Everett,  March 2 2018

City of Everett appoints two new Police Officers

DeMaria Administration committed to productive recruitment and selection procedures

On Monday, February 26, Mayor Carlo DeMaria appointed Janelle Grasso and Lyanna Batista as Police Officers to the Everett Police Department. Local officials, fellow Police Officers, family members and residents were in attendance to congratulate them. Mayor DeMaria highlighted that the City of Everett is grateful to have had the opportunity to identify and hire these two Police Officers, who are qualified officers with strong ties to our community.

“I am happy to welcome our new recruits, and I congratulate them on their graduation from the Academy,” stated Mayor DeMaria. “These officers are well-trained and committed public safety personnel and will be a great addition to our Police Department.”

Mayor DeMaria and Police Chief Steven Mazzie understand the importance of productive recruitment and selection procedures and know it cannot be overemphasized when it comes to public safety. They are extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to identify and hire these recruits, who are qualified and skilled police officers. Since 2013, Mayor DeMaria and the EPD have been working to rebuild the department’s ranks and have since added to the department with several appointments. In addition, they have been able to add diversity to their ranks that will help to reflect the community and residents.

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