~ Guest Commentary ~ Revere Says YES! Op-Ed by State Representative Kathi-Anne Reinstein

State Representative Kathi-Anne Reinstein

State Representative
Kathi-Anne Reinstein

Last week, Revere voters voiced strong approval for a suffolk downs Casino proposal that would mean immediate jobs, local aid and economic growth for our city at a time we need it most. While we respect East Boston’s choice to reject the referendum, Revere will continue to support our residents’ decision and explore the opportunity to develop a gaming facility within our own city.
There is real reason to be optimistic about a resort casino being developed on Revere’s land at suffolk downs. The Massachusetts Gaming Commission indicates they are open to the idea and would seriously consider a Revere exclusive proposal. Suffolk Downs and principal owner Richard Fields are committed to moving forward and remain upbeat about the prospects of a Revere only development at the racetrack. Revere’s side of the Suffolk Downs property would easily be able to fit a resort style casino. Revere’s 52 acres at Suffolk Downs would offer one of the largest sites for a destination resort casino (Wynn/Everett 37 acres, MGM/Springfield 14 acres). The Massachusetts Gaming Commission already has deemed Suffolk Downs suitable for licensing, unanimously voting they meet all the standards required to bid for a gaming facility.
Revere voted yes to pass the referendum by a substantial percentage, with a higher voter turnout and by a more decisive margin then neighboring opposition in east boston. Our residents believe a casino can provide the type of job creation and economic growth that would strengthen our city’s future. For Revere, a casino’s upfront and annual community investments would facilitate improvements to our schools, parks, vital services, and infrastructure. The new revenue would help fund capital projects such as the city’s new football field and youth center.
Although logistical and regulatory challenges may face a Revere sited proposal, we should be encouraged by what is in place now. We are a willing community with an affirmative referendum in hand and plenty of land to redraw our development plans. Suffolk Downs has been ruled suitable for licensing and their ownership is committed to moving forward with a new plan.
I appreciate the thoroughness of the licensing process, I commend the diligence of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission, and I respect the decision east boston has made for their community. Revere made its own choice for their future, and Revere’s city leaders will continue to dedicate their efforts to carry out the will of its people. If the ability exists to rework the casino proposal within Revere’s boundaries, it’s an opportunity the city will pursue with full force. For the city of Revere and its people, it’s worth it.