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  • Malden High graduates 446 at Macdonald Stadium

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  • Annual National Night Out Big Success

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  • Sergio Cornelio unanimously appointed City Clerk

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  • DeRuosi’s Report Card

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Lynnfield Little League’s Grey Team wins local playoff and first ever Middlesex Big Diamond Junior Championship


For the first time in Lynnfield’s short history of being part of the Middlesex Big Diamond League (MBDL) the local boys, “Team Grey” brought home the championship cup for the Junior Division.  After having knocked off two other top-seeded teams in the local Big Diamond division playoffs in Lynnfield, Team Grey defeated the league champs from Wakefield, Stoneham and Wilmington to take home the crosstown championship.  This is the first time a Lynnfield Team has won the MBDL.  The team was managed by Mike Bolger and assisted by Rob Gizmunt, Dave D’Amico, and Walter Sazo.


The Nutritionist Corner


Have More Get-Up- and - Go energy

It seems that not matter the time we set the alarm clock the day is over before the to-do list is all checked off.  We, as a society, are busy, stressed, need more physical activity and sometimes have poor eating habits — all contributing to low energy levels. One way to fix our energy deficit is to eat better. The right combinations of food can give you that get-up – and- go energy. Follow these five strategies to maximize your energy.

Plan Your Eating

Eating every three to four hours can help to fuel a healthy metabolism, maintain muscle mass and prevent between-meal hunger that can lead to unwise snacking. If you only are eating one to two meals a day, this will be an adjustment. As you learn how to eat more frequently throughout the day, remind yourself that you will feel better and be more focused when you have fuel in your system on a regular basis.

Honor Your Hunger and Fullness Cues

Eating just enough, but not too much, helps to curb cravings and reduces chances of overeating. Keep in mind that portions often are too large. If your meal carries you five to six hours without hunger pangs, it’s likely that you’re eating too much. On a scale of 0 to 10 (where 0 is starving and 10 is painfully full), try eating to about a 5 or 6 level, where you are comfortably full but not stuffed. Be mindful of your feeling of fullness and not what’s on your plate. As you realize you have had enough to eat – save the rest for later.

Eat Healthy Ingredients

A healthy meal includes whole grains, lean meats, poultry or fish, fiber-rich fruits and vegetables, fat-free or low-fat dairy and a small amount of healthy fats. Balance out your meals throughout the day with all the food groups for sustained energy.

Snacks Are a Bridge

Don’t skip this important eating event. Snacks should have protein and fiber-rich carbohydrates to provide lasting energy. Grab a small apple and a few nuts; carrots and one stick of string cheese; or ½ cup of Greek yogurt and ½ cup of fresh berries. Keep in mind that snacks are not intended to fill you up, but to bridge you from one meal to the next.

Skip Sugary Drinks

Skip the soda, sugary coffee and energy drinks. These foods may leave you buzzing for an hour, without satisfying your hunger or energy level. Plus they are usually high in calories.  Instead, quench your thirst with water; add a splash of fruit juice if desired. fat-free or low-fat milk, or unsweetened ice tea.

Make your eating habits healthier. Balance out your meals throughout the day to get the energy required for all the items on your to-do list.  Keep hunger at bay as you maximize your energy.

Bring Eating From Within to your workplace! Contact me to learn more about my corporate wellness programs.

By Anna Tourkakis,

Anna Tourkakis is a nutritionist, author and founder of Eating From Within Nutrition. She provides nutrition advisory services and healthy eating plans. She teaches clients ways to manage health conditions and maintain healthy eating lifestyles.  Anna can be reached at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it T. 781 334-8752;


Lynnfield Little League all-stars advance to state finals after memorable comeback win in sectional final against Andover

Elevens face Brookline Saturday night in semifinal match-up at Holden

You might say that destiny is on the side of the Lynnfield Little League 11-year-old all-stars after their miraculous comeback win in the State Section 4 championship game at Swampscott Monday night. Trailing Andover by a 5-0 count after five innings, the Lynnfield boys displayed a resiliency rarely seen in sports, unless of course you’re talking about the Patriots’ fourth quarter surge that erased a 28-3 deficit to force the Super Bowl’s first-ever overtime game. Lynnfield’s sixth inning will be remembered by its’ fans as much as the Pats’ supporters will never forget their team’s overtime classic.

The Lynnfield boys scored six runs in the top half of the frame, and then Anthony Grabau was able to save the game on the mound for starter Nathan Lopez, who pitched well while holding a potent Andover lineup to single digits to give his teammates a puncher’s chance in the title-clinching game. The knockout was in place when Jarrett Scoppettuolo and Grabau led off the winning rally with one-out singles, before Lopez blasted a triple to right field to drive home both runners.

Cole Hawes then reached on a fielder’s choice, when Lopez was caught in a rundown to account for the second out. But then Dan Dorman belted a two-run homer to right-centerfield to trim the deficit to just one.

Ryan MacEachern then greeted the new Andover pitcher with a single on his first pitch. Nick Grousis kept the rally going with a clutch two-strike base hit, and Tyler Adamo followed with a walk to load the bases for Scoppettuolo, whose two-run single to right-centerfield ultimately gave his teammates the winning margin of difference.

Riding the momentum into the home half of the sixth, Dorman chased down a fly ball in right-centerfield to end up making a spectacular snow cone grab. Then, with two outs, a runner on first and Andover’s cleanup hitter at the plate, Grousis, playing shortstop, came up with a defensive gem of his own, while robbing the slugger of a sure single with a diving stop before stepping on second to record the force to end this Instant Classic and send his teammates to the state finals in Holden this weekend.

It’s the first time that a Lynnfield Little League all-star team has reached the state sectional championship game. In fact, the program has only won three district titles, which includes all age levels, and this group has now done it twice, the first being last year when they were 10s.

“They never, ever quit,” said coach Matt Adamo of his all-stars after the thrilling finale.

The Lynnfield 11s went 4-0 in the District 16 portion of the tournament, and they were 3-1 in the sectionals last weekend, with only Reading spoiling their unbeaten streak with a comeback of its own to win the second pool play game, 14-11. They were trailing, 11-3, before rallying. But even though they won that game, it still cost them in the end when they were eliminated – when it came time to break the three-way tie at the top in order to determine the two finalists. Reading allowed more runs than Andover and Lynnfield, and as a result they went home early.

The Lynnfield boys won the state sectional opener over Danvers, the District 15 champs, 8-1, and then after the aforementioned loss to Reading they bounced back to beat Andover, 12-2; that basically clinched a spot in the championship contest.

It’s now on to the state finals this weekend in Holden with an opportunity to win the state title, setting the stage for perhaps an even more memorable run in next year’s Williamsport Tournament.

Lynnfield will first go up against Brookline Saturday night, July 22, starting at 7 p.m., in a state semifinal game, with the winner facing either Pittsfield or East Taunton Sunday afternoon for all the marbles.

By Joe Mitchell


The Advocate HOROSCOPE

Aries  (March 21st-April 20th): Be mindful with your wording and think before you speak this weekend! Not having a filter could get you in trouble with family and hurt a little more than you realize. All eyes are on you at work next week- in a good way. Keep doing what you’re doing, recognition is on the way!

Taurus (April 21st-May 20th): To reiterate last week’s advice- listen to your body. It’s now or never as far as big changes towards a healthier you go. Set up ways to hold yourself accountable! Next week watch your spending and stick with necessities only- frivolous purchases will be regretted at the end of the month!

Gemini (May 21st-June 20th): Get some closure and clear the air in regards to any tension in your closest relationships right now. If you sense something is still brewing, speak up to prevent things blowing out of proportion. The new moon next week should lead to new connections and meeting of the minds…

Cancer (June 21st-July 22nd): Money will be the main thing on your mind this week and next. Get your work goals in motion and don’t avoid asking for the compensation! As the sun shifts out of your sign, anything you get started now will be much more successful than started later. From August until the winter, keep “planting seeds,” to grow your career next year.

Leo (July 23rd-August 22nd): As Mars and the Sun both enter your sign early next week- passion, creativity and friendliness will be at an all time high for you. Take advantage of this Mars energy in your favor at work over the next couple of months, and really push for the goals you want to see out this year.

Virgo (August 23rd-September 22rd): The new moon in Leo next week will have you rethinking over some signs and ideas you have received lately. Whatever direction you feel you are being pulled in, give it some thought before dismissing it right away. You may be onto something, even if it seems out of reach!

Libra (September 23th-October 22rd): After a tense couple of days things should lighten up this weekend and next week. Take note of the energy of others last week- as it may be time to cut out a toxic relationship. Pay a little extra attention to detail at work next week, and avoid embarrassing mistakes.

Scorpio (October 23rd-November 22nd): It’s your time, use it now Scorpio! Get out of the office or even play hooky if you can. You need a beach/pool/lake day whether you think so or not. Treat yourself and don’t look back! Don’t be shy about asking for a payment that is owed to you last week, most likely they forgot completely.

Sagittarius (November 23rd-December 21st): Money making opportunities are going to start to pop up left and right from now until September. Your getting a nice long visit from the good luck fairy- so take advantage and pay attention! Double check your sources before giving into gossip next week…

Capricorn (December22nd- January 19th): Expect your relationships and friendships to get to the next level this weekend. Things will deepen and blossom as Mars dances through your chart from now until September- just be extra careful of word choices! A sharp tongue is one bad side effect…

Aquarius (January 20th- February 19th): Keep your lips sealed Aquarius! For some reason (the planets, duh) this week and next you’ll be thinking a lot less before you speak- which is unlike you! Therefore people may be extra sensitive to this kind of mistake. Stay shy and quiet until the need to gossip and critique passes!

Pisces (February 20th- March 20th): Take charge of some big health changes you want to make this week and start to reach out for information on how to go about this. There are likely many resources around you if you just start asking! Don’t expect a push though, that has to come from you!

Francesca Piazza is a Lynnfield native available for astrology consultations, tarot readings/parties, crystal healing, custom jewelry, and reiki. Please like Sister Fran Designs and Readings on Facebook for more info, or contact her at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Town Meeting could see changes, thanks to new Committee

The town will form a committee to study possible changes to Town Meeting. Town Moderator Arthur Bourque made the case for the formation of the committee during a Selectmen’s meeting at the Merritt Center (600 Market St.) last Monday.

Town Meeting is the legislative body of Lynnfield’s government and is held biannually, in the spring and in the fall. Budgets are among the foremost items that get approved during the gathering.

The “Town Meeting Study Committee,” which passed unanimously, will consist of five members and include the town moderator and town clerk as ex-officio members.

Bourque highlighted a number of issues that he felt needed to be addressed when it comes to the Town Meeting. “The people that attend Town Meeting should have input about what happens up there,” Bourque said.

“A lot of that stuff needs to be explored,” he continued, pointing out that “it would be inappropriate for me as Town Moderator to bring these changes in by myself.” Town Moderator wields significant authority to guide Town Meeting.


–Bourque stated his belief that the two-thirds vote is cumbersome and could be changed. The two-thirds majority vote, which happens for some votes, requires a hand count.

–Bourque called parking at the Middle School a “huge problem.”

–Space issues in the current auditorium.

–Scheduling conflicts: Monday night meetings pose a problem for some people.

–Tabling: create rules regarding soliciting of brochures and other literature that Bourque said might “impinge” on the experience.

–Chaotic town meeting atmosphere.


Bourque proposed a number of solutions.

–Move the meeting to the Gymnasium, where there is more space. Although some Town Meetings are sparsely attended, the last spring meeting, with over 800 attendees, renewed calls to reexamine space.

–Reducing the quorum (lower limit required to hold the meeting). Bourque said that in some studies, lowering or eliminating the quorum actually resulted in higher attendance.

–Change the day the meeting is held: Hold the meeting on a Saturday or Sunday to increase participation.

–Expand the number of days the meeting takes place: In some other towns, Town Meeting is held over multiple days. The efficacy of this idea would need to be tested, as Bourque pointed out the possibility that a longer meeting could lead to decreased interest.

–Introduce electronic voting: Resident Patricia Campbell, who was present at Monday night’s meeting, is outspoken in her support for this change. The electronic keypads could increase accuracy and eliminate the cumbersome hand counts.

–Offer an earlier check-in.

These changes, of course, are subject to scrutiny of the newly formed Committee. The ones provided by Bourque are also the minimum, most obvious ones. More could arise in the new committee.

“I think it’s a great opportunity to look at town meeting and make sure it’s the best it can be,” Board of Selectmen Chairman Chris Barrett said.

Board of Selectmen Vice Chairman Dick Dalton welcomed the committee and said he is “enthused” by the idea.

The town is currently seeking members. Anyone who is interested in joining should contact Bob Curtin at the Town Administrator’s office: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

By Melanie Higgins


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