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- Friday, March 17, 2017
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Revere Middle School Basketball Fall to Saugus, 54–45
in Semi-Finals at Danvers Sports Complex on Saturday
RevereMiddle School 7
Grade Basketball Team, front row; Cameron Bertocchi, Julius Quintana, Edgar Gonzales, JaeronMer-
cardo, Sergio Garzon. Back row, Coach Bill Guinasso, Jared Mercado, Hunter Jones, A J Guinasso, Bobby O’Brien, and Coach
George Quintana.
BobbyO’Brienpulls up toass-
es a 3 pointer.
Julius Quintana had a great
A determined Cameron
AJ Guinasso and Jared Mercado team up
for a tough defense.
Hunter Joneshadagreat game
on both offense and defense.
AJ Guinasso on the move.
Sergio Garzon keeps his eye on the ball.
Hunter Jones pulls down a huge rebound late in the game, despite being
covered 4-1.
Edgar Gonzales puts on a big stuff to save a
JaredMercado is triple-teamedbut undaunted.
(Advocate photos by Al Terminiello)