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Vol. 27, No. 16
Free Every Friday
Friday, April 21, 2017
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Beautify Revere staging locations
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Egging them on at Revere Public Library
The Revere Public Library Children’s Roomhosted their annual Easter Egg Coloring & Sto-
ry Time with Peter Rabbit onWednesday, April 12 where these youngsters enjoyed a fun
time coloring eggs for the holiday weekend.
(Advocate photo by Ross Scabin)
Patriots LAX Action
Rick Briana takes a shot during the Patriots’blowout 21-4
win over Saugus at Stackpole Field in Saugus, Monday,
April 17. Seemore boys’LAXphoto highlights on page 14.
(Advocate photo by David Sokol)
Hotel says it has terminated
“discriminatory” policy
By Sara Brown
Four Points by Sheraton Bos-
ton Logan Airport hotel man-
agement told theLicenseCom-
mission they no longer will be
implementing a policy that is
discriminatory towards Revere
residents. Hotel General Man-
ager Michael Buddemeyer ap-
peared before the Commis-
siononApril 19 following com-
plaints from a Revere couple
who had been turned away by
the hotel. The couple was told
the hotel does not rent to Re-
vere residents or anyone that
resides within a 30-mile radius
of the hotel.
Ward 4 Councillor Patrick
Keefe related the event to
the License Commission at a
March 15 meeting following
an inquiry and was told the
Squire Road hotel did indeed
have such a policy. Keefe stat-
ed that policy has now been
Buddemeyer said he met
with Mayor Brian Arrigo when
No suspects, victims in chaotic
theater parking lot shooting
By Sara Brown
olice are investigating an
incident where gun shots
were fired outside the Show-
caseCinemaparking lot, which
is adjacent to the annual carni-
val, last Sunday evening. Inves-
tigators reportedly found two
bullet-riddled vehicles in the
cinema parking lot following
reports of carnival-goers run-
ning in panic to safety.
State Police, Revere Police
and other police departments
from surrounding towns were
called to the scene after re-
ports of shots fired at around
8:45 p.m. People who were in
the movie theater at the time
were told to stay inside as po-
lice searched for the shooter.
According to officials, no one
was hurt but police are still
looking for the shooter. Sev-
eral shell casings were found
in the area.
The Fiesta Shows carnival –
which is described as an annu-
al fundraiser for over 30 years
for the city’s local programs,
including Revere Youth Hock-
ey, St. Mary’s Youth Baseball &
Softball Leagues, Revere Police
Activities League and Revere
League for Special Needs – has
raised approximately $2 mil-
lion since it’s been coming to
Revere. The carnival producers
have appeared annually be-
fore the Revere License Com-
mission to obtain the proper
permits with the stipulation of
having police and fire depart-
ment details.
Mayor Brian Arrigo said in a
statement that the investiga-
tion is still “ongoing” and he
is contemplating the future
of the carnival in the city. “We
are currently evaluating the
situation and will determine
whether an event like the car-
nival can take place in Revere
moving forward. As always,
the safety of our residents is
my first priority,” Arrigo said in
a statement.
“Thank you to the first re-
sponders fromRevere and sur-
rounding communities who
rushed to the scene and thank
you to the guests at the carni-
val and those at themovie the-