Saturday, November 18, 2017
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A pay increase request

Superintendent DeRuosi calls for meeting with School Committee to consider making athletic director full-time job

The School Committee has scheduled a special meeting for Tuesday to consider whether to make the athletic director’s position a full time job.

A meeting has been scheduled for 6 p.m. next Tuesday (Aug. 8) at the request of Saugus Public Schools Superintendent David DeRuosi Jr., who is recommending that the position be returned to a full-time position, as it was several years ago.

“Due to a level of ambiguity at our last meeting on June 22, 2017, while it was discussed to provide for a 1.0 FTE, it was never changed in our budget,” DeRuosi advised School Committee members in an email this week.

“Based on the last time Saugus had a full time AD the salary was $72,000. I believe this position, with a full time clerk, should range from $65,000-$72,000 based on experience. It is fair salary,” he said.

The superintendent has requested that committee members consider one of two options:

• Either a half-time position for athletic director or a full-time position.

• A salary: $72,000-$65,000 if the position if the committee votes to make the position full-time, or $32,500-$36,000 if it remains a half-time position.

“While I will still recommend a 1.0 FTE for this position, which reflects the NESDEC Report sanctioned by this committee, and I believe a full time AD will better serve the students in the district, I am prepared to respond to either vote of this committee,” DeRuosi advised the committee.

The superintendent also thanked the committee for “the favorable review in my evaluation.”

I believe as a School Committee and superintendent we did a great amount of good work which ended in a historical vote in June to build a brighter future for this community,” DeRuosi said.

“We need to keep this goal of building a better district in our line of vision moving forward,” he said.


Pay raise for current committee member?

DeRuosi noted a vote “is needed to move forward on the AD position.”

The agenda posted for Tuesday night’s meeting by School Committee Chair Jeanie Meredith notes that public comment will be taken on the proposal and “action is needed” regarding the athletic director.

DeRuosi’s request comes at a time that one of the committee’s members -- Elizabeth Marchese -- is being considered for the position.

Marchese -- who previously applied for the position four years ago before she was elected -- said she has an opinion from the state Ethics Commission that she’s done nothing improper or illegal.

“I made sure it was appropriate before I applied,” Marchese told The Saugus Advocate yesterday.

“When Mike Nelson gave his notice, the first thing I did -- I went to the Ethics Commission to see if it was appropriate. And then I got the decision and asked them to write me an official position,” she said.

Nelson, the former Saugus High School’s Assistant Principal and Athletic Director, resigned at the end of June to become the new Athletic Director at Greater Lawrence Technical School in Andover.

The position that Nelson had been doing on a half-time basis was increased to a full-time position in the July 5 job posting. But a vote by the School Committee is needed to make it official, according to DeRuosi.

Marchese, who is completing the final year of first two-year term, confirmed that she recently applied for the position and was interviewed last week by a screening committee that began meeting with applicants.

“I applied before in 2013 when Rob O’Leary got the job,” Marchese said.

Marchese provided a copy of the state Ethics Commission opinion to The Saugus Advocate.

“Nothing in the conflict of interest law prohibits you from serving on the School Committee at the same time you are applying for the position of Athletic Director for the Saugus Public Schools,” Ethics Commission staff attorney Amy Nee wrote Marchese in an email dated July 20.

Nee noted that a provision of the Conflict of Interest Law requires a member of a municipal board to resign from the board in order to be eligible for a position which the board both appoints and supervises. That provision also requires the remaining board members to wait 30 days after the board member resigned before considering the board member’s application.

“This provision does not apply to you under the circumstances you have described. The School Committee does not appoint or supervise the Athletic Director,” Nee wrote in her opinion.

“The Superintendent or possibly a principal has these responsibilities. Consequently, the conflict of interest law does not require you to resign from your School Committee position while you apply for the Athletic Director position,” Nee said.

By Mark E. Vogler

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