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- Friday, April 21, 2017
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Malden celebrates Community Development Week
he City of Malden will ob-
serve National Commu-
nity Development Week to
highlight resources provided
through the City’s Communi-
ty Development Block Grant
(CDBG) and Home Invest-
ment Partnership (HOME)
programs. The CDBG and
HOME programs are U.S.
Dept. of Housing and Ur-
ban Development (HUD)
programs. In recent years
there have been significant
cuts; however, these pro-
grams continue to be valu-
able resources in improving
the overall condition of our
This year marks the 43rd
anniversary of the CDBG
program, which provides
grants to more than 1200
local governments to im-
prove the physical, eco-
nomic and social conditions
in communities. Every $1 of
CDBG leverages almost $4
in other funds which bring
additional vital resourc-
es to communities. The
HOME program, now in its
26th year, provides grants
to more than 600 participat-
ing jurisdictions to create
safe and affordable hous-
ing in communities. Every
$1 of HOME leverages an
additional $4.16 in other
funding. CDBG and HOME
funds have been used to
invest and respond to cur-
rent and emerging commu-
nity development needs in
homeowner rehabilitation,
youth programs, lead paint
abatement, senior servic-
es, food banks, vital street
improvements, affordable
housing and employment
training. These funds have
served seniors, the home-
less, veterans, first-time
homebuyers, at-risk youth,
business owners, disabled
persons and working fam-
ilies, and have reduced
childhood lead poisoning.
According to Mayor Gary
Christenson, “Communi-
ty Development Week is
an opportunity to show-
case the services provid-
ed by the City and the Mal-
den Redevelopment Au-
thority to help improve qual-
ity of life for our residents.
Through this event, we
hope to reach even more
people who may not real-
ize all the great benefits
and lives improved with
Community Development
Malden residents are in-
vited to a reception on April
26 from 6:00–7:30 p.m.
at the John and Christina
Markey Senior Communi-
ty Center, which is located
at 7 Washington St. in Mal-
den. There will be a pan-
el discussion on how the
City’s CDBG and HOME
programs are unlocking
doors to homeownership.
The event will also highlight
programs funded by CDBG
and HOME which provide
services to low-to-moder-
ate-income residents.
quiring addresses ensures the
results aren’t skewered by re-
sponses from people with per-
sonal and financial interests in
The council’s Moratorium
Committee conducted an inde-
pendent growth and land use
survey. More than 2,000 resi-
dents responded, and Kinnon
plans topresent those results at
the next City Council meeting.
It will be up to the Ordinance
Committee to recommend ei-
ther extending or ending the
building moratorium.