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- Friday, April 21, 2017
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Disabilities Commission questions sidewalk parking
By Sara Brown
he city’s Commission on
Disabilities is asking the
Revere Traffic Commission to
investigate six streets that al-
low sidewalk parking.
At the April 11meeting, Dis-
abilities Commission Chair-
man RalphDeCicco said some
residents have complained
that certain streets allow for
parking on sidewalks. How-
ever, this ordinance is direct-
ly against the Americans with
Disability Act (ADA), a federal
law that prohibits parking on
sidewalks. The six streets that
allow parking on sidewalks
are Bellingham Ave., Brad-
street Ave., Crest Ave., Dol-
phin Ave., Vane St. and Wave
“We’re lucky at this point
that the ADA hasn’t come
down on us,” DeCicco said.
“I have received some calls
from residents that are dis-
abled that are finding it diffi-
cult that people are parking
on the sidewalks.”
DeCicco also worried about
students who walk to and
from school who have to go
into the street because the
sidewalk is blocked.
However, Mayor’s aide Joe
Gravellese said there is noth-
ing traffic officials can do
about it now since it is on the
city ordinances. “That’s what
we have in the books,”he said.
“Traffic officers can’t give tick-
ets or warnings.”
Others pointed out that
there is a reason to allow
parking on the sidewalks on
certain streets. These streets
are congestedwith traffic and
letting people park, allowing
only two wheels on the side-
walks, helps emergency ve-
hicles travel through more
DeCicco suggested sending
a letter to the Traffic Commis-
sion about revisiting the or-
dinance, saying that only the
Traffic Commission has the
authority to change it. “This
isn’t a mandate to change it,”
DeCicco said. “This is for them
to revisit it and look it over.”
The commission unani -
mously voted in favor of send-
ing the Traffic Commission a
Revere students earn Boston
College High School Honors
High Honors
Felipe Montoya, class of
2018, of Revere, achieved
High Honors for the First
Quarter at Boston College
High School. For High Hon-
ors a student needs a 3.8
QPA and all grades C+ or
Cameron Barker, Class of
2017, Gabriel Bbosa, Class
of 2017, Ronel Poindujour,
Class of 2017, Robert Graf,
Class of 2019, and Lean-
dro Depinho, Class of 2020,
achieved Honors. For Hon-
ors a sophomore, junior, or
senior must have at least a
3.20 quality point average
and all grades C- or higher. A
freshman needs a 3.16 QPA
and all grades C- or higher.