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ARL’s annual “Too Hot for Spot” summer pet safety tip

ARL’s annual “Too Hot for Spot” summer pet safety tip

By Representative Steven Ultrino, 33rd Middlesex District


The Animal Rescue League of Boston is launching its fifth annual “Too Hot for Spot” campaign about the dangers of heatstroke in animals left in motor vehicles during extreme weather conditions. Heat stroke is a serious condition, usually as a result of prolonged exposure to high temperatures.

In 2016 the Massachusetts legislature passed a law to protect an animal left in a motor vehicle when extreme heat or cold could reasonably be expected to threaten the life of the animal.

In an effort to share this message with my constituents, I ask that you visit https://www.arlboston.org/protection/too-hot-for-spot/ to learn more about this law and the importance of keeping your animals safe and protected during extreme weather conditions.

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