November 9 2018,  Revere

Candidates Baker, Rollins visit Revere polls early Tuesday

By Tara Vocino

Tuesday’s Election Day was said to have a bigger turnout than the most recent presidential election, and people came out to the polls early to wish Incumbent Gov. Charlie Baker and District Attorney candidate Rachael Rollins well – who both won – in Mayor Brian Arrigo’s hometown ward, Ward 6, at St. Mary of the Assumption Parish.

“We’re a great state with great people,” said Gov. Baker. “I feel that we’re heading in the right direction and building upon our success.”

Baker said he grew up on the north shore and raised his family locally (Swampscott), adding that he has visited more than 200 cities and towns while his partner, Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito, has been to all 351 cities and towns. He went on to say he commends the bipartisan collaboration that he and Polito have accomplished over the past four years, adding that they feel good about the direction that the Commonwealth is going in.

Fawn Balliro Andersen celebrated her 40th birthday on Tuesday by taking a photograph with Baker.

Ward 4 City Councillor Pat Keefe called Baker one of the best governors the Commonwealth has seen in a long time.

Resident Bob Cronin joked that he wished Baker was his mechanic. “He looks at problems and tries to fix them, like a mechanic does,” Cronin said. “He’s a great governor, and he is sociable and personable.”

Milford resident Allen Green called Baker “a man of the people,” adding that he feels that Baker puts people and their concerns first.

Councillor-at-Large Tony Zambuto, the only Republican on the Revere city council, brought 25 campaign signs from his house. “He’s the most popular bipartisan governor since 2010,” Zambuto said.

Veterans Office Director Marc Silvestri, who identifies himself as a registered Democrat, said he’s proudly voting for Baker since he’s always supported veterans’ services. He went on to say Baker and Senator Joe Boncore , who arrived after Baker left, instead of fighting with each other, work across the aisle to get things accomplished, which he said is how politics should be. Boncore, who was voting for Jay Gonzalez, Baker’s Democratic opponent, said it’s important that everyone comes out to vote since it’s the most important mid-term election in which turnout is estimated to be larger than the 2016 presidential election.

He came to support Rachael Rollins, Suffolk County’s new District Attorney. Rollins became the first black female to be elected District Attorney in Massachusetts. Rollins has worked as a lawyer, prosecutor and defense attorney.

“The legislature has voted to make criminal justice a law,” Boncore said. “Now it’s time to implement those beliefs.”

Resident Ricky Anderson said he supports Rollins. “I didn’t like how things were before, so I’m looking forward to a new movement,” Anderson said.

Rollins said she was proud to make it out of the Sept. 4 primary alive, as she called the race “crowded.” “I promise to get the mentally ill services instead of sentences,” Rollins said Tuesday morning.  Rollins added that she’d enact penalties for violent, serious offenses, such as homicides, sexual assaults, and domestic violence.

Although she doesn’t live in Revere, she said she walks the beach.

Father John Sheridan was having a bake sale adjacent to the polling location – he joked – to vote for deliciousness and reward one’s sweet tooth at the same time.

Standing outside the polling station, Larry Lacroix said that he’s still undecided on the ballot questions, especially relating to the nurses and transgender questions.

Parish Secretary Lee Meoli, who was speaking as a private citizen and who identifies as an independent voter, said she voted No on the first three ballot questions.

Resident Sylvia Barisano thought Questions 1 and 3 were hot topics.

In the parish parking lot, resident Tamira Berry said not all of the candidates promoted themselves well, so she hadn’t heard of some of the names. She voted Yes to Question 3, since she believes in equality for all, and No to Question 1, as her sister recently became a nurse.

Resident Eduarda Berry said she voted for U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren, who won, along with Baker and mostly Democrats. She added she voted No on Question 1.

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