Thursday, December 14, 2017
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Arnotis makes second run for School Committee


Two years after making an unsuccessful bid for School Committee, Andrew Arnotis has decided to try it again. “I am running for the School Committee to bring a new voice and fresh ideas to the board,” he said. “When you want to have an impact and better your community, you need to step up and get involved. My goal, if elected, is to make our school system the strongest it can be for the future of our city.”

Arnotis said his campaign has been going “incredibly well so far” and “The reception to someone bringing new blood to the committee has been entirely positive.”

He also said the campaign has allowed him to hear and understand how residents truly feel. “I can’t tell you how many substantive genuine conversations I’ve had with folks about our schools simply by knocking on their door, saying hello and asking to hear their thoughts and opinions,” said Arnotis.

Arnotis outlined some of his objectives should he get elected. “Class sizes and the potential for redistricting is becoming a larger and larger issue in our city. Keeping class sizes small is key to a successful learning environment,” he said. “I am hopeful and supportive of the proposal sent to the state to update and restore the Kiley School to help alleviate overcrowding in classrooms.”

In addition, Arnotis shared his view about the upcoming search for a new superintendent of schools. “I see this as one of the biggest decisions a School Committee has to make,” he said. “It is important to choose someone who is willing to make tough decisions, has a long-term plan on where our district should be in the next five, 10 and 15 years and is open to shaking things up if necessary.”

Arnotis said workforce development would be another priority. “While I chose the four-year college track, it is not always the right fit for many current students,” he said. “Making sure our students are aware of all their options rather than have them fall behind is something I will work tirelessly towards.”

Arnotis also said he is very much aware of the financial challenges facing Peabody’s schools. “I know the School Committee had to make some difficult decisions when determining the FY18 budget,” he said. “Making sure our bills get paid while protecting and expanding valuable and necessary school services will always be a tough balance, especially when money is tight. The board worked hard to strike that balance and protect many important services vital to our students.”

A 2012 graduate of Peabody Veterans Memorial High School and a 2016 graduate of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Arnotis is currently the legislative aide to State Rep. Thomas Walsh and was appointed to the Zoning Board of Appeals in January of this year.

“I am the only person running who is a product of the current day Peabody Public School System. I not only know, but have experienced the strengths and weaknesses our schools have,” he said. “That first-hand knowledge, matched with my background serving our city in various capacities and current experience on the state level, collectively presents a perspective the School Committee doesn’t have and could benefit from.”

By Christopher Roberson

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