March 9 2018,  Revere

Arrigo says Revere’s future is bright in State of the City address

By Sara Brown

In his State of the City address, Mayor Brian Arrigo said Revere was on the brink of “positive historic transformation.” On March 2 at the auditorium at the Susan B. Anthony School, Arrigo laid the groundwork on his goals for the coming year. One of his main priorities was the School Department; he said there are currently 8,000 students enrolled, which is a 14 percent increase in five years. He believes families are flocking to Revere in part because of the quality education students gain.

“We are graduating highly prepared students that are moving on to the country’s best colleges,” he said. Last year 72 percent of graduating high school seniors went to college or university in the fall.

However, despite their success, Arrigo said he knows the city needs a new high school soon. He said he will continue to fight to get funding from the state this year for a new high school. He also said that the current high school should be changed into a middle school and the current middle schools be changed into elementary schools to help with the growing student population. “It’s imperative for our student’s success we have a new school,” he said.

Arrigo noted that one of the successes from 2017 was developing the city’s 311 system. According to the mayor, over the last year there were 2,200 requests submitted by Revere residents via the system; he stated that 92 percent of those requests were handled in a timely fashion. Arrigo said in 2018 the city will handle more calls and have even faster response time.

Last year the city began work on the three-year backlog of sidewalk repairs as well as creating and developing a Human Resources Department at City Hall. “Available jobs are posted online with clear job descriptions for the first time,” he said.

Revere residents passed Question 1 in 2017, which would allow for 10 percent tax exemption for qualifying senior citizens who own and live in their homes in Revere. Arrigo said in 2018 he will be working on providing a 10 percent tax exemption for all homeowners.

This year for the first time Revere residents will have a choice on a cable provider. Revere recently signed a contract with RCN and is working on a contract with Comcast.

Overall, Arrigo said he was “confident” in Revere’s future. “Revere is a strong place to invest in,” he said.

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