August 17 2018,  Everett,  Peabody

Boston-based Dance Team Named Best in the USA


Lil Phunk is the U.S.A. Gold Medalist at the 2018 Hip Hop Dance Championship Competition 

Phunk Phenomenon Dance Complex today announced that Lil Phunk its hip hop dance team of 9 boys and girls ages 7-12, received the gold medal at the 2018 USA Hip Hop Dance Championship, making them the United States junior champions. In addition those same 9 boys and girls were part of Phunk Phenomenon a 33 person mega crew that finished 3rd place in the USA in the mega crew division, receiving the bronze medal. The final event, which was attended by thousands of people was held at the Arizona Grand Resort and Spa, Phoenix, Arizona on Sunday, August 5th.

Lil Phunk moved into the World Hip Hop Dance Championships and placed 6th in the World an event that drew more than 4,000 dancers from 50 countries all vying for the title of World Hip Hop Dance Champion in the junior, varsity, adult and mega crew divisions. Now in its 16th year, the U.S.A. and World Hip Hop Dance Championships are produced by Hip Hop International. The competition has inspired the MTV show, Randy Jackson presents “America’s Best Dance Crew.”

Competitors demonstrated a two-minute routine and were required to incorporate several styles of street dance. They were judged on performance and skills.

“This is the Olympics of hip hop dance and the skill level is unsurpassed.

The Lil Phunk set themselves apart with their intensity, high energy and crowd-pleasing power moves,” said Reia Briggs-Connor, chief choreographer and owner of Phunk Phenomenon. “We are incredibly proud of all of our dancers.”

“Successes like this one don’t just happen. “This was by far our most trying year after losing our studio space last year, we were without a studio until January.” “These kids all come from all different communities and backgrounds, but find common ground in their passion for hip hop and breakdance. I hope their accomplishment will inspire other kids to try hip hop.” “My Lil Phunk Boyz were crowned World Champs in 2009 but this one may be a more sentimental victory as I was able to watch my son Aaron capture a gold medal in his brother Jared’s honor.”

The 2018 results are as follows:

Junior Division

  Bronze medal – Playground (Las Vegas, NV)

  Silver medal – Elektrolyttlez (Gilbert, AZ)

  Gold medal – Lil Phunk (Boston)

Mega Crew Division

Bronze Medal – Phunk Phenomenon (Boston)

Silver Medal – V MO (Los Angeles, CA)

Gold Medal – Elektrolytes (Gilbert, AZ)

World Hip Hop Junior Division

  Gold Medal – Awesome Junior (Thailand)

Silver Medal – Next Jr. (Japan)

Bronze MedaL – Freshh 2.0 (Canada)

4th Place – Alphakids (Italy)

5th Place – Monsoon (Japan)

6th Place – Lil Phunk (USA)

Lil Phunk team is comprised of the following members: Aaron Connor, 8, of Saugus, Dante Graziano, 11, of Tewksbury and his 2 brothers Matteo Graziano, 8, Giacinto Graziano, 7, Julianna Fonzi, 11, of Malden, Damarea Morris, 11, of Boston, Synnae Fitzpatrick, 11, of East Boston, Isidora Villagra, 12, of East Boston and Anayah Simmons, 11, of Woburn.

For more information about the event organizers, Hip Hop International, visit  HYPERLINK “”

The Lil Phunk crew members have been part of Lilphunk, the official junior dance team for the Boston Celtics.

About Phunk Phenomenon

  Phunk Phenomenon is a non-traditional dance studio that reaches out to young people through the art of urban dance. The studio promotes urban dance as a way of expression and as a means of building self-esteem. It is the home of Lilphunk, the official junior dance team for the Boston Celtics and has several other performance groups that travel throughout the state to entertain a wide range of audiences. The studio also uses dance to promote awareness about SanFilippo Disease, a rare, non-curable genetic illness that afflicts the owners’ son Jared. For more details, please visit  HYPERLINK “” and  HYPERLINK “”