August 10 2018,  Everett

Boston Harbor Encore Hosts First Annual Job Fair

By John McCormack

People packed the Connolly Center inside and out looking for potential careers and job opportunities at the Encore Boston Harbor first job fair Wednesday, August 8.

Encore hosted two sessions throughout the day, the first from 6 a.m. to 8 a.m. and the second session from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

About 500 people crowded around 10 career tables the Encore presented to them looking for their next potential career. The tables included hotel services, food and beverage, casino, retail, spa, and salon, administrative, and security. Under each category obtained hundreds if not thousands of potential opportunities that could better people’s lives and give them a new career path.

The job fair was aimed towards everyone, regardless of skill set. If you were looking for a job, there was one there for everyone. People all over flocked to the table of their choice handing out résumés to whoever would take it. Ages ranged from college students to people as old as 80 and everything in between.

With about 4,000 jobs available and plenty of eager people ready to work, the event was deemed a success.  People came looking for new jobs whether they were employed or unemployed, but they all came to seek a better career opportunity and believed the Encore could bring that to them.

Mayor Carlo DeMaria was in attendance and had nothing but praise and high hopes for the Encore and the people applying for new jobs.

“Most people are employed, but they all are looking for a better job, better wages, and that’s what Encore offered these people,” DeMaria said.

One of the goals was to help Everett residents find better employment with better wages and more of an overall sense of purpose to what they are doing.

One aspect that really helped people find which job is the best fit for them was the skill smart survey.  The skill smart survey allows you to put in what you’re good at and what jobs you’ve had prior, and through that information the survey shows you what jobs would be available based off your skill set.

Bob DeSalvio, President of Boston Harbor Encore, put on this event to fulfill their obligation they made about giving Everett residents first preference to these job opportunities.

“Give the Everett residents the first chance at some of the job opportunities,” DeSalvio said.  “Today was a good opportunity for us to get in front of Everett residents, have them share to us their background, and see if we can point them in the right direction,” DeSalvio continued to say.

Currently there are 85 members on the Encore team locally; however that number is only going to grow significantly.  By the end of the year, Encore is anticipating the need of over 200 members.  However, early next year Encore will conduct its “mass hiring process.”  During the mass hiring process, the Encore will be looking to employee about 4,500 new employees to fill its positions.  DeSalvio describes this as a “significant amount of hires.”

Good news is that you might not have to wait till the end of the year or for the mass hiring process to get a job at the Encore.

“We are hiring today!” DeSalvio enthusiastically said.

The Encore has about 35 to 40 jobs that are hiring today on their website, and the Encore will be looking for 100 to 150 eager workers until the end of the year to make sure things are running smoothly.

One of the people who came looking for a new career was Michael Dobbins of Everett.  Dobbins, who is currently employed, is looking for a new career and is hoping to join the media team.  Dobbins has been interested in the casino project since 2013 when they first came to Everett.  Dobbins likes how Encore is run and likes what they are doing out in Las Vegas.

Grace Conway, who is currently employed, is following the promises offered by the city and Encore by looking for an overall better job.

Not everyone was employed and looking to leave their old job for a better opportunity, some were unemployed and looking to start a new career.  Heather, who is unemployed, was looking at a large range of jobs, like administration work, payroll, and human resources.

Overall the event was a success and received nothing but praise from everyone who attended. People leaving the event felt like they had a legitimate chance at getting a job to change their lives.  Think of the opportunities that could come and prosper.

DeMaria said, “I have to give it to the Encore team, from day one they promised jobs for Everett residents.

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