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– Friday, April 21, 2017
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ticles could be approved. Town
Administrator Jim Boudreau put
it bluntly. “We don’t have the
cash,”he said.
Many of the fields are out to
bid, so selectmen could not an-
nounce formal recommenda-
tions; however, theydidheedthe
superintendent’s calls andmade
unofficial recommendations that
the track and elementary school
improvements be prioritized.
Fields Committee Chairman
Arthur Bourque advised that if
cuts are made, they should be
done after “thorough” consider-
ation. Superintendentof Schools
feelings, stating that it would be
“nearly impossible” to choose
which elementary schools topri-
oritize over others, since they in-
volve safety issues. “It’s incredi-
blydifficult toanswer,”shesaid.“It
would involve putting one kid’s
safety over another.”
The reports of tight budgets
are especially difficult for voters
to swallow, since the estimated
was supposedto fundraisenever
came through. Bourqueattribut-
edtheshortfall toreasonsspecific
to himself and did not elaborate.
The committee will still attempt
to raise these funds, but not until
a later date. Crawford suggested
that the funds raised go towards
improvements to Jordan Park.
Summer Street School
The costs for the Summer
Street School fields are still cur-
rently out to bid. According to
Bourque, the items that need
to be addressed include the fol-
–Installation of a deepwell irri-
gation system
–Repairing the paved play-
ground area
–Repairing the field at the rear
of the school.
–Removing the softball/t-ball
field which is located on the
northwest sideof the school.The
report states that the field is “no
longer needed for youth sports.”
–Re-sod the space where the
install “pavers or hardscape sur-
face,”whichwould featurea seat-
ing area. Apparently the installa-
tionwould replace an area of the
field that is frequently destroyed
due to high foot traffic.
–Completeextensiverepairs to
the“all-purposefield.”Thefield it-
wouldameliorate the rapidlyde-
teriorating grass. The clay sur-
face of the softball field would
be removed and blended using
a new infield, and a home plate
would be installed. The sprinkler
system would also be brought
“up to standard.”A pad and stor-
age shed to house equipment
would be installed, and benches
would be replaced.
Upgrades to the Huckleber-
ry Hill School’s fields would in-
clude the all-purpose field and
the paved playground area. For
the field, a deep well would be
installed on the southwest side
of the school near the chain link
–All of the grass on the all-pur-
pose field and in the area of the
parking lot would be replaced
with “new soil and sod surface,”
andadrainageand irrigationsys-
temwould be installed.
–Replace the asphalt play-
ground, which is“beyond repair”
Middle School
Thereport calls forupgrades to
the track, in addition to the soft-
ball and baseball fields. The soft-
ball field would receive the fol-
–Pitcher’s mound and home
–Replace the clay infield with
town-approved claymix.
–Reseeded infield; also the
grass of the infield is to be re-
moved and replaced with new
–New irrigation system
age sheds
–Reparations tobattingtunnel
–Infrastructure installed for a
–A foul line marker and safe-
ty netting
Changes to the baseball field
would include the following:
–New scoreboard in the right
–Small storage shed
High School
The town must also consider
upgrades to the tennis courts,
which many agree are in terrible
condition. The upgrades would
include a fifth court in addition
to complete reparations. The re-
port also calls for installing a 30’
net along either the east or west
side of the stadiumfield.
Newhall Park
The report also calls for up-
grades to Newhall Park, which
include installing new control
for existing lighting that allows
lights to automatically shut off
when they are no longer in use.
Currently some teams are for-
getting to shut off the lights af-
ter using them. A well and new
* Walkways
* Patios
* Driveways
* Pool Decks
* Perennials
* Shrubs
* Trees
New Lawns
* Sod
* Hydroseed
* Conventional Seeding
* Synthetic
Complete Maintenance
* Cleanups (Spring & Fall)
* Lawn Cutting, Edging & Weeding
* Lawn Fertilizer Programs
* Trim & Prune Shrubs
* Mulching, Thatching
* Fire Pits
* Sitting Walls
* Pillers
* Design
* Install
* Repair
* Night Illumination
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Once rubberized chain link
ladder – rusted and bare – at
both elementary schools.
Crumbling concrete and ex-
tensive cracks at the Summer
Street School playground.
Much of the play structures
at both elementary schools
have rust.
Extensive cracks in themiddle
school tennis courts.