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  • Malden High graduates 446 at Macdonald Stadium

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  • Sergio Cornelio unanimously appointed City Clerk

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Mystic Valley’s Sports Award Winners


The Mystic Valley Regional Charter School recently held its annual High School Sports Banquet. At the banquet the MVP, Most Improved, and Eagle (given to the player who best exemplifies the school’s ideals) awards were given for each varsity sport.

The Overall Eagle Award, the highest honor bestowed by Mystic Valley Athletics, went to James LoChirco. He was an outstanding football player for Mystic Valley and led the Eagles to the MIAA Regional Championship Game three years in a row. He is the first Mystic Valley football player to go on to a NCAA Division One Program (Bryant University). When presenting the Overall Eagle Award to LoChirco, Mystic Valley’s Athletic Director, John Furlong, said, “If Mystic Valley is looking for someone to be the face of the school, there is no better choice than James!”

The other 2016-2017 Varsity Mystic Valley Sports Awards are listed below.

Fall sports


Offensive MVP: Phillippe Guerrier

Defensive MVP: James LoChirco

Most Improved: Joey LoRusso

Eagle Award: Christian Falzone


Boys’ soccer

MVP: Lukas Drahos

Most Improved: Omar Alani

Eagle Award: Alex Maher


Girls’ soccer

MVP: Teya Nigro

Most Improved: Isabella Ospina

Eagle Award: Daniella Weldon


Boys’ cross country

MVP: Connor Cavanaugh

Most Improved: Alfie Tsang

Eagle Award: Jeffrey Mei


Girls’ cross country

MVP: Shannon Brady

Most Improved: Christina Mazzarella

Eagle Award: Katya Morales


Boys’ crew

MVP: Allan St. Clair

Most Improved: Jake LaVerde

Eagle Award: Jacob Leary


Girls’ crew

MVP: Elena Bibilos

Most Improved: Bridgette Schaad

Eagle Award: Nancy Nguyen



MVP: Cassyn Scarpaci

Most Improved: Jayden Granderson

Eagle Award: Jenna Leria



MVP: Brianna Paris

Most Improved: Amanda Sutherland

Eagle Award: Sarah DeSantis


Winter sports


Boys’ basketball

MVP: Danzy Briceus

Most Improved: Vikram Alagappan

Eagle Award: Jack Ryan


Girls’ basketball

MVP: Menel Lamadzema

Most Improved: Guercy Jean-Pierre

Eagle Award: Talia Mamayek


Boys’ swimming

MVP: Michael Leung

Most Improved: Jake Williams

Eagle Award: Ryan Kinnon


Girls’ swimming

MVP: Taylor Gibson

Most Improved: Lucy Harrington

Eagle Award: Hanminh Nguyen

Spring sports


Co-MVP: Anastasia Bessler

Co-MVP: Samantha McGlynn

Most Improved: Emma McGlynn



MVP: Matt Hogan

Most Improved: Andrew Hogan

Eagle Award: Daniel Riley


Boys’ lacrosse

MVP: Jack Ryan

Most Improved: Ethan Nguyen

Eagle Award: Joey LoRusso


Girls’ lacrosse

MVP: Catia Petrella

Most Improved: Sophia Mercurio

Eagle Award: Jocelyn Brissette


Boys’ track

MVP: Phillippe Guerrier

Most Improved: Youssef Asrih

Eagle Award: Jeffrey Mei


Girls’ track

MVP: Lillian Rhuda

Most Improved: MacKenzie Wentzell

Eagle Award: Tina Nguyen


Powers and Nesta bring experience, respect to martial arts instruction


Longtime friends Sensei Bill Powers (shown in photo left) and Shihan Joe Nesta (right) have brought their nearly 90 years of combined martial arts experience to each of the thousands of students that they’ve instructed, and the results show. More than fighting, Powers and Nesta believe that the martial arts are meant to teach “discipline, the art, a positive attitude, confidence, and self-esteem.”

“Our teaching method focuses on defeating your opponent with your mind,” said Nesta. “You have to learn how to defeat someone without throwing a single punch, but if a person attacks you, then you have to do what you have to do. But you have to have the skills to do it.”

“I believe everybody should learn how to defend himself. I look at each person as an individual and I know the capabilities of each student. You have to design your teachings to meet the needs of each student,” said Powers.

Nesta's Kenpo Karate, the highest ranking Nick Cerio’s Kenpo dojo, is located at 701 Salem Street. Powers has operated Nick Cerio’s Kenpo in Everett at 453 Broadway for 25 years.


Ferryway School holds annual fundraising drive for Housing Families


The Ferryway School held their second annual donation drive for Housing Families Inc., a local organization that helps at risk and homeless families. The Ferryway School staff, students and families came together to collect 531 cleaning products for the organization. Also, the first and eighth grade students wrote heartwarming letters to the families in need. On May 23, Patty Kelly, Manager of Special Events and Community Outreach for Housing Families, came to the Ferryway to collect the donations and thank the students. Job well done for the Ferryway community!



Local entertainer Big D partners with MHSA to combat homelessness


Local entertainer Derek Cummings, professionally known as Big D, has partnered with the Massachusetts Housing and Shelter Alliance to help the homeless in the Commonwealth releasing a single for download. On June 9, the entertainer will release a single titled “Help The Homeless” for download on the iTunes store, all of the profits from which will be donated directly to the MHSA.

“Money, fame or success should not define you as a person,” said Cummings. “How much effort you put in today, and how you make others feel is what really matters. Listening to ‘Help the Homeless’ helps us realize that we are all the same, and it’s all about helping each other.”

Cummings writes and performs in English, Spanish, and Portuguese with equal facility. He has blended them into a new style of music that defies most regular descriptions not rap, rock, pop, or world, but actually a rich mix all of them rolled into a fresh new sound he calls, The Boston Beat. Big D feels it's more inclusive and representative of the people in New England, most specifically the Boston area.

After working in the industry for many years, he kept running into industry people who kept telling him what he “had to be” in order to be a success. In response to what he perceived to be stereotyping in the music industry and many people telling him he had to sound just like others to get public attention, Big D has chosen instead to buck the trends and open Boston’s newest record label, BTF Entertainment LLC, a company whose primary objectives are to show the world the richness and depth of the entertainment arts here in New England and also to promote that local talent wherever it can and to try and show people that no matter what race, religion, sex, or age you are, “we all have music in our hearts”.


Malden receives whopping Green Communities funding


Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito and Massachusetts Commissioner of the Department of Energy Resources Judith Judson attended a ceremony in Malden last week to present Mayor Gary Christenson and the City of Malden with a check for $332,540. The funds were awarded after Malden was designated as a Green Community by the Department of Energy Resources of Massachusetts’s Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs.

Through efforts of Councillor-at-Large Craig Spadafora, who also serves as the Chair of the Energy Efficiency Commission, and Public Facilities Director Eric Rubin, Malden met the Green Communities Designation and Grant Program’s five criteria. The criteria include that the City of Malden have the proper research and development zoning in place for light manufacturing or renewable energies, have an energy baseline with a plan to reduce energy usage by 20%, have a fuel efficiency vehicle policy and adopt the new “Stretch Code” of the state Board of Building Regulations and Standards.

Meeting the criteria has Malden poised to reduce its energy costs, improve the local environment and implement energy efficiency and renewable energy projects with funding through the Green Communities Designation and Grant program. The City of Malden will be required to submit a project application proposing how the funds will be spent.


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