Commission chastises Wonderland Ballroom management

By James David Mitchell - 

The Revere License Commission vented their frustrations to representatives of Wonderland Entertainment: They take no comfort in their assurances for a peaceful event scheduled to take place at the Wonderland Ballroom this Saturday evening.
Charles Delpidio, manager for the entertainment establishment – located next to the Wonderland Blue Line station on North Shore Road – was absent from the meeting for an application for a special one-day license for an 18+ musical event for women only by Latin musical group Plan B to be held on Friday, Feb. 14 from 8:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. The entertainment facility was under the board’s microscope following an event two weeks ago that caused numerous incidents effecting the city’s police department, leaving the city vulnerable, said commission chairman Joseph Quarantello.
Wonderland Entertainment managing partner Shahrokh Reza appeared before the commission in Delpidio’s absence to assure the board and the police department that he was present to address any issues regarding the establishment. The venue, known for its musical core of Latin, Spanish and Brazilian musical acts, has been a sore spot for the license commission over the past few years; the license holders have appeared before the board over security and safety issues.
Quarantello said that he wouldn’t address the application for the Feb. 14 event until he spoke with Delpidio personally – even calling for a special meeting next Wednesday to address the issues.
Reza didn’t help his cause when he told the board that he thought the license allowed for patrons to be out of the venue by 2:30 a.m. – which caused Commissioner Linda Guinasso to state, “I can’t imagine that you are confused about the closing times – everyone must be off the premises by 2:00 am.” She added, “You’ve been before us before.”
The commissioner said that she received personal phone calls from residents and that she wasn’t in favor of going forward with the application.
The chairman asked about the upcoming weekend schedule for the venue, which was confirmed as three events taking place at the ballroom simultaneously. Scheduled on Saturday was Latin Night in the upstairs club, Brazilian Night in the downstairs venue, and a Latin Salsa concert in the ballroom.
“Your promises do not give me any comfort,” said Quarantello. “We’ll need to hear from the chief [Joseph Cafarelli] regarding this coming weekend.”
Quarantello added that he expects the management to make arrangements – including adding additional detail officers for Saturday’s events at the ballroom – that will satisfy Chief Cafarelli.