Annual Revere Beach Memorial remembers those lost to addiction

Speaker of the House Bob DeLeo, Mayor Dan Rizzo, and Councillors Novoselsky and Zambuto in attendance during the 6th Annual Revere Beach Memorial Remembering Those Lost to Alcohol and Other Drugs. (Photo / Al Terminiello)

By Aaron Keebaugh


Through the combined efforts of the city of Revere and the Revere CARES Coalition, the Revere Beach Memorial, now in its sixth year, is an annual community-wide event. Last Sunday night a few hundred people gathered around the William G. Reinstein bandstand on Revere Beach to remember loved ones who lost their lives due to drug abuse.

The memorial service came near the end of September— “Recovery Month” — which the city council, joining other cities around the country, set aside in a proclamation at the August 27 council meeting.

Earlier Sunday afternoon, students from Revere public schools, aided by Revere High School’s “Power of NO” organization, embarked on a “Community Walk for Recovery.” From its origins in Beachmont, walkers traversed the city, led by Mayor Dan Rizzo. Just before the vigil service began, he led the students along the sidewalk on Revere Beach Blvd. to applause from people in the area.

Cadets from the Revere High School JROTC program lined the sidewalk as students, city residents, and visitors strolled past.

Addressing the crowd, Kim Hanton said that the Recovery Walk is “a testament that Revere is aware.” She continued: “We are all here for different reasons this evening, some to show that they are above the influence, others to remember those that are sorely missed.”

As more than 200 names were read during the vigil, people holding lit candles stood in silence. Some also held white carnation flowers.

Firefighters from the Revere fire department rang the bell in remembrance of the deceased as Maryann Picariello, Julia Newhall, and Gary Langis read the names.

Retired Chelsea Fire Department Chief Joe Siewko played “Amazing Grace” and the hymn “Going Home” on his bagpipes.

Carianne Salemme offered an inspirational reading entitled “In the next room.”

JoAnn Rivieccio, who lost her son to a drug overdose last November, read a poem to the solemn hearts in attendance, “The Fallen Addict,” which depicted demise from drug addiction from the addict’s point of view. “It was my fight with the addiction and it simply won… Just know that in your hearts, I didn’t die alone,” read the poem.

  • Emma

    Who wrote this article? How can it just say by “Malden News” by “The Advocate”? It sounds like a letter MVRCS would write.

  • annieomalden

    I guess the Patch has more of an online following than the Advocate on this story:

  • Chris Korando-Block

    Neil –
    Here is a copy of a formal complaint filed with MV on March 15th and then (after you failed to respond within the legal period of time) was filed directly with Commissioner Chester on April 15th, 2011. Once again ignoring the laws that govern MV, a response was not received until June 23th, 2011 (and an unacceptable one at that).

    Mon, Mar 14, 2011 at 9:23 AM

    From: Christian Korando
    To:;; ;;

    To The Board of Trustees:
    As required by Massachusetts Law 603 CMR 1.00, specifically section 1.10 regarding the Complaint Procedure please accept this letter as a formal complaint. It is our belief that MVRCS has violated section 1.06 ‘Charter School Enrollment and Recruitment’. Specifically section 5 of the law which states:

    (5) …No student entering an enrollment process may be admitted ahead of other eligible students who were previously placed on a waiting list during a prior enrollment process, except in cases described in to 603 CMR 1.06(4)(e).

    It is our understanding that this law has been violated on numerous occasions but most recently in the re-admission of Chris Finn’s (Assistant Director) two xxxxxx, xxxxxx and xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx. It has come to our attention that during the 2007-2008 school year their mother transferred them out of the school. The following year these same two girls were re-admitted mid-year and are now currently enrolled in the school (xxxxxxxxx is in 3rd grade and xxxxxxx 5th). It is also our understanding that this is in direction violation of the above mentioned law as well as Massachusetts State Ethics laws pertaining to Conflicts of Interests and Codes of Conduct.

    Are you still denying formal complaints were filed????

  • Gary Tse

    Malden Patch? – never heard of it. Where do I pick up a copy? Who are your writers? Who publishes the patch?

  • annieomalden

    Gary: Don’t know why my previous post to you didn’t show up…the Malden Patch ( has been around for quite a while as an online news media. Check it out…there are over 450 comments on this story including posts from Herr Kinnon. Funny, he never responds to rebut or defend himself on anything I write. Even his minions cannot dispute what I post. Hmmm….wonder why?

  • Gary Tse

    Probably because no one knows who you are or the patches is – who are you? And what’s wrong with charter schools? I think my tax dollars are better spent that what the public system has offered: the public system in Malden has failed my kids – new construction to the auditorium is like lipstick on a pig. How many kids do you have in the system, Annie whatever-your-name is! And by the way, Councillor Kinnon to whom you rudely refer, is the only city councillor who cares about the taxpayers.

  • Chris Caesar

    450 comments to 5; I think people know who we are.

  • annieomalden

    There is nothing wrong with charter schools as my 3 children attended and graduated from the MV charter school. The problem is when you have someone who runs the school as a dictator and does not allow the parents, teachers and students to have any say in what goes on there. He has controlled everything that goes on there down to what students can take for courses against the recommendations of the Directors.

    Clearly, you don’t have a grasp on the situation and must be out of touch with what is going on here in Malden. Kinnon could not care less about the citizens of his own ward (which would include me!) much less the citizens of the city. He has his own agenda and has created a real estate development company and employment agency of his friends and family under the guise of the MV charter school.

  • Chuck D

    449 from your mom’s basement!

  • Chris Caesar

    A few from Neil Kinnon, but he doesn’t live in my Mom’s basement.

  • Fred A.

    You sound jealous – just because someone has helped make something successful it must be killing you – I guess George Washington, Brigham Young and Mitt Romney also fall in line with your “Herr” labeling. You must be one of them liberal Socialist do-nothings. Your kids graduated from MV? Then you should kiss Kinnon’s butt and say “thank you”.

  • annieomalden

    Fred: My kids would’ve done well wherever they went. My oldest was valedictorian and first to get the IB Diploma. Kinnon needed my kids’ above average grades to make the school look good and get it started. It’s like a runaway train now. I have helped make something successful by allowing the school to benefit from educating my kids.

    I do thank Kinnon for what he has done already yet think it is time for him to move along and let the educators have a crack at running the school.

    Why does an elementary school (at the time of purchase) take advantage of no law saying they can’t, go and buy an apartment building (722 Salem St.) for $722,000 and two residential homes (about $300,000 each) instead of improving the facilities of the students? Why is no other public school buying apartment buildings and homes? Then they rented out how many office spaces at what cost in Maplewood Square? They are not equipped to increase the enrollment as they do not have good facilities for those they service now. Kinnon squandered money on his pool and his athletic program. How about taking care of those you have before adding more?

    Not exactly sure what you’re saying with the George Washington, Brigham Young and Mitt Romney and what that has to do with “Herr” labeling. Pardon my lack of MV education. I am Unenrolled and for the record, I have voted for Mitt Romney. Also, please define a liberal Socialist do-nothing for me as I am not exactly sure what kind of person that would be.

  • Edward S.

    Fred’s right, you sound jealous. Good thing for MVCS that your kid went there or it would never have made the list as one of the top 50 schools in the country! They should have named the school after you. As far as the school expansion – I guess the school now has the room for 400 additional students – like mine, please! I can’t afford private so let me have the chance to give my kids the chance you gave yours – instead of fearing for their lives at the public middle and high school. You did it and enjoyed the success that the charter school offered – why can’t my kids?! You should be screaming about the gangs at MHS instead of the success of the charter school. What is wrong with you? And tell patches to get a real job!

  • annieomalden

    The Emerson building is to be used for overflow high school students. Your kids won’t see that school for many years. How many millions will be poured into the purchase and renovation of that building? What about the poor facilities at the Maplewood building? The fire station was condemned yet he didn’t mind renting to the city to house the fire fighters for years. How much has been put into the fire station to bring it up to code?

    Your kids will be denied admission as long as Kinnon refuses to step aside and accept the thanks of those he’s served and allow fresh blood in. He is defying the Commissioner of the Dept. of Education of the state. There are rules set up and he refuses to follow them. Do you know of any other school official who does that? Your child is being denied admission as long as Neil fights this. He’s the one you should have an issue with. The rest of the board also is not complying with direct orders from the only place who has any oversight at the school. Go tell Neil to comply and your kids will be allowed an opportunity. Take it up with him, not me!

  • Angus

    The Maplewood fire station? The city sold it because the “occupants” decided to take matters into their own hands. And with respect to defying Mass. Ed. – I think its the state’s lack of transparency and obvious bias against Charter schools since the public system in Boston and throughout Greater Boston are complete failures is obvious to everyone. Gangsm, shootings, stabvbings, MCAS scores always failing, yea – let’s go after the charter schools since they’re making the public system look bad – great idea! You should just tell Kinnon how you really feel and then get professional help. There are laws against stalking – or didn’t you know that?

  • annieomalden

    Oh, Angus, Angus, Angus…the city sold the fire station because they needed money and planned to build a new station later so they rented it back from the school. The school needed the Maplewood school and agreed to buy the station as a package deal. Kinnon was Howard’s campaign manager so they already had a cozy relationship and cooked up this scheme.

    If the DOE is against charter schools, why haven’t they stopped giving out charters? It’s not every charter school which defies the rules. Just MV and Neil Kinnon. I don’t have to “stalk” Kinnon as he puts himself in the glare of publicity frequently enough so I don’t have to do a thing. When he twists the truth I surely will be here to keep him honest. I do believe he already knows how I feel and not sure why I would need professional help as it seems Neil is the one suffering from the delusions of grandeur.

    Did you know when someone attacks me personally for my comments it tells me I am on the right track and the attacker cannot defend what I say and goes for personal attacks instead of factual debate? Keep attacking me and ignoring the facts!

  • annieomalden