Council’s sub-committee assignments announced

Council President Richard A. Penta has announced his sub-committee assignments for 2012.

The council has added a new committee this year – the gaming committee, which will play an important role if Suffolk Downs is designated as a casino site.

The entire council membership will serve on the gaming committee and Penta will be the chairman.

The two freshmen members of the council were named sub-committee chairpersons – Jessica Giannino heads up the youth, parks and recreation committee, while Brian Arrigo is the chairman of the legislative affairs committee.

The complete list of committee assignments is as follows:

Ways & Means – Chairman John Powers, Arthur Guinasso, Steve Reardon, Charles Patch, and Anthony Zambuto.

Zoning – Chairman Steve Reardon, John Correggio, Arthur Guinasso, Charles Patch, and Anthony Zambuto.

Economic Development & Planning – Chairman Anthony Zambuto, Brian Arrigo, John Correggio, Charles Patch, and John Powers.

Public Safety & Public Works – Chairman Charles Patch, Brian Arrigo, John Correggio, Steve Reardon, Ira Novoselsky, John Powers, and Anthony Zambuto.

Elder Affairs – Chairman Robert Haas, Jessica Giannino, Ira Novoselsky, Steve Reardon, and Arthur Guinasso.

Veterans Affairs – Chairman Ira Novoselsky, Robert Haas, Charles Patch, John Correggio, and Anthony Zambuto.

Appointments – Chairman Arthur Guinasso, John Correggio, John Powers, Ira Novoselsky, and Steve Reardon.

Youth, Parks & Recreation – Chairperson Jessica Giannino, Brian Arrigo, Robert Haas, Ira Novoselsky and Steve Reardon.

Legislative Affairs – Chairman Brian Arrigo, John Powers, Steve Reardon, Anthony Zambuto and Jessica Giannino.

  • SweetiePie625

    Thank you so much for stating this so clearly, and for having the backbone to stand up for citizens even in the face of the pit-bull people’s intimidation and lying. I wish there were more politicians like you, the world would be a much better place.

    • stopdescrimination

      There should be a dislike button instead of a like button. BSL is racism towards animals. You should be very ashamed of yourself for allowing this type of behavior from your politicians. While they are allowing laws against breed specific animals I hope they make a law that bans black people from being in public without a white person as a chaperone. Of course, that is ridiculous and inhumane just like breed specific laws.

      • Korynparker

        Stop the presses……are you so irrational, so emotional disturbed as to dare to compare the Civil Rights Movement of the NAACP, and their continual struggle against discrimination based upon human skin color to your personal preference for a specific breed of a dog?
        Let’s call Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton & President Obama for a comment….stupid.

        • Frank

          ” if there were as many pit bulls in Malden as people, and bite incidents were classified as aggravated assaults, the average rate of aggravated assault by pit bulls in the last three years would have been over 1,500 per year. ”

          We’re not allowed to compare dogs to people but you hate and death mongers are…..sound rational logic.

          Why dont you just admit that you think that only black people ie Thugs and gangsters and drug dealers in your mind own these dogs and you hate black people. You cant take away thier rights overtly, you just try to target them in round about ways. Go vote for Strom Thurmand you republican fraud.

          Hating something because of what it looks like, not because of its own actions is the definition of irrational fear hate and prejudice. Its called racism in people, breedism in dogs, its obviously not the same thing, or on the same level, but its an allele on the same ignorance gene

  • Jason

    “First there is no proof that these dogs did not escape from a leash as no dog officer was there when the incident actually occurred.” ~ Weird logic here, there is no proof that they didnt escape from a leash, thus they did? The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence

    “if there were as many pit bulls in Malden as people, and bite incidents were classified as aggravated assaults, the average rate of aggravated assault by pit bulls in the last three years would have been over 1,500 per year.” Pit bull haters constantly tell us defenders that WE CAN NOT COMPARE DOGS TO PEOPLE! when we envoke racism. But pit bull haters are free to make a non sensical comparison

    The “National Average” cites Animal People, the publication produced by Merritt Clifton…the same one who suggested the fatality in India was by imported American black market Pit Bulls.

    Shelter statistics (30-70%) pit bulls in shelters does not agree with the 5% of the dog population often cited by pit bull haters.

    “Of the pit bulls that were involved in incidents all were put down or removed from the city of Malden either by order or voluntarily before the order came. The reason is simple; the severity of the bites by pit bulls warranted euthanasia or removal.” Are there statistics on this, how severe were these incidents? This seems to be more hysteria that if a pit bull bites someone it is automatically put down where in other communities such as this one:
    A husky that mauled a 2 year old to death was re-adopted. hmmmmmmmmm……seems curious. Husky kills kid, not euthanized and re-homed. Pit bull bites someone non fatally and it is put down.

    • PitVictim

      When Huskys start bringing in the same numbers for maulings and fatalities that pits are doing, then we might talk about doing the same.

      • stopdescrimination

        I hope a law is put in place that muzzles you. See how you enjoy having your “freedom” taken away.

      • Frank

        So its just Dog du’jour with you?

        Anybody who cites should be sent out with the dishwater.
        A Medical University Study ie. Real Science (not an unscientific study done by using only sensationalized media headlines)

        “Some wounds are so severe that patients require multiple plastic and reconstructive surgeries.”

        In Denver where Pit Bulls are banned. But wait they should have ZERO POINT ZERO DOG ATTACKS RIGHT?????? If bans work in protecting the safety of children

        “I was called in to see a dog bite. A girl had a puncture wound to her lip. Two days later I saw the same girl, but this time her eyelids were torn off and she had severe scalp and ear lacerations,”

        How could that happen in an area where the only dangerous dog in the world the Pit Bull terrier is banned….Sorry kids, you were attacked by the wrong breed of dog

        • Denver Parent

          Ah, Jason….Denver has a total of Zero (0) Pit Bull maulings during the time its ban has been enforced. Not one limb has been ripped off, not one scalp has been torn off, not one child has had their skull crushed or pierced by a dog’s jaw. No one ever, ever, ever said BSL would prevent all dog bite injuries – just the worst ones – the one the only forensic medical studies ever performed compared to Shark Attacks. Both the University of Texas Study and the Detroit Coroner’s Office study confirm this.
 is the only group that monitors and reports the national pit bull maulings, and their statistics are self-authenticating.
          Each and ever well written pit bull ban has been upheld by courts across the country for one reason – the scientific evidence clearly establishes a logical and rational basis for the ban because Pit Bulls have been proven to have a higher likelihood of inflicting massive damage, injury, or death upon their victims than other breeds.

          The difference between other breeds and pit bulls is like the difference between firecrackers and hand grenades: No one can statistically determine the probability of an unintentional detonation, but the difference in potential damage is so remarkable as to instantly label one more dangerous than the other.

          Stop playing with hand grenades in my neighborhood. If you want to kill yourself, please do so in your own community.

          • Frank

            I don’t have Denver’s total dog bite numbers. I’ve looked, and I’ve never seen them published anywhere, nor have they been given to me when I’ve requested them. It seems odd to me that a city that has been to court FOUR TIMES in the past 3 years would not have widely published their “success” if these numbers looked good…but I don’t know for sure.

            So why would not share with you these numbers? It’s because they could really care less about public safety. The owner of the website got attacked by a ‘pit bull’ about 14 months ago..and in her quest for vengeance, she is out pushing breed bans regardless of what the end results would be. Colleen Lynn is a victim of an attack. That is tragic. But she is NOT an expert in dog bites, canine behavior, or canine legislation. She is a person with a website that is seeking vengeance. In her quest to thwart truth, she weeds out any comments that counter her view.

            San Francisco
            In the 19 months prior to the mandatory spay/neuter of pit bulls law, they had a total of 596 total bites. In the 19 months following the ban, 676. A 13% increase. Don’t believe my numbers? Here’s an academic paper written by TE Houston, PhD from out of Sacramento that also notes no decline in bites following the passing of the ordinance.


            Douglass Wolfe is the biggest waste of sperm and egg this planet has ever offered.

  • Frank

    Also that the logic that if there were less pit bulls there would be less bites. Ok but by that logic if there were no dogs there would be no bites.

    When you pass laws about say healthcare…you consult Doctors right? healthcare experts….

    have any dog behavior, vet medicine, SPCA workers/volunteers consulted? because unequivocally they say Breed specific legislation is ineffective at best and destructive at worse.

    Here is a brief list of organizations: DOG EXPERTS organizations AGAINST BSL.
    National Animal Control Association
    Humane Associations of Georgia, Wisconsin, Ottowa, Idaho
    Association of Pet Dog Trainers
    American Kennel Club
    Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA)
    American Veterinary Medical Association
    National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors
    Canadian Kennel Club
    National Animal Interest Alliance
    American Animal Hospital Association
    International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants
    California Veterinary Medical Association
    Colorado Veterinary Medical Association
    Texas Veterinary Medical Association
    Louisiana Veterinary Medical Association
    Chicago Veterinary Medical Association
    American Humane
    Maryland Veterinary Medical Association
    New York State Veterinary Medical Association
    American Temperament Test Society
    American Dog Owner’s Association
    American Canine Federation
    International Association of Canine Professionals
    American Dog Breeders Association Inc.
    SPCA Los Angeles

    But what do experts know? ill let grandstanding politicians and the media and hate websites do my thinking FOR ME!!!!!!!

    • PitVictim

      National Animal Interest Alliance?? Can you say puppy mill cruelty? You really need to research your links, looks like the pretty much are breeders or agribusiness. Poor, very poor. But it does tell us that you are a breeder and make money, can you say biased?

      • Betty Geist

        Talk about cruelty. hope you all are proud of what you with your BSL law Denver and all the other city’s.
        BSL places unreasonable burden on responsible dog owners,
        tears family apart and

    • Spock

      Here is a list of those who put Humans first:
      Rational human beings….

      I notice your list does not include any group of first responders, emergency room medical professional, plastic surgeons, physical therapists, or coroners.

      Oh, you forgot that PETA supports the complete elimination of the breed….

  • Yankeeterrier

    Apparently AKC registered American Staffordshire Terrier show dogs are not welcome? Why would you penalize innocent pets and their owners based on the behavior of another? Breed discriminatory legislation is a knee jerk reaction, particularly when you depend on statistics from unreliable sources. While you state 600 communities have BDL, may states, cities, even countries are repealing or removing breed specific content.

    In March, a record number of murders were committed by young black men in Chicago. Does this make all black men potentially dangerous? Or should the individuals that committed these crimes be the one that are punished? Do you harass and harangue African American business men or concentrate on gang members, those with a criminal history, et al? In general, dogs that bite are those that are unaltered, tethered or resident dogs (not family pets) and dogs used for breeding purpose only. Anti-tethering laws, leash laws and higher fees for unaltered dog OF ALL BREEDS are proven to work better than BDL.

    In addition, you keep away the average responsible bully breed owner that is a working, tax paying valued member of society.

    • PitVictim

      “In addition, you keep away the average responsible bully breed owner that is a working, tax paying valued member of society.” You’ve actually met one??????????

      • stopdescrimination

        I am one.

      • Trish Brumfield

        I am also a responsible bully breed owner that works, pays taxes and is a valued member of society.

  • Trish Brumfield

    Try to pick out the Pit Bull here:

    BSL does not work! Responsible pet owners have their pets spayed/neutered, trained, socialized and do not keep them outside on chains. I rescued the most wonderful APBT who had been horribly abused. She was about four months old when she came into my local animal control. She had had her ears hacked off with scissors, had horrible infections in her stumps and was left in the middle of July tied to the steering wheel of an abandoned car. She was the most loving dog ever ! She loved everyone and everything. She was an awesome breed ambassador. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with lymphoma when she was six years old, My husband and I opted to treat her with chemo and had another 18 wonderful months with her. Essie Mae was a favorite at the Vet School where she went for her chemo. I miss her so much. She had been so abused but was so loving. It just goes to show you that, IMO, it is nurture, not nature, that contributes to the temperament of animals.

    Why BSL does not work according to the AVMA (American Veterinary Medicine Association):

    Results according to the American Temperament Test Society:
    American Pit Bull Terriers score higher than Golden Retrievers, Chihuahuas, Collies, Dachshunds, Beagles, etc.

    Instead of banning breeds, dangerous dog laws should be used. This does not target breeds of dogs but individual dogs who have exhibited dangerous behavior. The Association of Pet Dog Trainers also advocates dangerous dog laws.

    • PitVictim

      Never ceases to amaze me how little a pit owner knows about the breed and the myths that they spew forth. The AVMA, agribusiness board members, has a vested interest in protecting pit bull breeders. Funny how just a few years ago, the AVMA had different board members and had a different attitude toward pit bulls. But that board was not entrenched in agribusiness. Plus you need to research the new head of the AVMA, highly criticized while head of the Ag Dept. for protecting puppy mills. Not a lot of credibility there when you get to the bottom of their stance.

      And please, the ATTS? What do you know about the ATTS other than the propaganda? The ATTS was never designed to test for suitability of a pet, it is for working dogs. If anything, you would not want a dog that passes the ATTS as a member of your household. Again you have failed to research but I will make it easy for you.

      And yes, BSL works and works well. Go see for yourself.

      And as for the “test” mentioned to identify a pit, well, we put that out with the dish water.

      • Trish Brumfield


    • Victim Advocate

      Trish, Trish, Trish, you ignorant Sl. Let me pick the pit bulls to put through the ATTS test, and I guarantee you a completely different result! The ATTS has admitted their test results are not based upon a random sample of a universal population, but a self-selected group. If Kujo kills you, the evidence is apparent. The AVMA is a joke; they have a politically vested interest in not biting the hand that feeds them. The fact you value the life of a dog over the lives of humans just proves the completely upside world you live in, Alice.

      • Frank

        so you criticize a self selction bias, by suggesting you getting your own self selection bias so that you could manipulate the results. Have you ever even heard of statistical theory sampling, and the scientific method?
        So you are saying that the AVMA only cares about money and that they protect to the end of the earth…the “5%”???? of pit bulls nationally as your so ‘perfect’ statistics reflect….doesnt make much sense to put your medical license and practice on the line to protect such a small fraction of dog owners. You pit bull haters use backwards nonsense logic. Nobody values the life of a dog over a human, but a dog that hasnt done anything shouldnt be subjugated to a ridiculous law because of some other dog that happened to look like it that has a TWAT for an owner. Responsible pit bull owners dont want to deal with this bullshit anymore than you haters do, WE ALSO WANT THE WRECKLESS OWNERS DEALT WITH DONT YOU GET IT!!!

  • Rebecca Furr

    Kill them all and let the dog god sort them out. Worthless, ill bred, POS mutant dogs.

    • Pitlover

      Ok Hitler.

      • Spock

        So let’s bring in the National Defamation League too to get their comment about your comparison of the value of the lives of Jews to the lives of dogs. You are a shining example of the pro-pit bull lunacy that exists, and you provide great examples of why owners of these dogs simply can not be trusted, because their internal moral value system is so screwed up that they have an absolute disregard for the value of human life that they are simply reckless and irresponsible, and like ignorant children, their dangerous toys need to kept away from them. Now if we could only put pit bull owners into an arena like The Hunger Games and let them kill each other off, Darwin’s theory could be helpful.

  • Kaynine35

    Neil Kimmon is the classic case of a politican who is so ignorant and arrogant that he does not even realize what a fool he makes of himself.

    He claims the highly educated vet from from Tufts “lacks credibilty” – yet check out this unbelieveable goobly-gosh he writes:

    “The new ordinance defines the breed as “shall mean any pit bull, American Staffordshire, Staffordshire Pit Bull Terrier, Bull Terrier or mix of the aforementioned breeds.“ The Doctor promoting non BSL from Tufts, a Cambridge resident, who testified before the City Council stated the claim that you could not identify pit bulls based upon her study. She stated that her study testing DNA showed that these dogs were not pure bread Staffordshire ….. ”

    “Bread” Really??? Bread??? What is that? Wheat or rye dogs?

    On top of that he clearly knows NOTHING about dog breeds:

    What is an American Staffordshire?

    What is Staffordshire Pit bull Terrier ??

    Neither one of these are recognized breeds of dogs.

    And does he know the “Bull Terrier” is the official AKC name for the “Target Dog”?? I am sure he doesn’t have a clue.

    How on earth can he claim that the Vet’s claim you cannot ID a breed of dog is wrong, when he cannot even list the breeds correctly?????

    Obviously nothing Kimmon says has an factual basis – he doesn’t even know what types or breeds of dogs he is even talking about…


  • SweetiePie625

    I understand that the mayor has opened some kind of poll about the issue. That as usual, the pit-bull fans are trying to flood this poll with their votes from all over the world. I hope the mayor of this town is sensible enough not to let people from outside the city have any say at all in how residents have to live. That he doesn’t forget who he was elected to represent — and that it certainly wasn’t people from the other side of the country or world.

  • justme

    So great to see him stand up and speak the FACTS about these dogs. People, their safety, AND their comfort level come first. Nice to see, instead of cowering to the tantrums of advocates who blindly defend their “gentle nanny dog” when it does what it was bred for hundreds of years to do (not a good thing for people and pets). His priorities are in the right place instead of up his wazoo, like some.