Wednesday, November 22, 2017
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Margaret Tierney announced candidacy for Ward 6 Councillor


I LOVE the City of Peabody and I am running for WARD 6 COUNCILLOR to represent the citizens of Peabody and continue moving Peabody forward. As an EXPERIENCED Elected Official in Peabody for the past fifteen years, I am aware of the issues and resident’s concerns and will be a representative of the people to fulfill the needs of the Community in an accountable, responsible manner.

Ongoing projects like the Crystal Lake Restoration which is well underway, will soon provide a beautifully landscaped area for all to enjoy.

The neighbors of Aggregate Industries, many of whom I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to speak with, either at Aggregate Industries events or in their own home, have been extremely patient throughout the years and deserve the respect as homeowners and taxpayers to enjoy their time at home in a peaceful manner.

The Birch Street 15-acre lot subdivision project proposing a 23-home development at the end of Birch Street could be advantageous in Ward 6. However, significant attention needs to be given to issues such as a plan for flood/drainage which is already problematic for Birch Street residents. A Construction Traffic Plan will be key as traffic currently impacts all roads, especially Birch Street in the morning and afternoon with school buses and parents transporting children from The Burke School. I will make sure our quality of life is not unfairly interfered with.

I grew up in Ward 3 in the Gardner Park area of Peabody; the youngest of three girls and the daughter of parents both active in our City. My mother, an educator, was longtime School Committee woman Mary (“Lovey McNiff”) Tierney who gave her heart and soul to support the children’s needs in Peabody so that ALL children, regardless of their interests and learning capabilities could receive a fulfilling education, to lead them on a path to success. This not only empowered me as a young child, but forced me to learn first-hand about local government, work ethic, and the advantageous effect a woman has serving in the community.

As Ward 6 Councilor I will bring new light to the Council with a diverse skill set and a passion for great decision-making to best benefit the interests of the community. I am not reluctant to voice my opinion, regardless of popularity, and will courageously do so for the City I love and the residents of Peabody.

I have a pro-active approach in all of what I do and have an independent voice. I work well with others in a cost-effective manner, both professionally and personally. I will assure you as Councilor of Ward 6, making the best decisions possible for you and your family, I will stay connected with my constituents and will remain visible in the Community. I look forward to becoming a Council member and will be a strong, independent voice to the very best of my ability; in the most fair, honest and efficient way possible while I work towards improving the quality of life for Ward 6 and all residents of Peabody. Therefore, I respectfully ask for your vote for Ward 6 Councillor in the upcoming election on Tuesday, September 12, 2017.

Thank you!

Margaret Tierney

6 Scott Drive

Peabody, MA

Cell ~ 978-430-2592

Current Library Trustee

Candidate for Ward 6 Councilor

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