Friday, December 15, 2017
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New doggie day care coming to Peabody


Peabody is going to the dogs. Last Thursday, March 9, the City Council approved a special permit, 10-0, to allow another dog kennel to operate within Peabody. The Council awarded the permit to Kerri Amor, a North Shore resident and current owner of Dog’n It, a kennel that currently operates in Middleton. According to the Peabody Area Chamber of Commerce, Amor’s business will be the fourth of its kind to operate within Peabody’s borders.

Amor still has some obstacles to overcome before her business can open, which include obtaining a clearance from the Department of Human Services; however, she expects the process to go swimmingly, citing her previous experience in Middleton. After renovations she hopes to have the business open by the beginning of April at the new location at 58 Walnut St.

Ward 3 Councillor James Moutsoulas initially expressed some concern that the dogs would create a mess in the neighboring park if let out to do their business; however, Amor reassured the councillor that the dogs would be limited to the open space provided on the premises.

Amor said that there is a “strict” process for bringing in new dogs. Dogs would have to be evaluated before being housed, must be neutered or spayed, and have all up-to-date immunizations. To ensure safety of the animals, there will be no more than seven dogs per employee on-site, for a total of just under 30 dogs. The kennel will provide overnight boarding, but will be significantly limited to just a few dogs.

Amor thanked the councillors and expressed her enthusiasm in relocating to Peabody, where she expects to have more business. She also said that she was glad to be returning to the Peabody area, having grown up in neighboring Danvers.

Amor said in a phone conversation that she has six years of experience in running a dog kennel through her Middleton business, but has a lifetime of experience working with dogs. She has been a trainer for 30 years, and has also spent much of her life breeding Miniature Schnauzers. “I’m very passionate about dogs,” Amor said. “I have an awesome job.”

She said that unlike some other kennels that house 100 or more dogs in dubious locations, such as malls and office parks, her business is all about small numbers in a tightly controlled environment to maximize their experience. “It’s all about keeping the dogs stress-free,” she said.

Her new facility, much like the old one, will have a large outdoor area, day care, overnights, grooming, training and concierge services. All employees are certified and two are trainers themselves. Also, every dog leaves with what Amor calls a “bye-bye bath.”

March 29 will be the last day of the Middleton operation and with it, the name “Dog’n It.” With its new location, the day care service will take on the new name, “Mutt Hut.”

By Melanie Higgins

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