Students at the A.C. Whelan School learn about American Civics from Mayor Daniel Rizzo

Students at the A.C. Whelan Elementary School began Election Day with a patriotic walk to school lead by Mayor Rizzo. Mayor Rizzo, students, and their parents carried American flags during the walk to symbolize the freedom of choice that voters have when they cast their vote.    Mayor Rizzo talked with the students during the walk about the importance of having the right to vote and the role it plays in our society.

“Walking with the students today and carrying the American flag is a great opportunity for our students to learn what democracy means when casting a ballot, reminds residents driving by not to forget to vote, and  also brings awareness to Revere’s Walk to School Program,” said Mayor Rizzo. Students were also allowed to follow the Mayor into the voting precincts, where he demonstrated the voting process.

The morning ended with Mayor Rizzo talking with the school’s student council candidates; he praised the students for their courage in putting their names on a ballot and their willingness to assume a leadership role.

“No matter what the outcome is in today’s student council election, remember to support your opponent in making your school a better place,” said Mayor Rizzo.