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- Friday, April 21, 2017
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Tuesday, April 4
Scammers keep scammin’
A Demoree Terrace man
reported that his mother-
in-law was the victim of a
phone scam when she was
told (by reasons not giv-
en in the police report) to
purchase two gift cards at
$2,000 each at Best Buy
then to call the scammers
back and gave them the
gift card numbers. In many
cases, scammers pretend
to be IRS agents threaten-
ing arrest or are phonies
preying on the elderly.
Friday, April 7
Drinking and pedaling
don’t mix
Police received a call con-
cerning a white male – ap-
proximately 30-40 years
of age without facial hair,
wearing a black and white
checkered jacket, riding a
bike, usually smoking a cig-
arette – who was apparent-
ly drunk or high. Police re-
ported the man was not
causing any issues.
No good deed goes
A Brooksby Village resi-
dent feeling sorry for a pan-
handler brought the man
back to his apartment to do
some work, and the uniden-
tified man made off with the
Good Samaritan’s check-
book, according to the re-
port. A license plate num-
ber was obtained by sur-
veillance footage, but a
state on the plate couldn’t
be distinguished.
Saturday, April 8
Saturday is “bathing day”
Police were dispatched
to the CVS Pharmacy on
Main Street due to a report
of a man who was locked
inside the bathroom for
over 20 minutes and was
not responding to repeat-
ed knocks on the door. Ac-
cording to the report, the
man was just cleaning him-
self – no crime was com-
Sunday, April 9
Sadly, not smart as one
Police were sent to Lt.
Ross Park on Johnson
Street due to a report of a
fox – not the animal kind,
but a person dressed as
one – bothering kids and
parents. Officers sent the
person on her way. Animal
Control was not involved.
Monday, April 10
Big bra heist
A manager at Victoria’s Se-
cret at the Northshore Mall
reported the theft of 84 bras
valued at approximate-
ly $30,000. A detective has
been assigned to the case,
according to the report.
Tuesday, April 11
What exactly was he selling?
A Greenwood Road resident re-
ported to police that an un-
identified male attempted to
gain entry to her sliding back-
door and then fled. Police were
provided with a description
of the man, who was located
on Welcome Street by them.
The man was a solicitor going
door-to-door and was cleared
by police.
Wednesday, April 5
Samuel E. Wango
, 22, of 3322
Crane Brook Way, Peabody,
was charged with a Fugitive
from Justice on Court Warrant.
Nakimuli Kasolo Rose
, 48,
of 7 Heather Rd., Watertown,
was charged with shoplifting
$100+ by asportation.
Roberson Jean-Pierre
, 27,
of 8 Lowe St., Peabody, was
charged with disorderly con-
duct, subsequent offense.
Thursday, April 6
Cheryl L. Lonergan
, 58, of
14 Lake View Ave., Lynn, was
charged with operating under
the influence of liquor, second
offense, and with reckless op-
eration of a motor vehicle.
Friday, April 7
Jose Antonio Grullon
, 56, of
27 Clarendon Ave., Lynn, was
chargedwith an arrest warrant.
Rolando S. Monzon
, 43, of
18 Hamilton St., Lynn, was
charged with shoplifting $100+
by concealingmerchandise.
Karen Richard
, 55, of 17
Springvale Ave., Lynn, was
charged with shoplifting by
concealing merchandise, third
Arthur C. Kirk
, 21, of 196
Washington St., Peabody, was
charged with an arrest war-
Sandra Valerio
, 21, of Law-
rence, was charged with oper-
ating under the influence of li-
quor, with marked lanes viola-
tion and with negligent opera-
tion of a motor vehicle.
Saturday, April 8
Oswaldo Noloso
, 23, of 192
Franklin St., Lynn, was charged
with unlicensed operation of a
motor vehicle.
Sunday, April 9
Stanley Vallon
, 24, of Med-
ford, was charged with an ar-
rest warrant.
15-year-old juvenile
charged with unarmed robbery
and with assault & battery.
16-year-old juvenile
charged with larceny of over
$250 and with conspiracy.
16-year-old juvenile
charged with larceny of over
$250 and with conspiracy.
16-year-old juvenile
charged with larceny of over
$250 and with conspiracy.
Monday, April 10
Arao Dornela
, 40, of 23 Ma-
son St., Peabody, was charged
with failure to display own-
er’s name and with operating a
motor vehicle with license sus-
pended, subsequent offense.
AustinM. Belanger
, 20, of
5 Hobart St., Peabody, was
chargedwith an arrest warrant.
Spring is here and summer cannot be far behind.Summer
affords opportunities for outdoor activities amongwhich is
rowing for those that like to be on the water for exercise,
therapy or just plain enjoyment.Community Rowing, Inc.
is a Paralympic Sports Club with rowing programs without
charge to Veterans and their families.Lessons are available
for beginners and programs available for those with hand-
icaps.Adaptations can be made to equipment for any and
all disabilities including but not limited to:spinal cord inju-
ries, amputees, brain injuries and social/emotional impair-
ments.You can row on the water or indoors or both.This fa-
cility is located at the Harvey Parker Boathouse in Brighton.
For informationgo and click
onOutreach then scroll down toMilitary Rowing.TheVeter-
ans and Adaptive Coordinator can be reached at (617)779-
8277.Whether for fun, exercise or therapy this Club can of-
fer an excellent source of a different type of activity.
Thank you for your service.
Answers on page 16
1. The lady’s slipper belongs towhat
flower family?
2. In computerese, what doesMIME
3. OnApril 21, 1790, in Philadelphia,
whose funeral did 20,000 people
4. In tennis, what wordmeans zero?
5. In the 1933 “Alice inWonderland”
movie, who plays Humpty Dumpty?
6. In ancientmythology, who did Echo
love? (Hint: a flower)
7. “Breaking Away” is amovie about
what sport?
8. OnApril 21, 1828, who published
the largest English language
dictionary of its time?
9. Inmusic, what does the
abbreviation “ST”mean?
10. Where is theNobel Museum?
11. In spring, what flower iswidely
celebrated in Japan?
12. In “The Autocrat of the Breakfast-
Table,”who said, “Boston State-
house is the hub of the solar
13. What European city’s subway is
called the Tube?
14. OnApril 22, 1972, what holidaywas
15. What NewYork baseball great said,
“The future ain’t what it used to
16. OnApril 23, 1981, what first in
burn treatment happened atMass.
General Hospital?
17. Which country haswon themost
Oscars for Best Foreign Language
18. OnApril 25, 1859, what canal had its
19. Which president was the first U.S.
breeder of roses?
20. In Shakespeare’s “AMidsummer
Night’s Dream,”what was Robin
Goodfellowalso called?
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