’m driving
in my car, I won’t flip off the bird. I’ll keep my calm, and smile a lot, and forget 4 letter
words. I’ll keep my house in order, neat and sparkling clean. I’ll only buy things that are
on sale - I’ll be a Coupon Queen. My body, I promise, will get in shape - something other
than round. I’ll eat cottage cheese and drink skim milk, and lose those twenty pounds.
I’ll gain some muscles, work my heart, and take an exercise class. Yoga, Zumba, lifting
weights, will help me lose my a$$. I’ll learn to play the piano, and music I will read. I’ll
practice daily for hours on end, until my fingers bleed. I’ll put other’ needs ahe d of
min , and maybe this c ming year, I’ll feel fulfilled as I give of myself, and find tim to
volunteer. I’ll gr w all my veggies at home in the spr ng, and sta t them all from se d,
I’ll l arn to polka and ballr om dance, and buy lots of books to read. I’ll learn to like soy
milk nd eat more sprouts, I’ll trade D
for herb l tea. I’ll only watch shows on
Channel 2, and no more realit TV. Now let me just get ll this straight - I’m resolving a
better me. I’ll be thinner, h althier, sm rter too, but I’ll live in misery. On second thought,
let’s forget this idea, because really, I don’t give a damn. My only
New Y ar’s
is to lik me for who I am…Let’s ring in the
The start of a new year means
t at it’s time for the
Mayor’s Annual St te of the City Address,
which takes place on
Monday, January 13 at 6:00 P.M.
in the
Joseph A. DelGrosso Council Chambers
City Hall. May r Rizzo
invites all to attend. If you can’t be there, the address will
also be on
Revere TV
on Channel 9…Why not kick off the
New Year
by pledging to
give blood? On January 16 from 2:00 - 7:00 p.m. head to the
Beachmont VFW, 150
Bennington St.
and donate some blood. You’ll be doing something good, and you’ll
also receive a voucher for a free pound of
Dunkin’ Donuts
coffee…Ran-dumb thoughts:
It’s almost 2014, and I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since I didn’t become a better
is responsible for millions of
gifts arriving late? OK, here’s
my take on that - How ‘bout shifting a little of that responsibility over to the millions of
morons who didn’t realize that
was actually December 25th this year, and
had 350+ days to get those packages sent? Hmmm?…So there we were, sitting at the
bar at
on the Friday after
with the usual suspects/regulars, all
of us sick of
leftovers and craving a “real” meal. The big screen TVs were
tuned to the football game - “the
Military Bowl
”, which most of us had never heard of.
At one point, my Honey voiced his opinion - “The only difference between the
and a regular football game is that in a regular football game, they run up and
down the field. In the
Military Bow
l, they go, left, right, left, right…” Funny. And you
think it’s easy?…Speaking of funny, I promised a certain guy - who can oft be seen in
warm weather tooling around town in a little
, and who’s initials are
Bob MacC
- that I would put this “jok ” in the
. App re tly, “ev rybody” thinks it’s hysteri ally
funny. Except me. Raise your hand if t i makes yo laugh: A penguin walks into a bar,
goes to the cou ter and says to th ba tender, “Have you seen my twin brother?” The
bartender says, “I don’t know. W at does e look like?”…OK, did we s e any ands
raised? Me neither…That’s it f r the
ers. Have a h ppy d safe
, do whatever akes your heart sing, and remember: Youth is when you’re allowed
to stay up late on
New Year’s Eve
. Old age is wh n y u’re forc d to…This week’s
: Regina Daley, Lisa Fortuna, Ryan Green, Adam Comeau, Carolyn
Chambers, Valerie Garris n, Jayden Brown, Alliso Morris, H ath r Murphy, Tom Mason,
Marc Capizzi, Lisa Gendreau, Brendan Hayes, Dennis Doucette, Barbara Holden, Otto
Swanson, Christine Benoit, Emily Welch, Maria Morabito, and Roberta L vy…Heeere’s
(from Ann Onymous): ’Twas the month after Christmas, and all through
the house, Nothing would fit me, not even a blouse. The cookies I’d nibbled, the eggnog
I’d taste at the holiday parties had gone to my waist. When I got on the scales there arose
such a number! When I walked to the store (less a walk than a lumber). I’d remember
the marvelous meals I’d prepared; The gravies and sauces and beef nicely rared, The
wine and the rum balls, the bread and the cheese, And the way I’d never said, “No thank
you, please.” As I dressed myself in my husband’s old shirt And prepared once again to
do battle with dirt--- I said to myself, as only I can “ You can’t spend a winter disguised
as a man! “ So— away with the last of the sour cream dip, Get rid of the fruit cake, every
cracker and chips. Every last bit of food that I like must be banished, Til all the additional
ounces have vanished. I won’t have a cookie--not even a lick. I’ll want to chew only on
a long celery stick. I won’t have hot biscuits, or corn bread, or pie, I’ll munch on a carrot
and quietly cry. I’m hungry, I’m lonesome, and life is a bore--- But isn’t that what January
is for? Unable to giggle, no longer a riot. Happy New Year to all and to all a good diet!”
Got comments? News? Announcements? Suggestions? Want to congratulate
someone on their anniversary, birthday, baby, divorce? Is your group running a
fundraiser, eeting or event? January 5 is National Bean Day! Got a half baked joke
you’ve bean eaning to send us? Snap to it! No kidneying! Lima aiting for your
BUZZ bits! Email and read it in the REVERE ADVOCATE!
~ Sports ~
Hockey Pats skate
to fast season start
By Jerry DiStefano
The Revere High Patriots hockey team has had their best
start in years starting with a 4-1-1 overall record in the first
six games. The Christmas break has created an awfully
tough non-conference schedule for Revere, as they have
had four games in eight nights. In that span, the Patriots
have gone 2-1-1.
“This is such a great start for a great group of kids,” Revere
coach Joe Ciccarello said. “We only won two games last
year and we have already doubled that. It was such a tough
year, and to start this season like this is a great feeling for
this group of young men.”
Revere started their break with a tough game against the
Lynn Jets. The Patriots were able to possess a 2-1 lead for
the majority of the game, until the third period. Lynn scored
a quick goal, that tied the score 2-2, the Jets broke the tie
with one minute left. Revere never gave up and decided
to pull the g lie in the final minute. Joe Ristano took th
spot of the goalie, and made the most of it. Ristano lit up
the lamp with 11 seconds left to g ve Revere a 3-3 tie rather
than a loss.
“Lynn is a very talented team and this was a good tie,”
Ciccarello said. “Of course it would have been nice to win,
but we played great and that’s all I can ask for.”
Revere next had Everett in their sights. The Patriots took
the momentum they created from the Lynn game and un-
leashed on the Crimson Tide, to the tune of a 5-1 victory.
Revere then had to travel south to play Bourne. The Pa-
triots started off fast once again, as they took an early 1-0
lead at the end of the first period. Bourne tied the game
1-1 early in the second period. Revere answered with three
unanswered goals and took a 4-1 lead. The Patriots fell
asleep in the third period, and Bourne answered with three
unanswered goals of their own, that tied the game 4-4 with
three minutes left. Ciccarello took a key timeout for Revere
to regroup the troops. The timeout paid dividends for the
Patriots as freshman Anthony Cacca scored the game-
winner with one minute left.
“It has been someone different every game,” Ciccarello
said. “It really has been a collective team effort, and the story
of our season is someone new stepping up in a big way.”
Revere in their last game came out flat as can be against
Lowell on the road, and the Patriots were defeated 5-1.
“It was the last game after a long road trip,” Ciccarello
said. “None of us from coaches to the players were mentally
prepared for this game. We will bounce back and have a
much better effort in our next game.”
Revere will look for a bounce back effort on Tuesday (De-
cember 31st), at home against Somerville.
Want to hear something hilarious Tom?
They all think I cooked this delicious eal.
If they only knew I use Cornucopia Foods...
Senior Family
Senior Family
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This program is provided to you by Cornucopia Foods of Malden.
To learn more about Senior Family call 781. 321. 0564 or visit
The Chefs at Cornucopia Foods love
making our customers smile!
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