December 22, 2017,  Malden

A Christmas to remember

By Virginia Ruane

Christmas Time is not always happiness and everything jolly, Christmas trees, sugar plums, little children and their dreams. “Santa, don’t forget me” – and he won’t.

Actually, it is time to be vigilant and take note of all of your purchases made for young and old. Everyone is not as honest as we would like them to be. Someone out there in the world maybe is thinking, “Where can I get the gifts I need for Christmas?” Some desperate persons stoop to robbery. I had a Christmas experience that I would like to share with you.

It could be while you are out shopping for your loved ones, there is someone out there planning how to get into a house – maybe yours! This time it was ours. This all happened on Christmas Eve, December 1953.

On Christmas Eve, my husband, a Malden Firefighter, had to work his shift. So rather than be alone, I wrapped my son in a blanket and spent the night at my parents’ home, which was close by. I really created a perfect scene for a home invasion: a woman leaving her home with a baby wrapped in a blanket and turning off all the lights in her house. Thieves must have seen that it was worth a try, and they succeeded!

The next morning when my husband returned from work, he had difficulty opening the front door. When he got in, he was in for a great shock. All gifts under the Christmas tree were gone – except the toys!

Whoever this thief was, he had a heart – a kind heart. So, it meant he was not all bad. Instead of being hostile toward him, I felt compassion for him. He really must have been desperate to turn to thievery. Let us not be so hasty in judging other people. Little do we know what is going on in someone else’s life. We have never walked in their shoes. Please try not to be judgmental, especially in this blessed season of love, joy and beauty!

Remember, “There but for the grace of God, go I.” We never did find out who broke in, and we really did not want to know.

I wish you all a Blessed Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year! And may Santa Claus be good to each and every one of you!

Virginia Ruane is a lifelong Malden resident. Send comments and suggestions to

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