Revere,  September 7 2018

Bianchi’s Last (Pizza) Stand

FAREWELL FEAST: The lucky crew of Engine 5 – Firefighters Bill Churchill, Brian Doherty and Frank Trichilo – are shown picking up the last two Bianchi’s pizzas made at Bianchi’s former location at 322 Revere Beach Blvd. on Monday evening after the business finally ran out of pizza dough. Bianchi’s served over 1,000 pizzas on Sunday and over 800 on Saturday, according to Nick Bonaventura, grandson of Anthony Bianchi. Pictured on their final night were workers Geno Bonaventura, Brian Mendacchia, Sean DeSalvo, Nick Bonaventura and Matt Gasparini. Bianchi’s struck a deal with Renzo’s down the Boulevard and will move their ovens to replace Renzo’s brick ovens sometime in the near future. (Advocate photo by JD Mitchell)

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