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– Friday, April 21, 2017
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The Advocate’s
Super Trivia Quiz
The Advocate’s
Super Trivia Quiz
Multipurpose Internet Mail
Benjamin Franklin’s
W.C. Fields
Noah Webster
Stockholm, Sweden
The cherry blossoms (sakura)
Oliver Wendell Holmes
Earth Day
“Yogi” Berra
Artificial skin transplant
The Suez Canal
George Washington
1. The lady’s slipper belongs to what flower family?
2. In computerese, what does MIME mean?
3. On April 21, 1790, in Philadelphia, whose funeral
did 20,000 people attend?
4. In tennis, what word means zero?
5. In the 1933 “Alice in Wonderland” movie, who
plays Humpty Dumpty?
6. In ancient mythology, who did Echo love? (Hint: a
7. “Breaking Away” is a movie about what sport?
8. On April 21, 1828, who published the largest
English language dictionary of its time?
9. In music, what does the abbreviation “ST” mean?
10. Where is the Nobel Museum?
11. In spring, what flower is widely celebrated in
12. In “The Autocrat of the Breakfast-Table,” who
said, “Boston State-house is the hub of the solar
13. What European city’s subway is called the Tube?
14. On April 22, 1972, what holiday was created?
15. What New York baseball great said, “The future
ain’t what it used to be”?
16. On April 23, 1981, what first in burn treatment
happened at Mass. General Hospital?
17. Which country has won the most Oscars for Best
Foreign Language Film?
18. On April 25, 1859, what canal had its ground-
19. Which president was the first U.S. breeder of
20. In Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,”
what was Robin Goodfellow also called?
The Advocate
(March 21st-April 20th): The past couple of days have
probably demanded a lot of energy out of you, and forced you to
spend more time with people you didn’t want to. Focus on your home this
weekend and hide from the chaos. Fixing things up will boost your mood and
fluff up the energy around you.
(April 21st-May 20th): Things are going to be getting stirred
up for you right now, and although this may be quite draining it is
time to break some of your old ways. Take note this weekend of how you let
family and friends impact your mood, and switch things up next week!
(May 21st-June 20th): Clumsiness is going to be hard to
avoid this weekend. Try to laugh it off and not take it too seriously-
the planets are pushing your buttons right now but it will pass! A license or
exam you have been fearing may sneak up on you next week- prep!
(June 21st-July 22nd): Be wary of who and what you
discuss this weekend, all ears are on you and people are extra bored
right now- a bad combination! Avoid drama by keeping chat light. Rest up
next week, May will be here soon and your schedule will be filling up fast.
(July 23rd-August 22nd): Double and triple check your bag
before leaving the house, and any tickets before a trip. Mercury is
causing some forgetfulness but just making sure everything is lined up will
prevent big problems. If you struggle to relax next week- get lost in a story.
(August 23rd-September 22rd): Keep your new ideas to
yourself for a little while, the people you work with are feeling critical
and it won’t help with getting things in motion. Keep plotting and planning
yourself for when tension loosens up. Ask a friend for approval before taking
a fashion risk this weekend.
(September 23th-October 22rd): People from your past are
going to be popping up left and right, and as tempting as it may feel
to just put aside old feelings and reunite, think about it. What could their
motivation be? Unless you know there is no ill intention, keep up some
boundaries…history is very likely to repeat itself right now. The planets in
retrograde want you to learn anything that wasn’t earlier this year.
(October 23rd-November 22nd): Call out co workers that
are not pulling their weight this week. Laziness is all around you and
picking up slack will only cause reliance in the long run. As grouchy as your
coworkersmay seem, speaking up about what is other peoples jobs will help
your work as a whole and will be appreciated.
(November 23rd-December 21st): Your moods will
be shifting fast and furious this week and next- and going with the
flow of your emotions is a good ideas. Feel it all, but be selective about who
you let hear your complaints. Some people want to help you, and others are
just waiting to use it against you. You’ll be able to judge it though! Things will
balance out soon.
(December22nd- January 19th): The retrogrades
currently happeningwill have youwanting to get the old gang together
and reconnect with those you lost touch with. Don’t invite anybody that has
hurt you though out of guilt…They may be close with others, but if your the
organizer you don’t need to do favors- you’ll regret it if you do!
(January 20th- February 19th): Getting defensive right
nowwill only support anything you are being accused of. Get in touch
with your true feelings, and only speak from the heart when someone
questions your motives. Full honestywill clear the air fastest, but holding back
will make people more nosey.
(February 20th- March 20th): Avoid retail splurges right
now!! Shopping without thinking will cause more financial troubles
late this month than you might realize. There is places for your money to go,
so just stay on top of your due dates for bills! Stand your ground next week
when a friend tries to pry at the past and turn something into drama.
Francesca Piazza is a Lynnfield native available for astrology
consultations, tarot readings/parties, crystal healing, custom jewelry,
and reiki. Please like Sister Fran Designs and Readings on Facebook for
more info, or contact her at Fpiazza7@aol.comor
ginia toplayat someof thecool-
est complexes and see some
of the most outrageous talent.
I started looking up schools I
thought would be a good fit for
me and sent those coaches all
the sameemail introducingmy-
self and inviting them to come
seemeplay. I hadstartedtalking
tocoaches, but a topic that really
I wanted to major in – Nursing.
I had found a school that would
allow me to study Nursing, and
Marchwas approaching, but ev-
erything felt rushed. As a soph-
omore, I was told“Don’t choose
a school because of field hock-
ey,” and it seemed like that was
exactlywhat I was doing. At this
point, I had chosen to focus on
getting into the best Nursing
My last seasonwearinga Lyn-
nfield jersey while playing field
hockey was an emotional one;
I thought it was the end of it all.
There was so much to do dur-
ing the season and still I was fill-
ing out college applications. I
wanted to go to the best Nurs-
ing school I could, and college
field hockey never crossed my
mind. In March I had gotten
back all my decisions from uni-
versities and I had two options:
Make the trip to Pennsylvania
tobe aWildcat or stay inBoston
to be a Husky. The night after I
got my acceptance letter from
Northeastern I wrote an email
to the head coach. The email
hadmentioned that I attended
her summer campswhere I was
namedanall-star anddefensive
player of theweek, where I used
to play club, how she had told
me that she knows Ms. Rear-
don, and that if I attend NU I
will be a Nursing major. The re-
sponse I received was welcom-
ing and encouraged me to at-
tend the clinic they would be
having in a few weeks so they
could seemeplay. In themean-
time, I had attended Welcome
Day at Northeastern and I de-
cided I would be a Husky, with
or without field hockey. Clin-
ic day arrived and I was ner-
vous, but once I saw the coach-
es and a few girls frommy club
began to subside. I talked to
CoachMurtaghbefore I left and
she toldme thegreat news that
shehas a spot formeon the ros-
ter and added that she doesn’t
want me tomiss out on an ath-
letic or academic opportuni-
ty. I am so fortunate to be able
to attend one of the best Nurs-
ing schools andget toplay field
hockey. I would not have been
able to have this opportunity
without the help of Ms. Rear-
don, Boston Field Hockey, and
all my teammates who have
helped guideme sincemy very
first days holding a fieldhockey
stick. Go Huskies!
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irrigation would be installed on
bothfields, anddrainagewould
be installed to mitigate drain-
age issues. An announcer stand
and PA systemare called for the
larger baseball field, along with
small bleacher seating along
the first and thirdbaselines. The
small baseball field would also
receive small bleacher seating.
Finally, anewplaygroundwould
be installed with a rubberized
base, rather than the current
woodchip structure which is
“not in good shape,” according
to Bourque.
Jordan Park
Article27calls forpossibleup-
grades for Jordan Park, which
would include upgrades to the
soccer field, playground, park-
ing lot and Alan Jordan memo-
rial. The playground would be
also removed to increase space
for anewparking lot thatwould
provide space for an additional
60 cars, bringing the total num-
ber of spaces up from41 to101.
The new parking lot would in-
clude additional drainage, have
a“new and improved”entrance
to address congestion issues,
andhave shrubbery installed to
protect the view for neighbors
on both Pillings Pond Road and
WildwoodDrive. Finally, theme-
morial to Vietnam War Veteran
a more prominent area. The to-
tal estimated cost for upgrades
to Jordan Park stands at $1.5
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