April 13 2018,  Saugus

A reason to run 26.2 miles

“I’ve got three patients that I run for,” says Boston Marathon runner Bob Catinazzo

By Mark E. Vogler

Bob Catinazzo says he won’t need much motivation when he sets out to run his 10th and possibly his final Boston Marathon race on Monday. “For me, the best part of the program is that I got three patients that I run for,” Catinazzo, 50, said in an interview this week, as he looked ahead to the 26.2-mile race that runs every Patriots’ Day.

“I run for a little boy name Patrick Martinage and a young gentleman named Christos Couturier … and Tyla Morgante, the Saugus girl – she’s a Saugus High School graduate and goes to Fitchburg State University.

Catinazzo met the three kids he calls his “patient partners” while participating in the “Miles for Miracles” program at Boston Children’s Hospital, the charity he has been running for over the past decade (See this week’s “The Advocate Asks.”)

“What drives me and motivates me is the thought that if I can’t take another step, I know what they go through – what they’ve gone through on a daily basis, sometimes just to stay healthy … if they can do that, I can do this,” he said.

Catinazzo is one of eight Saugonians who are registered to run in the 122nd Boston Marathon, which is set for Patriots’ Day, Monday, April 16. Robert J. Favuzza, 53, will be the oldest town resident running this year. Favuzza, who is preparing for his 17th Boston Marathon, will also be the favorite among the town participants in the race. He will start in Wave Two – the highest grouping of any Saugus residents who will be running – when the 26.2 mile race kicks off. The other Saugus runners include Kimberly Cardillo, 25; Abbey C. Chesna, 39; Julianna Hanlon, 26; Matthew G. Imbergamo, 39; Hannah Lopresti, 24; and William Wheeler, 33.

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