Saturday, November 18, 2017
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Unruly behavior causes pandemonium at closed LYFC meeting

For the second time in one month, officials from the Lynnfield Youth Football and Cheerleading (LYFC) program held a closed meeting at 600 Market St. for the purpose of electing a new Board of Directors.

League officials had also met on Aug. 7 for the same reason; however, the meeting and the election results were voided, as sufficient notice was not provided.

Although proper notice was given prior to LYFC’s Aug. 30 meeting, only coaches were allowed inside the locked meeting room at the Merritt Center.

Everyone else, including parents and the media, could do nothing more than wait in the lobby, as police officers Jonathan Duzz and Jared Provost stood in front of the stairs leading to the second floor.

However, parents insisted that they be allowed into the meeting, which prompted Duzz to notify his superior officer, who later arrived

“Listen, I’ll have my sergeant come down, if you like you can speak to him,” said Duzz.

At the time of the meeting, LYFC only had a permit to hold practices not to play games.

According to anonymous sources, the meeting itself quickly erupted into anarchy and the vote for a new board was never taken.

Instead, there was heated discussion regarding the definition of a member and which individuals were, in fact, certified as coaches.

Several attendees who wanted to remain anonymous for fear of retribution from town officals told The Lynnfield Advocate that there was a “handful of unruly and unprofessional” attendees at the meting whose main purpose was to cause havoc and not act professionaly to create a more harmonious situation.

“After all, everybody present is supposed to be there for the best interest of the children,” said a source.

By Christopher Roberson

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