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PATCH-ED UP AND READY TO GO: Ward Six Councillor Charlie Patch is back home and recuperating following heart bypass surgery recently and we were so glad to chat with the councillor earlier this week as he followed doctor’s orders and remain at home resting in anticipation of returning for the remainder of the council calendar. Charlie wanted to thank everyone; friends and supporters alike, who have been sending “Get Well” cards, letters, and phone calls – it certainly means a lot to the popular ward councillor and he wanted to get that sentiment out there and let everyone know how grateful he is for their encouragement. Charlie says he’ll be back in the city hall council chambers in no time and looks forward to getting around soon. We know he will – and you can bet his grandkids do, too!.


A FAIR SHARE IS ALL THEY ASK: Nicholas DeLena, spokesman and co-founder of Revere’s Fair Share, released this statement following Suffolk Downs community meeting in Revere last week:

“I want to thank Chip Tuttle, Suffolk Downs and the other speakers for bringing their plans to the residents of Revere. As Mr. Tuttle asked tonight, we will continue to keep an open mind as this process moves forward. We believe a casino at Suffolk Downs is a good idea, as long as Revere’s financial needs are met.

“It is unfortunate that Phase 1 does not include hotel or retail development on either the Suffolk Downs property or the Wonderland property. It is hard to look towards promised future development without real guarantees.

“We continue to believe that the mitigation plan must include improvements to Bell Circle and to Route 1 at Copeland Circle. We look forward to their planned transportation-specific community meeting.

“Revere is a host community and we are thankful to Suffolk Downs for confirming that multiple times tonight. However, we find it strange that Suffolk Downs has not considered a “No” vote by either East Boston or Revere. Residents of this city will be voting on the plan and there are many questions and concerns that remain to be answered and addressed.”

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