Charlie Patch seeks re-election of ward 6 council seat

Dear Residents,
My name is Charlie Patch and I am the ward 6 councillor in Revere. I want to take this opportunity to thank the people of Revere, and in particular, the people of ward 6, for electing me to be their representative. I have worked diligently to address the issues facing the ward 6 community and the city as a whole.
I am very proud to have brought forward many initiatives that have improved our community. I am also very proud of our many accomplishments that have taken place like the extensive drainage and infrastructure improvements throughout ward 6.
The $1.6 million expenditure for the Goldie Street/Griswald Street sewer and drainage improvement project is an example of how persistence pays off. This helped numerous people in that area to have a better quality of life.
Also, I am proud of the number of streets and sidewalks that have been resurfaced. I know we have a lot more to do, but with my continued efforts in working with the administration, I hope to accomplish many more.


One of my goals is to improve our neighborhoods. As I look around our community, I try to outline areas that need extensive improvement. An example of this is the Squire Road and Northgate Shopping Center district. These two areas, I have been working on for quite some time and have seen a drastic improvement.
Another issue I am very proud of is the educational system in Revere. I am proud to say that I supported the efforts of having new schools built within our community so that our kids can receive the best education possible and go on to great colleges and become a positive impact in our society. This, in the long run, can only better serve Revere’s future.
I have spoken to many constituents and a major issue or concern on their minds is public safety. As an experienced veteran in the police force for over 32 years, I can assure you that I understand your concerns and address the public safety issue aw my top priority this year. I want our neighborhoods in ward 6 safe so that every citizen can enjoy their home and that is why I feel strongly that with the lack of resources, community policing, and community involvement is more important than ever to make our neighborhoods safe.
This year, I am going to bring forward many ideas to the new administration to make the city of Revere a better place to live.
In terms of the new administration, this year, the people of Revere will elect a new mayor. I have worked very well with Mayor Tom Ambrosino’s administration and his vision for the city. I have also worked closely with both candidates on the city council.
My choice is very clear. I am supporting and endorsing Dan Rizzo for mayor. I am doing so for I feel that Dan Rizzo is the most qualified candidate to lead the city in these very difficult times. Dan is an experienced business person who knows what it takes to meet a payroll, a budget, and to live within one’s means. Dan has proven that he has the ability and personality to work efficiently with department heads to get things completed. I have worked with Dan for over 4 years and the people of Revere not mistake his kindness for weakness. Over the past 4 years, Dan Rizzo made tough decisions. You know where he stands on issues and he never falters. Dan Rizzo is the most qualified candidate to lead the city of Revere and I want to continue the success that I have had with Tom Ambrosino’s administration and his department heads with the new administration and that is why I am supporting Dan Rizzo.
In closing, I again want to thank the people of ward 6 for their continued support and I will work even harder to make this city the best in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Charlie Patch
Ward 6 Councillor