Saturday, November 18, 2017
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Planning Board backs plans for Perley Burrill property

Town Administrator James Boudreau and Town Engineer Charles Richter recently went before the Planning Board to ask for support in redeveloping the property at 906 Salem St., the former site of Perley Burrill Fuel Oil.

During the board’s Aug. 30 meeting, Boudreau said the town had foreclosed on the property after owner Joseph Pedoto allowed it to fall into disrepair. “The owner was making no attempt to clean it up,” he said, adding that Pedoto owes the town $260,000 in back taxes.

Boudreau said the cleaning process alone will cost approximately $400,000. Therefore, the property will be put on the market for at least $660,000. “We have to get our money back,” said Boudreau.

He also said the town has no interest in holding onto the parcel any longer than what is necessary. “We want to get this property off our hands,” said Boudreau. “It is the town’s intent to put that piece of property up for sale and get rid of it.”

However, Boudreau said Pedoto still has time to reclaim the parcel. “He has the right to take the property back; he has until the end of September to do that,” said Boudreau. If Pedoto does not act, Boudreau said, the property will be put on the market in early October.

The board voted to approve the three variance requests made by Richter. The first was for no street lighting, the second was for no natural gas and the final variance was for a shared driveway 300 feet long with a 60-foot turnaround area.

“I generally don’t like to grant waivers, but I think there are other considerations to take into account,” said Planning Board Co-Chairman John Faria, adding that the town has continued to make sizable investments to prepare the site for future development. “It may enhance the town’s bargaining power.”

Member Brian Charville abstained from voting, saying the agenda only indicated that a “discussion” would be held. Therefore, he said, he was not prepared to vote on the matter.

However, Boudreau said any agenda item can be subject to a vote. “If it’s on the agenda, it’s implied that there could be a vote,” he said.

In other news, the board voted unanimously to table the matter regarding the Tesla Charging Station at MarketStreet Lynnfield, as no Tesla representatives were at the meeting despite being invited. “It may just be one big ad for Tesla,” said Faria, adding that other charging stations should also be permitted at MarketStreet.

By Christopher Roberson

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