November 30 2018,  Revere

Beachmont residents react to alleged weekend robbery

By Tara Vocino

Three Hispanic suspects are still at-large after an elderly woman was allegedly robbed at gunpoint while walking home from the liquor store near 52 Crest Ave. on Saturday night.

In the midst of the police presence, Beachmont residents and business owners reacted to what had just occurred.

Washburn Street resident of 11 years Dave Powell, who lives on the next street over, was in his living room when, he said, approximately five cruisers pulled up in front of his house. “They had flashlights, so I knew that they were looking for someone,” Powell said.

Powell said it absolutely scares him since incidents like this don’t really happen around that neighborhood.

“That’s the last thing you want – someone to rob you at night with very few witnesses around to help,” Powell said. “It’s unbelievable – not good at all.”

His wife, Maria, rides the Blue Line daily.

Beachmont Liquors owner Mike Gerson said he heard approximately a dozen sirens, ranging from Revere, Boston, Winthrop and State Police. Gerson said it caused quite the stir. “A lot of concerned customers have been asking me what the police presence is,” said Gerson, whose store is only 500 foot from where the robbery allegedly happened.

Gerson said the area is typically a family neighborhood that isn’t used to this type of disturbance. “It’s pretty quiet with a lot of diversity,” Gerson said.

Customer Diane Baron said she hadn’t heard about the robbery, adding that it’s not typical in this area. “It’s a tough time,” said Baron, who added it’s scary. “People are hungry for money around the holidays … or for drug money.”

Baron believes there should be stricter gun laws to avoid robberies at gunpoint.

A robbery was reported Monday night along Endicott Avenue with individuals resembling that same description, but O’Hara neither confirmed nor denied the sighting since the matter remains an open investigation.

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