January 11 2019,  Revere

Board of Commissioners elected for 2019

More unreported income cases discovered

by Tara Vocino

On Wednesday (pictured from left to right) RHA Executive Director James Milinazzo, RHA Member Frances Rega, RHA Chairman George Anzuoni, RHA Vice Chairman Anthony Perrone and Treasurer/Tenant Representative Henry Mancini were reelected to the same positions as in 2018 to serve in 2019. (Advocate photo by Tara Vocino)

Approximately three cases of unreported income were discussed during Wednesday’s Annual Revere Housing Authority (RHA) Board of Commissioners meeting in the Housing Authority conference room. According to Director of Housing Management Elizabeth Forte, Public Housing Manager Evelyn Rodriguez discovered more cases of unreported income during the rent recertification process.

“Next steps depend on how much is owed,” Forte said. Forte went on to say that a private conference with these tenants will be held to discuss what she referred to as a serious lease violation. These cases will either result in a repayment agreement with the residents or the RHA will continue with the eviction process.

As for the last unreported income case that The Revere Advocate reported on in October 2018, Forte said she and Rodriquez will be in Small Claims Court with the former resident who failed to report income during their tenancy. The Housing Authority hopes an agreement will be made with the former resident to get the arrears owed to the RHA.


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