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Greetings of the New Year, friends, and welcome to the BUZZ…It’s time to pack up all your old baggage, throw away the bad memories, and look forward to good things in the year ahead.  My friend and Beach City resident Sue Dufresne tells me that 2013 is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius - a year of change for the better.  Yes, folks, if you’re old enough to remember the psychedelic lyrics from one of the most controversial Broadway plays of all time (which these days would be rated “PG”), you’re most likely already familiar with the Age of Aquarius -  you know, “When the moon is in the Seventh House and Jupiter aligns with Mars, then peace will guide the planets and love will steer the stars – this is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius – Well, it’s actually HERE!  Who knew?? And it apparently takes place early in 2013! Basically, it all has to do with the stars, planets, and stuff that ascends, descends, and retrogrades, which I don’t understand one darn bit, but if they’re telling me that good times are coming soon, then let’s just take that ball and run with it!…On a totally non-related topic, because according to my Age of Aquarius/Pisces personality traits, I have absolutely no sense of direction in any part of my humble life and tend to go off on ridiculously unrelated tangents because I have a limited attention span and zero ability to focus on any one thing at a  time – have you gotten your flu shot yet?  Not me, and that’s despite the fact that five – count ‘em – FIVE- family members came down with that nasty “bug” over Christmas vacation, and I wasn’t one of them – yet!  Nyah, nyah!  In the BUZZ household, we had to put Christmas on hold because at any given time, someone was having to clean puke, pop countless doses of Motrin/Tylenol/Robitussin, run to the store in the dead of night for Pedialyte Popsicles, take temperatures on an hourly basis, and visit doctors offices instead of opening gifts and singing Jingle Bells.  Dashing through the snow was sadly replaced by dashing to the nearest bathroom.  Approximately 3,736 confirmed cases of the flu have already been recorded in Massachusetts - a number much higher than usual for this time of year.  Want to increase your odds of staying germ-free? Here are the list of 10 worst places to pick up germs (courtesy of Forbes Magazine) 1. Cell phones (2) gas pumps (3) restaurant menus (4) Lemon and lime wedges (5) condiment dispensers (6) restroom door handles (7) grocery carts (8) airplanes (9) free food and (10) escalators.  So, if you want to stay healthy in the coming months, don’t eat out, talk on the phone, drive, squeeze lemons, go food shopping, or use that deadly ketchup bottle.  Heeeey, how to have a good time!…Now for a REAL good time, let’s get to the BUZZ…What’s worse than a case of the flu? How ‘bout the fact that tax season is upon us?  But relief is on the way!  Free Tax Preparation begins on January 26 and runs through April 13 at the Revere Public Library, 179 Beach St. on Mondays and Wednesdays from 3:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. and Saturdays between 9:30 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.  Call the Neighborhood Developers at 617-889-1375 ext. 24.  Income restrictions apply.  If you’d like to volunteer to do tax preps, contact Lauren at 617-889-1375 ext. 28…Ran-dumb thoughts:  This year, I was dreaming of a white Christmas, but when the white ran out, I just drank the red;  9 out of 10 husbands agree that their wife is always right.  The 10th mysteriously disappeared, and has not been heard from since; I was sitting at the kitchen table one day when I asked my Honey to hand me the newspaper. He said, “You don’t need the newspaper, just use my iPad.”  Boy that spider never knew what hit him!… Is the expiration date on your Christmas tree about due?  If so, the Revere DPW would like to remind you that you may place it curbside on your regular trash pick-up day for the first two weeks in January, and it will be lovingly disposed of.  Mine’s ready…The flamingos are coming!  The flamingos are coming!  Surprise your neighbors and friends with something fun that will make them smile awhile – and do something good to help our Revere High School Seniors with their fundraiser.  For only $20, you can have a flock of bright pink flamings placed on somebody’s lawn for a day!  Just email Joanne McKenna at for your form or for flocking insurance, or if you’d like to make a donation, mail to the RHS Senior Class c/o Joanne McKenna, 101 School St. Revere, MA 02151…What a great way to kick off the New Year!…The Beach City BUZZ will be on vacation next week – See you in two weeks!…That’s it for the BUZZ, BUZZers.  Do whatever makes your heart sing, and remember:  Hate to say this, but some people are about as useful as the first ‘r’ in February…This week’s SMILEMAKERS:  Eleanor Dunn, Cecilia Maya, Colby Halas, Paul Nichols, Meredith Stravrinos, Nicole Desrosier, Kristi Nushi, Bob Margolis, Sandra Sudikoff, Deshawn Jones, Marc Johnson, Susan Gulla, Ann Donoghue, Megan Adzima, Katie Sinnott, William Churchill, Priscilla Nickerson, Baris Berk, Gina Rosa, Josh Vadala, Jason Seigal, Robert Shaw, and Colleen Argenzio…Heeere’s the CHUCKLE: Barry returned from a doctor’s visit one day and told his wife Carol that the doctor said he only had 24 hours to live. Wiping away her tears, he asked her to make love with him. Of course she agreed and they made passionate love.  Six hours later, Barry went to her again, and said, “Darling, now I only have 18 hours left to live. Maybe we could make love again?” Carol agreed and again they made love. Later, Barry was getting into bed when he realized he now had only eights hours of life left. He touched Carol’s shoulder and said, “Darling please? Just one more time before I die?” She agreed, and then afterwards she rolled over and fell asleep. Barry, however, lay there awake and listened to the clock ticking in his head, tossing and turning until he was down to only four more hours. He tapped his wife on the shoulder to wake her up. “Darling, I only have four hours left! Could we…?” His wife sat up abruptly, turned to him and said, “Listen, I’m not being funny Barry, but I have to get up in the morning and you don’t!”…Got comments? News? Announcements? Jokes? Suggestions?  Want to congratulate someone on their anniversary, birthday, baby, divorce?  Is your group running a fundraiser, meeting or event? January 5 is National Bean Day!  Got something you’d like to toot about?  Got a chuckle you’ve bean meaning to send? Do us a fava – Email or snailmail the BUZZ at PO Box 101, Revere, MA 02151, and read it in the REVERE ADVOCATE!