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Greetings, friends, and welcome to the Beach City BUZZ.  This week, we’ve got some ran-dumb ramblings to start things off:  Now that we’ve turned the clocks back, I’ve come to realize that daylight savings is bad for our economy.  When it’s cold AND dark at 4:30 in the afternoon, I’m not inclined to go shopping or do anything other than turn on the TV, get under my toasty electric blanket, and go to sleep – the equivalent of hibernating for the winter.  So, besides not going out and spending money, I’m also kicking up my electric bill and wasting energy.  Also, if we’re turning clocks back, I would like to know when I can turn mine back to being 21? In the Obama Drama Department, if you were dismayed after last week’s election to see that the stock market plummeted 313 points the day after President Obama was re-elected, cheer up.  In 2008, the day after he was elected, the market plunged 486 points.  We should be celebrating here, because we’re obviously doing so much better.  While on the subject of politics, is there ONE person who can say, “Hey, I really enjoyed watching all those political ads!”  And can someone also tell me WHY billions and billions of dollars are being wasted on those same ads?  How about if somebody running for office says, “Hey, instead of spending all that money on ads tearing down my opponent, I will donate that money to cancer or autism research.”  Guess what?  That person gets my vote.  In other ran-dumb thoughts, a great big shout out to the folks at Nordstroms stores, who announced that they will NOT put up Christmas displays or run holiday ads until AFTER Thanksgiving. Hooray!  Why didn’t the storm fencing for the plovers get taken down when Revere Beach was being cleaned up after Hurricane Sandy?  How do the plovers know that fence wasn’t washed away by Mother Nature and just go find another place to nest next year?  Seems like it would have been the perfect opportunity to solve the issue of too much fencing on the Beach…Geez, I wish somebody would just ASK me about these things, and all the problems of the world could be solved SO easily!  Here’s my two cents worth of BUZZ…It is with great sadness that we learned of the passing of a dear friend and beloved Beach City resident – Ann Fedele.  I met Ann many years ago, and from the beginning, admired her for her caring ways, her work with the Revere Society for Cultural and Historic Preservation and many community organizations, and her devotion to the betterment of our city.  She never hesitated to speak her mind, had a quick wit, and was truly a great lady in every way.  Ann, we will miss you so much, but your spirit will live in our hearts always!  Thank you for all you did. Rest in peace, my friend.  And I know that Ann would like us to remind everyone that the annual RSCHP Telethon is scheduled for Saturday, November 17 from 3:00 – 9:00 p.m., broadcast live on Channel 8 (and streaming on Please be generous and donate….FoodSTUFF:  We’d been hearing good things about Martino’s Deli on Rt. 1, Peabody, so heading home from a trip up north, we stopped for a bite.  We were suffering from Carnegie Deli withdrawal after our NYC trip pre-Hurricane Sandy, and recent publicity on Martino’s touts “Authentic NY style deli”, with menu selections direct from the Carnegie Deli commissary.  It’s a liquor store and espresso bar, also. Unfortunately, although we thought it was pretty good, our overall impression was there was some kind of identity crisis.  Corned beef and pastrami sandwiches ($9.99 each) were decent, but the Bulkie rolls on which the meat was served tasted like Wonder Bread.  A side order of meat knishes were tasty, but likely heated in a microwave, as they were soggy.  Half sour tomatoes were yummy and crisp.  Cold sandwiches and paninis are also on the menu.  It felt like there was too much missing from the typical deli line-up – no potato latkes, no lox or smoked fish, and if you’d like a side of French fries or onion rings with your order, they don’t have them.  If you’re in the mood for matzo balls, they’re $2.50 EACH.  So, perhaps with a little “tweaking”, Martino’s could have definite possibilities, but for now, a quick trip to Arthur’s in Chelsea will satisfy future desires for deli…More ran-dumb thoughts: Scientist have yet to explain how three hundred people can be working at a Wal-Mart store, but only three registers are open at any given time; I accidentally wore a red shirt and khaki pants when I went to Target yesterday, and to make a long story short, I think I have been promoted to assistant manager; Breaking medical news: In Great Britain, Viagra is now available in powder form to put in tea. It does not enhance your performance but it does stop your biscuit from going soft….Several people have asked how to be a BUZZ SMILEMAKER – easy!  Just email or snail mail your name, or the names of those you’d like to see listed! OR, you could do something nice – like tell me how much you adore the BUZZ, for instance.  Bingo! You’re a SMILEMAKER!…That’s it for the BUZZ, BUZZers. Do whatever makes your heart sing, and remember:  Politics is supposed to be the second oldest profession, but it often bears a very close resemblance to the first…This week’s SMILEMAKERS:  Rosemarie O’Connor, Anthony Cappelluzzi, Addison Wood, Peter Greenspan, Lauren Maloney, George Wolf, Lena Rockwood, Michael Forti, Joe Cole, Danielle Jacques, Elizabeth Lam, Adreana Tringali, Dominic Cavallaro, Mildred Cohen, Carla Acosta, Gerri Gatchell, Kevin Fitzgerald, Alex Urena, Elizabeth Ebner, John McCarthy, John Hurley, Anita Chase and Rose Wool…Heeere’s the CHUCKLE:  Two redneck guys from Arkansas are on vacation up north, and walking along Main Street when they see a sign: Suits $3.50; Shirts $3.00; Trousers $3.25. One said to the other one “Look at that – we could sure buy a lot of that gear and when we get back to Arkansas, we could make a fortune!  Let’s go into the shop, but don’t say a word – let me do all the talking ‘cause if they hear our accent they might think we’re dumb asses.” They go in and Billy Bob orders 50 suits at $3.50, 75 shirts at $3.00 and 50 trousers at $3.25.  The owner of the shop says “You guys are from down South, aren’t you ?”  Billy Bob replies, “Yes, how did you know that ?” “Because this is a dry cleaners.”…Got comments? News? Announcements? Jokes? Suggestions? Want to congratulate someone on their anniversary, birthday, baby, divorce?  Is your group running a fundraiser, meeting or holiday event?… November 18 is National Mickey Mouse Day!  Got minnie Smilemaker names for us?! Got a goofy joke? Email or snailmail the BUZZ at PO Box 101, Revere, MA 02151, and read it in the REVERE ADVOCATE!