• November 16 2018,  Saugus,  Saugus Sports

    A memorable meal: Saugus co-captain honored at Annual Football Meeting and Dinner

    By Mark E. Vogler It’s been a challenging, chaotic year for the Saugus High football team, which began the season without their head coach Anthony Nalen – who was fired in the midst of a controversy that made unflattering national news. “We lost our whole coaching staff. It was tough,” Sachems Co-Captain Jake Morgante told The Saugus Advocate this week as he reflected on his team’s year of adversity. But Morgante and the other seven seniors who will play the final game of their High School football careers next Thursday (Nov. 22) know they can end their playing days on a positive note that they’ll remember for the rest of…

  • November 16 2018,  Revere

    Job training agency opens in Revere

    By Tara Vocino Panelists shared their thoughts about improving Revere during the CONNECT Opening Day last Wednesday afternoon. Expanding out of the Chelsea office, CONNECT offers job search guidance and finance skills through a successful urban grant that helps to guide low-income families along the path of mobility, according to Mayor Brian Arrigo. CONNECT brings together five organizations that coordinate services to help people find jobs, fix their finances, turn their dreams into specific goals and make plans for a better future. The Revere satellite office offers a limited menu of services, and links that Revere doesn’t offer to their larger office in Chelsea. Community Service Coordinator Fatou Drammeh, one…

  • Everett,  November 16 2018

    Hundreds attend Senator Sal DiDomenico’s Fall Fundraiser

    Hundreds attend Senator Sal DiDomenico’s Fall Fundraiser Dignitaries and supporters fill Banquet hall at Silver Fox Tuesday State Senator Sal Didomenico welcomed hundreds of supporters to a jam-packed Silver Fox main function hall in Everett on Tuesday, October 30. In addition to friends, campaign workers, educators, business leaders, local officials, and union representatives, the special guest list included U.S. Senator Ed Markey, State Senate President Karen Spilka, State Rep. Joseph McGonagle, State Treasurer Deborah Goldberg, and State Auditor Suzanne Bump. Sal currently holds the important position of Assistant Majority Leader in the Senate.

  • Lynnfield,  November 16 2018

    Op-Ed:  Lynnfield Center Water District Customers Should Take Part in Special District Meeting

    Op-Ed:  Lynnfield Center Water District Customers Should Take Part in Special District Meeting   The following is respectfully submitted for publication by Lynnfield Center Water District Board of Water Commissioners Chairwoman Connie Leccese, on behalf of the board: Next month, the LCWD Board of Water Commissioners will host a special district meeting that will help chart the district’s path forward for decades to come. I sincerely hope that all district members will join us and take part in the scheduled vote on the greensand filter water treatment plant that we have proposed. The greensand filter treatment plant is a capital investment that would mark a major step toward maximizing water quality…

  • November 16 2018,  Saugus

    The Advocate Asks: Five fifth-graders discuss the challenges, fun and educational benefit of creating robots

    THE ADVOCATE ASKS: Five fifth-graders discuss the challenges, fun and educational benefit of creating robots     Editor’s Note: For this week, we accepted an invitation from Saugus Public Schools Superintendent Dr. David DeRuosi, Jr., to visit Bill Palmerini’s classroom at Veterans Memorial Elementary School and learn about the elementary level robotics program he co-teaches with Computer Literacy Teacher Jaclyn Hunter.   Palmerini, a lifelong town resident and 1982 Saugus High School graduate, has been teaching in Saugus Public Schools for 33 years – all in the fifth grade. He is a 1986 graduate of Merrimack College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and Education. He has a Master’s…

  • November 16 2018,  Revere

    Sounds of Revere

    SOUNDS OF REVERE   AMAZON GONE: There was good news for Boston and Revere on Tuesday when it was learned that Amazon has chosen not just one, but two locations after more than a year of searching the country for its second headquarters announcing that it will split the operations between New York City and Washington, D.C., while adding a 5,000-job “Center of Excellence” in Nashville, Tenn. That’s good riddance to added traffic congestion, the destruction of many local businesses, and more importantly, taxpayer-funding. We can talk all day about loss of jobs but, as it looks now, Boston is already having trouble filling so many available jobs now. And…

  • Lynnfield,  November 16 2018

    Cranberries, an essential ingredient in our Thanksgiving feasts

     By Helen Breen   The first Thanksgiving dates back to November 1621, when those hardy Pilgrims who had survived the first winter at Plymouth Plantation gathered with neighboring Wampanoag Indians for a harvest celebration. Puritan chronicler Edward Winslow recorded that Governor William Bradford “sent four men on a fowling mission in preparation for the three-day event.” Presumably, hunters returned with an ample supply of wild turkeys that were plentiful in the area, along with ducks and geese. Their “stuffing” may have been made with herbs, onions and nuts. Winslow noted that the Wampanoag guests arrived with “an offering of five deer.” Most culinary historians agree that cranberries, in some form,…