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– Friday, April 21, 2017
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Lynnfield’s Craig Stone to be inducted
into Wrestling Hall of Fame on April 29
By Melanie Higgins
t’s not about the “destination,”
but this is one good stop for
Craig Stone on his journey. On
April 29 the legendary Lynnfield
wrestling and tennis coach will
be inducted into the Nation-
al Wrestling Hall of Fame for his
contributions to wrestling as a
coach in Lynnfield for more than
40 years.
The coach stopped by the
Board of Selectmen’s meeting
on Monday, April 10 to receive
a proclamation from the board
and a citation from the state leg-
islature, presented on behalf of
State Senator Tom McGee and
State Representative Brad Jones
“It’s very rare that you have
someone that’s a living legend in
your town … Everyone has ad-
mired him for generations,” said
the then Board of Selectmen
Chairman Phil Crawford. Stone
was inhis first year of coachingat
Lynnfield when Crawford was in
high school.
Stone has earned over 1,000
and tennis in his 40+-year tenure
in Lynnfield. He began his career
coaching wrestling the first year
the then club teammoved up to
varsity in1975. Inactuality, his ca-
reer inLynnfieldstartedin1973at
an elementary school teacher. In
tlingcoach,hewas theonlyappli-
cant inthepool. In1981hewasof-
feredthe jobofgirls’tenniscoach.
field College in Massachusetts in
1971, where he earned a Bache-
lor of Sciencedegree. Fromthere,
he went on to earn an MS from
the University of Oregon in 1972.
He played both tennis and wres-
tling as an undergraduate, which
coachingboththesports lateron.
It wasn’t much longer until
Stone would receive recognition
for his talents. In 1986 he was
named Cape Ann League Coach
of the Year, which he would go
on to win in ’87, ’92, ‘96, ’97, ’08
and ’14. In 1986 and 2014, the
Boston Globe named himCoach
of the Year, and he was induct-
ed into the Massachusetts Wres-
tling Coaches Association Hall of
Fame in 1998, the same year he
was named Coach of the Year by
the association.
His numbers are equally im-
pressive.Todate, Stonehasa528-
win thatMondaynight, 567-85 in
tennis.OnDecember12, 2015,he
The year before, his tennis team
went on to earn a perfect 21-0
season.Andin1998and1999, the
team earned two back-to-back
undefeated state championship
Ann league titles, 12MIAA North
state titles for tennis.
Senator McGee was also pres-
ent at themeeting to offer Stone
a letter and citation from the
state legislature, congratulating
hiswork for the town.“Duringhis
service to the town of Lynnfield
he has been an exemplary edu-
cator and instructor andhaswon
athletes, parentsandpeers,while
instilling inhis athletes thevalues
of teamwork, dedicationandper-
sistence,” McGee read from the
letter. “Those lucky enough to be
coached by you should be justi-
fiably proud of this accomplish-
ment.”McGee also wished Stone
“continued success”in the future.
Tremblay also spokeon theocca-
sion. “As a colleague of Craig’s for
the past 30 years it is no surprise
[…] that you are going to be in-
ducted into the hall of fame.”
She attributed Stone’s success
to the relationships he has built
over the years, and noted the
many conversations she has had
with him about the importance
of teaching “lifelong lessons” on
themat.“You’vetaught themgrit,
perseverance, the importance of
winning and the importance of
losing, and getting up one more
time.”She said that these lessons
are equally important beyond
high school.
“It’s not about the destination,
it’s about the journey,”saidStone,
finally.“I can’t tell youtherelation-
ships I’vebeen fortunate enough
to establish through education
and coaching. I love the excite-
ment on their faces when they
come into the gym and their en-
Henotedthat the relationships
he has built have often led to at-
tending athletes’ weddings and
collegegraduations, and in some
cases, watching them go on to
become coaches themselves – “I
feel fortunate tohave a small role
in their lives.”
Stone will continue to coach
but in a lesser role than he once
had. He joked about being in
semiretirement and hownowhe
often has a new role of helping
his wife with daycare. He also of-
To obtain tickets for the induc-
tion ceremony for the Nation-
al Wrestling Hall of Fame, visit
The ceremony will take place at
5:30 p.m. on April 29 at Gillette
Stadium. Stone will receive a
plaque highlighting his accom-
plishments, which will be hung
at the Hall of Fame in Stillwater,
Hall of Fame inductee Craig
Stone addresses the Board of
Superintendent of Schools Jane Tremblay says a few words
congratulating Craig for his accomplishment.
Massachusetts chapter of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame class of 2017 (left to right):
Robert Amiballi of Natick, Craig Stone of Lynnfield, Dr. John Passiani ofWaltham, Pat Coleman
of Norton and Tom Bartosek of Canton.
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