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Philbin Insurance employee chosen for TV’s Wheel of Fortune

Story Courtesy of Tayla Polia

Two area women have been chosen from over thousands of people for a spot on Wheel of Fortune. Danielle DeLeo, of Medford, and Andrea El-Turkmani, of Providence, RI, will appear on the “Girlfriend Getaways” episode of Wheel of Fortune, to air sometime in March.
Their journey has been nothing but adrenaline rushes and excitement ever since day one of tryouts back in early October 2013. When asked about what made her decide to try out, DeLeo said, “Both Andrea and I are fans of the show and thought, why not go and check it out- you never know!”
Day one of audition was held at the Warwick Mall in Rhode Island. When DeLeo arrived, she immediately noticed the long line of other hopeful contestants, some with lawn chairs, blankets and food and knew that although she was one hour early, that those other people have been there for many hours.
While waiting in line, the hopeful contestants were given small forms to fill out with their basic information as well as their likes and interests. Shortly after filling out the forms in line, they were let inside and the forms were collected and placed into a bingo cage for random drawings. If your name was drawn, it was announced out loud and from that moment on was considered your audition.
El-Turkmani’s name was called first. She immediately jumped up with excitement and went on stage as directed for a head shot and brief interview. After her audition, the women stayed a bit longer and listened to other names being called, watched other auditions, and kept their fingers crossed that DeLeo’s name would be called next. After waiting a long time, the girls left and went into the mall for a break. They had been standing for hours and were tired. The auditions were about to end, so they decided to use the restroom and relax for a bit before El-Turkmani convinced DeLeo that they should head back to the audition room and watch the remaining auditions. As the girls were walking back to the audition room, “I heard my name called” recalls DeLeo “…I screamed and sprinted the whole way back to the stage.” DeLeo was interviewed and recalls that the audition did not seem real to her. “Being on stage or public speaking is not something I’m familiar with at all” she said.
After the first auditions, the women were told that they would be receiving an e-mail if they qualified for the second round of auditions. “We got lunch and giggled about what a fun and spontaneous thing we just did and talked about how crazy it would be if we actually got to be on the show. If anything, it was a cool opportunity to see what it was like” said DeLeo.
A few months later, the women received e-mails saying that they were chosen for the second round of auditions. DeLeo and El-Turkmani were excited and ready to travel to Newport, Rhode Island for the auditions.
At the second auditions, the women were interviewed again, along with about 75 other hopefuls. The staff asked if anyone in the room was married/friends/sisters, etc. It was then that DeLeo and El-Turkmani informed the crew that they were best friends. From that point on, the women were looked at as a pair. They were called to take turns playing the game as if it were the real show.

They were coached on how to act, how to speak, and how to show enthusiasm. At the end of the day, about two-thirds of the hopeful contestants were cut. DeLeo and El-Turkmani made the cut!
Just two short weeks later, the women received the email they had been hoping for: they were chosen to appear on the show and had just two short weeks to find their way to Los Angeles. They are required to pay their own way there, but say that it won’t stop them from this opportunity of a lifetime. “I’m thrilled to have this opportunity to be on such an iconic game show,” says DeLeo.
El-Turkmani is a social worker for Sojourner House of Rhode Island and a graduate student at Rhode Island College, and DeLeo is a customer service representative at Philbin Insurance Group in Everett and also a graduate student at Lesley University. The two met during undergraduate studies in upstate New York where they were roommates and quickly became best friends.




Mayor Carlo DeMaria recently received a report from Counselors at Law, D’Ambrosio Brown LLP, on the status of the City’s 2013 calendar year tax title collections. In 2013, the City collected over $2.5 million in back taxes and returned more than one hundred and fifty- four (154) properties to the active tax rolls. Since the City joined collaborative efforts with D’Ambrosio Brown LLP five years ago to remove the City’s substantial tax title backlog, the City has collected in excess of $9,300,000.00.

“Everyday my administration seeks to make our finances stronger and to keep Everett in the best financial position possible,” states Mayor DeMaria, “Proactive financial maneuvers like these put the City in a good fiscal position while saving taxpayers money.”

The $2,515,368.10 collected in calendar year 2013 represents payments of tax title accounts, delinquent water bills, current fiscal year delinquencies, and the sale proceeds from a highly successful tax title public auction. Below is a report showing the totals collected by calendar and fiscal year:


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