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- Friday, March 17, 2017
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its requirements for the Navy
Peacoat for decades. The mills
supporting the program were
never officially notified of the
phaseout plan.Webelieve that
the U.S. Navy was unaware of
the collateral damage of their
decision to phaseout thewool
Peacoat by replacing it with a
100% Synthetic Parka. It will
not only result in the closing
ofmanufacturing facilities and
lost jobs, but it will also im-
pact the ability of the woolen
trade industry to satisfy other
U.S. Military wool clothing re-
“The Navy Peacoat was de-
veloped in the early 1800’s by
the Dutch to meet the needs
for a durable piece of outwear
that couldwithstand the harsh
rain, wind and cold temper-
atures typically experienced
out at sea,” said author Mat-
The Peacoat is an iconic U.S.
Navy dress uniformgarment. It
has been and continues to be
a popular fashion coat for both
men and women. The coat is
a high performance garment
that continues to be an excel-
lent protective layer for not
only yesterdays, but today’s
sailors. Why would the Navy
want to phase it out?
Adding salt to the wound,
the synthetic Parka that is set
to replace the Peacoat was de-
velopedby the company Prop-
per. If they are awarded the
newcontract, the Parkawill be
produced in Puerto Rico and
not in the United States.
The supply chain that ex-
tends from textile mills in
New England to Philadelphia,
as well as the sheep farmers
across the Midwest, are cur-
rently trying to get an audi-
ence with the U.S. Navy to halt
the phaseout of the Navy Pea-
coat. We are hopeful, through
the voices of our U.S. Senators
– ElizabethWarrenandEdMar-
key – as well as U.S. Congress-
man Capuano, that our voic-
es and concerns will be heard.
“Sterlingwear of Boston has
enjoyed a long and mutually
beneficial relationshipwith the
U. S. Navy since 1967. In times
of need, Sterlingwear of Bos-
ton has responded and pro-
vided the necessary peacoats
whenneeded, aswell asaccom-
modating design and material
changes over the years. The im-
pact of thisdecision is far reach-
ing and will affect the lives of
so many who currently work in
the textile and apparel indus-
try which is already severely
impacted by the loss of manu-
facturing and jobs to overseas.
The peacoat is an iconic gar-
ment worn by sailors for hun-
dreds of years and is symbol-
ic of the navy and those who
have served and are presently
serving.Todiscontinue thisgar-
ment that means so much, to
so many, will be a disservice to
those who have proudly worn
or who currently wear the U.S.
Navy Peacoat” said Jack Foster,
Director ofMarketingat Sterlin-
gwear of Boston.
“The negative impact that
this decision has on our busi-
ness is unparalleled in our
long history of working with
the U.S. Navy. The numerous
small businesses that rely on
this product and the many
employees that will be affect-
ed by this decision cannot be
understated. It is imperative
that this decision be revisited
and reversed,” said David Fre-
della, VP/COO of Sterlingwear
of Boston.
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MADE IN USA – Sterlingwear
of Boston: The Navy Pea Coat
has provided warmth and
protection to our servicemen
throughout our naval history.
It continues as a high perfor-
mance, aswell as, fashionable
part of the U.S. Navy dress
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