Hockey Pats’ season in jeopardy; await MIAA decision

Supt. says school will appeal player disqualification

By Jerry DiStefano - 

The Revere High Patriots boys’ hockey team is now only six points away from clinching a spot in the state tournament, after last week’s results against Swampscott (6-3 victory) and the Lynn Jets (7-4 loss).
The Patriots started last week on the road against Swampscott. Revere came out of the gates on fire and cruised to a 2-1 lead at the end of the first period. They extended their lead to 4-2 by the end of the second period and raced to their biggest lead of the game at 6-2 in the final frame.
Revere never felt threatened in this one because of their strong play on the defensive end of the ice. Patriot defensemen Brandon Mastropietro, Mike Martorelli and Anthony Matos led a very stingy defense against the Big Blue. On the offensive end, Steven Noel and Marco Mazzarelli lit up the lamp once each.
Revere next had to travel to Lynn to take on the Jets. The Patriots trailed 2-1 at the end of the first preiod. Revere saw Lynn go on a 4-1 scoring run in the second period, and the Patriots trailed 6-2 at the end of it.
“The second period against Lynn has been a relevant story in all our losses,” Revere Head Coach Joe Ciccarello said. “In each of our three losses, we have one period in each game where we really get beat badly. If we are able to minimize the damage when everything is not going right, then we will be an even better team going forward.”
Revere did not go out without a fight: They scored two unanswered goals in the final period to cut the deficit to two (6-4). The Jets scored a late goal in the third to put away the feisty Patriots.
“I was very happy with how our team bounced back in the third period,” Ciccarello said.
Revere is now 6-3-2 overall at the midway point of the season.
“We only won two games for the entire season last year, so to be where we are this season at only the midway point is very exciting,” Ciccarello said. “The guys really have progressed so much in so little time, and I am proud … Our goal every season is to make states [tournament], and this team has a great chance to reach that goal. We have nine games left and more work to do, but I am very confident these young men are going to get the job done.”
Revere hockey has the potential of having to forfeit their first 11 games of the season, due to an ineligible player.
“We have forfeited the games as should be the case because we played the kid in his 5th year, although he only played four years, he was in school for five,” wrote Revere Superintendent Paul Dakin in an email to the Revere Advocate on Wednesday. “At the same time we are appealing the forfeiture, which will take a couple of weeks.”
If this decision is upheld after the appeal, Revere High hockey would be forced to forfeit all their wins that the ineligible player participated in. (He played in all 11 games.) There is hope around Revere that this decision may be overturned.
“Yesterday they approved a waiver allowing the kid in question to play the rest of the games legally,” Dakin said. “With that, we feel it’s a paperwork problem where the waiver was not filed at the beginning of the year. Due [to] the second year coach, fourth year Athletic Director, and fourth year principal, all three were not a part of the school when the said student did his first stint in 9th grade – (the kid repeated grade 9). When they all came on the scene they saw the kid as a 9th grader and figured that was his start. Maybe people in the building at that time should have passed along the fact that the kid was a second year freshman? We have to work out a better information system. We apply for waivers for kids all the time.”
Time will tell if the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association’s decision of Revere hockey forfeiting their first 11 games will be upheld.
Revere will next host Swampscott on Saturday, January 25.