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– Friday, March 17, 2017
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Northeast Metro Tech students attend
Youth Summit on Opioid Awareness
intendent-Director David
DiBarri is pleased to announce
that eightNortheastMetroTech
students attended the New
Hampshire Youth Summit on
OpioidAwareness lastweek.The
event, which was put on by the
Mark Wahlberg Youth Founda-
tion, was designed to educate
middle school and high school
students about the dangers of
opioid addiction while promot-
ing the benefits of a healthy
lifestyle. On March 7, Northeast
Metro Tech students Ian Haley,
Pedro Carbonera, Yenissa Ortiz,
Arthur Andrews, Quinn Lemist,
ChristianDeJesus, CarleySuther-
land and Julia Agostini joined
approximately 9,000 students
from Northern Massachusetts
and Southern New Hampshire
at the Southern New Hamp-
shire University arena for the
“The students we sent are
leaders in our school and will
be able to carry the message
they took away from the event
to the rest of the student body
and members of their respec-
tive communities,” DiBarri said.
“Opioid addiction affects every
cityandtown, andit’s imperative
thatwe lookatproactiveways to
help combat this disease.”
At the summit, attendees
spent from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. lis-
tening to a series of speakers di-
rectly affected by opioid addic-
tion. Keynote speaker Jeff Alli-
son, a New England native and
former Miami Marlins pitcher,
shared his personal story of ad-
diction and recovery. Students
also heard fromparents directly
affectedbyaddiction, U.S. Attor-
ney General Jeff Sessions, New
EnglandPatriots defensiveback
Patrick Chung, New Hampshire
Governor Chris SununuandU.S.
Drug Enforcement Administra-
tion Special Agent Jon DeLena.
“The most powerful speak-
ers were the parents who had
lost their children to opioid ad-
diction,” said Northeast Met-
ro Tech Adjustment Counselor
Dina Baratta. “They’re who im-
pacted the students the most. I
think they leftwithanewunder-
standingof the issueandacom-
mitment to help others.”
Add i t i ona l l y, s t udent s
watched a short film, “If Only”
– coproduced by James Wahl-
berg with support from Recov-
ery Centers of America and Mil-
lennium Health – which high-
lights thenegativeeffectsofpre-
Following the event, students
and Baratta met to discuss pro-
grams and initiatives they’d like
to implement at NortheastMet-
ro Tech.
Before the endof the year, the
school will have its own show-
ingof“If Only,”and theeight stu-
will sit on a panel following the
movie to discuss the message
and answer questions.
DEA Agent DeLena visited
Northeast Metro Tech on Fri-
day, March 10, to speak to stu-
dents about opioids andhowto
create a positive school climate.
Studentswouldalso liketobring
anathleteor additional relatable
figure into the school to further
speak about opioid addiction.
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Left to right: Northeast Metro Tech students Pedro Carbone-
ra, Ian Haley, Julia Agostini, Yenissa Ortiz, Christian DeJesus,
Quinn Lemist, Arthur Andrews andCarley Sutherland attend-
ed the New Hampshire Youth Summit on Opioid Awareness
last week.
(Courtesy Photo – Northeast Metro Tech)
Chili Chowder Challenge in Melrose
to benefit veterans on March 18
ome enjoy what has be-
come a popular event
in our community – the Chili
Chowder Challenge IV.
This event will take place on
Saturday, March 18 from 11
a.m. until 2 p.m. at the Nor-
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which is located at 428 Main
St. in Melrose.
With a donation of $10.00
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mac ‘n’ cheese, and maybe a
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theirs, many local groups and
organizations, perhaps a local
politician or two, and a group
of young people from themid-
dle/high school.
Come experience an enjoy-
able couple of hourswithgood
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This is a special sort of FUNd-
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up this year’s trip to Washing-
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