December 07 2018,  Revere

Carol Tye recognized for sixty years of public service at RHS

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By Tara Vocino

Carol Tye was recognized on Monday night for nearly 60 years of dedicated service in the Revere Public School System as a retired English teacher, a former Superintendent of Public Schools and a current School Committee member during Monday’s City Council meeting at City Hall. Many hugs were given in the room that night, as she hugged every councillor in the room before she received the award.

“I’m flabbergasted,” Tye told The Revere Advocate. “I’m honored and humbled. But whatever accomplishments I have, I credit the people who came before me.”

Tye had casually mentioned that she was coming up on 60 years of service during a recent public hearing on the Suffolk Downs Redevelopment, but she wasn’t expecting this recognition.

Tye was Superintendent of Schools from 1996 to 2001, and she served as Assistant Superintendent in 1995. She taught English at Revere High School for 35 years. A Union Officer, she wrote the first teachers’ contract in Revere and has sat in on those meetings ever since, according to Tye.

She has worked with every mayor from two-time Mayor Peter Jordan up until current Mayor Brian Arrigo and with every Superintendent from former Superintendent of Schools Carl Kidstrom to current Superintendent Dr. Dianne Kelly.

“They all treated me with respect and kindness, although we may have had a difference of opinion,” Tye said. “They wanted what was best for everyone.”

When asked which job she liked more – the superintendent role or the English teacher – she replied that was a tough choice. “My heart says classroom, but my mind says superintendent, because I accomplished more in that office than I ever did teaching,” Tye said.

But on second thought, “To teach is to touch a life forever,” as the saying goes. “I can honestly say there was never a kid that I didn’t like,” Tye said. “I may have not liked things they did or said. But I’m still connected to people I taught so many years ago.”

Tye went on to say many of her students are now doctors, teachers, lawyers, CEOs and superintendents.

Ward 1 City Councillor Joanne McKenna, who made the motion along with Council President Jessica Giannino, called Tye one of the most generous people she knows. “Every time I have a problem, she gives me advice on what not to do,” said McKenna, who was Tye’s colleague, at the podium. “She does everything without expecting praise or recognition.”

For instance, Tye donated turkeys to the needy on Thanksgiving.

Tye has served on the School Committee, where she is currently Vice Chairman, for 17 years. She has also been an active member of many organizations, and attends many community events throughout the week.

Parent Monse Torres said Tye helped her son, Nicco, who had just emigrated from Ecuador, enroll into preschool, when Tye served as Superintendent of Schools. “She’s amazing,” Torres said. “She’s very committed, enthusiastic and involved in the schools.”

Ward 2 City Councillor Ira Novoselsky had Tye as a student teacher and said he loved her back then, and still loves her today. “We love you, Carol,” Novoselsky said, as he embraced her. “You’ve always been good to veterans.”

Artist Matt Martelli will paint an oil portrait of Tye, to be hung alongside other former superintendents in the high school library, according to McKenna.


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